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A new start

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 5, 2010

Hello everyone :-). Its been long since I wrote anything or since I visited any blogs and commented on them. I haven’t regularly blogged for 4 months now. Have totally been out of touch with my blog, and I have badly missed it. But there is a good news as well :-). I am finally done with my MBA Alhamdulillah, and above all, Im back in Lahore. Although I still have to go to Karachi for a Comprehensive exam, but that’ll be a short trip Insha-Allah…

Well, actually I came back to Lahore almost 15 days back, but didn’t have internet with me. It took me about 15 days to decide which internet service I wanted to use. Fortunately or unfortunately (the later seems more appropriate at this very moment :-(), I chose Worldcall. The packages that Worldcall was offering seemed somewhat reasonable. The first two days were fantastic too, infact not only fantastic, I was ACTUALLY impressed with Worldcall’s internet service. That’s how good it worked. But that was to last for two days only I suppose. Today it is so irritating me, the remote computer won’t agree to respond in a timely manner, in fact, it won’t respond at all at times. Even if it does, I’d just keep on refreshing the webpage in the hope for something to be displayed, only to see the ‘This webpage is not available’ message that Google Chrome keeps on displaying when it can’t open a web page. Sometimes the remote modem is out of order :-S. I hope Worldcall proves to be a worthy decision for me in future.

Anyways, it feels good to be back with family Alhamdulillah :-). Now I can enjoy mom ke hath ke parathay, apni marzi ke farmaishi khanay, and I can put my head in my mom’s lap and sleep. And now that I also have internet with me, I hope I stay in touch with all of my readers and with all the blogs I used to read (although at this very moment, Worldcall is so making me angry at its response, or at its no response I should rather say). Do stay around!

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25 Random points about me

Posted by Haris Gulzar on November 14, 2009

Finally, here is the post that Huda tagged me for. I’m extremely sorry for delaying it this much. And I had reasons as well. First of all, I was busy. And this is no lame excuse I tell you :-). Secondly, whatever I have been writing about recently, didn’t require any thinking at all, I mean it was just about my observation or feelings, and I just translated them into words. But this post really required some thinking. And third, I’m not good at listing things :-(…

Ohh well, these three points above could very well have been random points about me :-P. And I say this because I don’t know where to start writing about myself. But anyways, here are the 25 random things about me.

  1. I like winters. I like the start of them, when it starts to get foggy and all dewy early in the morning.
  2. I love sight seeing. One of my dreams is to visit the northern areas of Pakistan, all of them. Although I have been to many places already but I’d love to go there again and stay there for a long time.
  3. I think I’m a bit adventurous. I want to go bungee jump and scuba dive and do all those weird things that parents usually ask their children to stay away from… 🙂
  4. I can’t live without food. Well, obviously no one can live without food, but my case is a bit different. I eat A LOT. I live to eat.
  5. I like reading but not too much. I mean, if I see a good title, or one that appeals me and sounds interesting or a must read, I’d want to buy it but I can never be sure if I’d really read it or not. But I do try my best to find some time out of my schedule to read.
  6. I like collecting books. All types of them, and in all forms. I once had a huge, HUGE collection of E-books related to software engineering. I still have some novels that I bought thinking that I’d read them, but I haven’t still read them :-(. I want to have a library of my own. A small one, but having great titles.
  7. I like writing. This is something I really like doing. But haven’t been getting time recently to write much.
  8. I like reading poetry. In fact, I love reading poetry. I had such a huge collection of poetry at the time I resigned from work but I lost it (that was one bad experience :-(). I still have a good collection but its not as good as the one I had. Or probably I had associations with that poetry collection.
  9. I like listening to slow songs and ghazals. Old classical Indian songs are my favorites.
  10. I like singing as well. I once tried to perform in front of a small gathering, for auditions for an event, but I failed badly :-P. But I still like singing.
  11. I don’t have too many friends. Or I should rather say, I don’t have too many close friends, but the ones I have are just too special. I love them, and I can’t even think about losing them.
  12. I love rasmalayi. I so love it. I love all sweet dishes like Shahi tukray, Kheer, Halwa, Falooda but rasmalayi is so special.
  13. I love rice. I can even eat rice thrice a day, seven days a week.
  14. I like doing sports. My favorite sports are Table Tennis, volleyball (that’s probably because of my height), badminton, and cricket.
  15. I don’t know swimming. And that’s something I have always wanted to learn. Most of my cousins know it, my brother, my dad, my uncles, everyone knows it, but I don’t :-(. I don’t even know how my brother learnt it but he did and I still don’t know how to swim. But I’ll learn swimming, this is something I really want to do…
  16. I have recently been very confused with what I want to do with my life. I think I want to study and get a PhD. Or maybe not. Or maybe not now but a little later. Or maybe I’d just let this idea go. Not sure really.
  17. I am really trying very hard to control my anger. This is something I don’t have control over, and something that really puts me in bad situations at times.
  18. I love kids. I love their observations and how they learn. I love the way they know how to play with things one could never imagine playing with. I just love kids.
  19. And amazingly enough, kids somehow love me too. Or at least I think they love me :-).
  20. I have a weak memory. And an even weaker short term memory :-(. Not that I forget things every 15 minutes, but still, it isn’t too good. And people close to me know this very well :-).
  21. I think I’m a bit sensitive as well. I can easily get hurt. Maybe that’s because I easily trust people. I believe in people and in what they say.
  22. Ohh and that makes it another point about me, I trust people very easily :-).
  23. I forgive people easily as well. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe this is in attempt to get rid of my anger that I do it, but I do.
  24. I want to do something big in life. I want to be remembered. Maybe through my writings (maybe one day I’ll write something worth remembering :-)), or maybe through my nature, or I don’t know through what, but I want to be remembered.
  25. I want to learn different languages. Don’t want to be perfect at each language, but just want to be able to understand the basics… Currently I’m TRYING to learn sindhi :-).

Well, this didn’t take much time. Actually it did take time, as I had to go and take a class after I had only written the first 15 points. But at least, this didn’t require much thinking :-). Almost everyone I know is tagged. So it can’t be 25 tags but I’ll tag the following.

Electrifying Pakistan

Think Success

Writing For life

Floating Thoughts

Shifting Paradigms

Thank you Huda for tagging me for this post.

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Busy was I

Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 24, 2009

I missed my blog. I missed all the blogs that I regularly read. I missed surfing and wasting time over the internet. I missed chatting with friends. I missed checking my emails. I missed my laptop. I think I wrote my last post on the 11th of this month. I remember thinking about writing a post on Independence day of Pakistan but didn’t get time for that. I dint get time for anything. I think I was busy, or was I?

Sometimes you’re busy and don’t get time to do tasks that you usually do. Sometimes this busyness is physical and sometimes it is mental. Talking about myself, in these past days that I have been out of touch from my blog, sometimes I was way too busy to even think about writing something, and sometimes I had ample time to write even 2 posts. But I was still busy. Sometimes I was busy physically, and sometimes I was busy mentally. It was a mix of everything.

I had lots and lots of topics to write about. Things I observed, things I thought needed some attention, things I have been going through etc. I so wanted to write at least something, even if not what I felt or what I wanted to say, but just anything, but again, I was probably busy. Many a times I started thinking about the title and the contents of my post, the way I’d go about structuring my sentences and the words I’d use to express myself, but I’d end up without time to write whatever there was in my mind.

Sometimes it happens that you write because you don’t have anything else to do. That’s when you don’t actually want to write, but you do. Sometimes you really really want to write, maybe just to let out your feelings and emotions, but you don’t. Sometimes you have so much to say, so much to tell, so much to share and get comments and feedback about, but you can’t.

Sometimes totally the opposite happens. You have all the time in this world to come up with whatever you want to write, to structure it, to recheck it and what not, but you aren’t the mood to write. That’s when you aren’t actually busy, but you still are busy. You’re busy mentally. Something inside your mind causes enough tension and burden on you that even after wanting to write, you can’t write.

And frankly speaking, I have no idea whatsoever about whatever I’ve written so far. Today I’m writing because I so want to write. I so want to express myself, though I don’t think I’m expressing myself, but at least I’m writing. Today I just don’t care if I’m physically busy or mentally busy, or both or none, I just want to write. I want to update my blog. I want to give time to other blogs that I read. I want to spend time with my laptop. I want to waste time over the internet…

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مشرقی لڑکے۔ ۔ ۔

Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 11, 2009

آپ  نے  اکثر  مشرقی  لڑکیوں  کا  ذکر  تو  سنا  ہوگا۔  مثال  کے  طور  پر  مشرقی  لڑکیاں  شرماتی  ہیں،  بڑوں  کے  سامنے  نہیں  بولتیں،  گھر  کے  کام  کاج  میں  اپنی  والدہ  کا  ہاتھ  بٹاتی  ہیں  اور  بہت  کم  عمر  میں  ہی  کھانے  پکانے  کا  شوق  پال  لیتی  ہیں  وغیرہ  وغیرہ۔ ۔ ۔  اکثر  کچھ  سگھڑ  لڑکیاں  دیکھ  کر  آپکے  ذہن  میں  مشرقی  لڑکی  کی  ایک  تصویر  بن  جاتی  ہوگی،  کہ  یہ  لڑکی  یقیناّ  ایسے  کرتی  ہوگی،  یہ  لڑکی  ویسے  کرتی  ہوگی۔  اکثر  لڑکیوں  کی  ایک  حرکت  پر  اس  کے  ساتھ  باقی  حرکات،  یا  ادائیں  منصوب  کر  دی  جاتی  ہیں۔  مگر  یہ  سب  مشرقی  لڑکوں  کے  ساتھ  کیوں  نہیں  ہوتا؟

اب  مثال  کے  طور  پر  کسی  مشرقی  لڑکے  سے  پوچھیں  کہ  تمہاری  شادی  کر  دیں؟  اگر  تو  وہ  واقعی  مشرقی  لڑکا  ہے،  یعنی  صرف  کہنے  کا  نہیں  بلکہ  اپنی  حرکات  اور  باتوں  سے  بھی  مشرقی  ہے،  تو  وہ  بھی  شرمائے  گا،  ٹھیک  اسی  طرح  جس  طرح  کوئی  مشرقی  لڑکی  شرماتی  ہے۔  بلکہ  میرے  خیال  میں  تو  آج  کے  دور  میں  لڑکی  کا  شادی  کا  ذکر  سن  کر  شرمانہ  بھی  بس  ایک  رواج  کی  حد  تک  محدود  رہ  گیا  ہے،  بلکہ  میں  تو  یہ  بھی  کہوں  گا  آج  کل  لڑکیاں  لڑکوں  سے  زیادہ  بولڈ  اور  اوپن  مائنڈڈ  ہیں۔

خیر،  ذکر  ہو  رہا  تھا  مشرقی  لڑکوں  کا۔  کچھ  دن  پہلے  میں  نے  ایک  پوسٹ لکھی  تھی  جس  میں  میں  نے  ذکر  کیا  کہ  کیسے  ایک  آنٹی  نے  میرے  مشرقی  پن  کا  فائدہ  اٹھانے  کی  کوشش کی۔  اور  تو  اور،  آنٹیوں  کو  اس  بات  کا  ذرا  بھی  ملال  نہیں  ہوتا  اگر  وہ  کسی  کا  حق  چھین  لیں،  شاید  اسکی  وجہ  یہ  ہے  کہ  مشرقی  خواتیں  کو  پتہ  ہوتا  ہے  کہ  مشرقی  لڑکے  ان  کا  لحاظ  کر  جائیں  گے۔

چاہے  کسی  دروازے  سے  نکل  رہے  ہوں،   ایک  مشرقی  لڑکا  ہمیشہ  خود  رکے  گا  اور  اپنے  سے  پہلے  خواتیں  کو  نکلنے  کا  موقع  دےگا۔  مانا  کہ  خواتین  کے  کچھ  اپنے  حقوق  ہیں  مگر  مشرقی  لڑکوں  کے  مشرقی  پن  کی  بھی  تو  عزّت  کرنی  چاہئے۔  اور  ظلم  کی  انتہا  یہ  کہ  مشرقی  لڑکے  جتنے  بھی  شریف  ہوں  اور  اپنے  مشرقی  پن  کا  مظاہرہ  کریں،  ان  کو  دیکھا  ہمیشہ  شق  کی  نگاہ  سے  جاتا  ہے۔  پتہ  نہیں  کیسے  دوست  ہونگے  اس  کے،  پتہ  نہیں  رات  گئے  تک  آفس  کے  نام  پر  کہاں  جاتا  ہوگا۔

کیا  مشرقی  لڑکے  کبھی  کسی  گنتی  میں  شمار  نہیں  کئے  جائیں  گے؟  کیا  مشرقی  لڑکوں  کا  یہی  مقدر  ہے۔ ۔ ۔

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Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 6, 2009

A couple of days back I went to the MAKRO cash and carry centre where I experienced aunty-ism at its best. Yeah that’s right. I was accompanying my brother’s family and I had control of the trolley. It was Sunday I guess, and was around evening time so the place was crowded. Almost all the checkout counters were full except one where there was an aunty putting the things she bought on the counter. I stood behind her waiting for my turn. Naturally, I kept some distance from the aunty in front of me.

Hardly a couple of minutes would have passed when another aunty swiftly brought her trolley and stood right between me and the aunty in front of me. She didn’t even look at me let aside asking me if she could take my place. I think I did mention that I can’t easily control my anger. My brother was looking at me as if he’d just eat me the very next second. He said “Why can’t you be careful’” and I was like, What can I do, she’s an AUNTY after all :-(. Me being a Mashraqi larka, couldn’t think of anything, and she just stood there as if she didn’t do anything. That was when I said:

Me: Excuse me.

Aunty: Yes.

Me: I was standing in line before you.

Aunty: Is that a line you’re standing in?

Me: I was keeping some distance because of the aunty in front of me.

Aunty: OK no problem.

Me: So…. will you please move?

Aunty: You can take your turn, I’m just standing here.

I don’t really know what she meant with this. She probably wanted me to push her out of the line and take control of my turn, because otherwise she wasn’t willing to move. That was when my Bhabi took control of things and moved our trolley right next to the aunty in front of us, who by now was almost done with checking out…

Aunty-ism isn’t it? :-P.

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Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 4, 2009

So, here comes the post that I, and probably a few of my readers have been waiting for. The post about the blogs I like :-). But before I proceed, I think I should give credit to Jman from where the title of my post iRead was inspired, which now becomes the inspiration for the title of this post. Thank you Jman :-).

As I mentioned earlier, I have been subscribing to a lot many blogs lately, and do also try to go through them. Most of the blogs I have subscribed to are just so wonderful that I really wait for my reader application to show some unread items from those blogs (After all, that’s why I subscribed to them :-P), but as a matter of fact, I cannot mention that many blogs here, and another matter of fact is, that some blogs are actually better than others (in my opinion), though again, others are not bad as well 🙂 (I just don’t know how to say that all the blogs are good, you get my point don’t you? :-P).

So, I’m mentioning the top three blogs in this post. Its not that there is a top 10 list or something, but these blogs, I think, are one step ahead. The list is as follows (in no particular order):

حالِ  دل:  This is an Urdu blog. The thing I like about this blog is, the posts are interesting, they have variety i.e. the author can write on just about every topic (that’s the idea I have about the writer), may it be the recipe of rasmalayi, or the way Mr. X President used to talk or about his personal experiences and observations. The style through which the author communicates to his readers is just fantastic.

Opening Hira’s Life: I just like this blog. I probably have many reasons for liking this blog but don’t have words to explain. The way feelings and emotions are expressed in each and every post, and the way the deepest of thoughts one can ever have are brought to surface is what I probably like about it. Another important reason for me to like this bog is, that I really get to learn from this blog, A LOT…

There is a life I will touch today: This blog is just so motivating and inspiring… Each and every post (almost, other than the Question of the day :-P) touches some aspect of life and explains how it should be dealt with. And the author probably has just too much free time. She supposedly has I-dont-know-how-many-blogs because fortunately (or otherwise) I have subscribed to many of yet-to-be-discovered blogs by this author. Every other item that my reader application says is unread, is by the author of this blog. I initially used to think that most of the blogs I have subscribed to are just so active, but later found out that, I was right… :-P. Because most of the blogs were by the author of this blog. (sorry for all this exaggeration :-P).

Now lets talk business. When am I getting my commission for publicity of the above blogs?

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Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 31, 2009

For the past couple of months, I have been subscribing to almost each and every blog I visit, to a lot of news feeds, Metblogs, quotations, comics, Reader’s Digest jokes and what not. Almost everyday when I sign in to my reader application, I have more than 300 Unread items from which about 200 just get marked as read without even noticing what those items were about. What than remains unread is a few blogs and a couple of more feed items that I enjoy reading.

Most of the blogs I have subscribed to happen to be very very active. A few of those I have subscribed to have multiple authors so mostly there are more than one posts from those blogs, others have at least one. Some bloggers even have three or even four blogs. I really wonder how they manage all of their blogs with the precise accuracy of which post to write for which blog.

The reason I started subscribing to so many feeds was that I thought I’d need some activity to keep me busy throughout my summer vacations. I brought two novels, “The crow eaters” by Bapsi Sidhwa, and “Kartography” by Kamila Shasie. I was also given the novel “Amar Bail” by Umera Ahmed as a gift from one of my friends, and I thought I’d at least finish this novel in my vacations, but as if things go according to what I plan :-(. I did start reading Amar Bail but haven’t even read half of it, and that too was about a month back, so I’d probably have to start reading it again :-(.

I must say that while subscribing to all these blogs I visited, I did come across some very good blogs. Blogs that I really learn a lot from and really look forward to reading more from their authors. I’m also planning to write a post about the blogs I really liked (so those who want their blogs publicized should place their bids asap and the highest bidder will get his/her blog name published at the top :-P).

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The 10 Honest Things About Me

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 24, 2009

Here’s the deal to do the Honest Tag:  tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don’t forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.


Ten Honest Things About Me (in no particular order):

1. I can’t control my anger, however hard I may try. I only realize afterwards that I shouldn’t have been that angry.

2. I hate making quick decisions. I always want to consult someone to ask him if the decision Im about to take is ok or not. Quick decisions is not my game…

3. I love children, and somehow children love me too 🙂

4. I trust people very easily. Or rather I should say, I always want to give people a chance by trusting on them. Though most of the times I have had bad experiences but still, I think it is better for everyone involved in whatever kind of situation, that people trust on each other.

5. I want to be known. I don’t know how, but I just want people to know me…

6. I love rasmalayi. I just love it (rasmalayi is an Urdu word, and I really dont know what its called in English or any other language, and I guess the beauty of this word, as well as the beauty of this dish lies primarily in its name)

7. I have to think very hard to come up with this list. This is the first time Im doing it and am already short of points…

8. And yeah, When I started my MBA, I thought I loved studying and that I’d go for a Law and a Philosophy degree as well, but now that one year of my MBA has passed Alhamdulillah, I think studying is no more my type of thing… Although I still want to have a degree in Law and Philosophy…

9. Sometimes I just want to take everything in my control. Its like I have confidence in myself and I know that if I were doing things that others always do wrong, I would have done it right. But that’s easier said than done 😦

10. I have limited friends, but those I have are just too special. Honestly, I just love my friends…

Thank you Nadia for tagging me. This was difficult but was fun as well. I’ll tag the following (in no particular order):

1. Jafar (His blog seems to have some problem, so I’m tagging Abdul Azeem instead)

2. Huda

3. Momal Mushtaq

4. Sana Altaf

5. Specs

6. Asad Ali

7. The Gori Wife

8. Leena S.

9. Ali Adnan

10. Rambler

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The question!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 21, 2009

A couple of days back, I was walking with my dad when he asked me if I have my wallet and mobile with me. I told him I didn’t have them and suddenly I recalled why did he ask me this question. There are two incidents associated with this question and with we being careful now to have our wallets or mobiles with us if we’re walking.

Incident # 1:

It was the 23rd of November, 2006, 2215 HRS. I was coming out of my University after having a meeting with a few faculty members. My car was the only car parked in the parking and the guard was only waiting for me to pay the parking charges so that he can leave. I was accompanied with three other friends. As soon as we came out in the parking area, I paid the parking charges and the guard left immediately. We discussed the points we had under discussion in the meeting with faculty and soon the other three friends of mine were on their way as well. Their motorcycles were parked inside university. They went inside, brought their bikes out and were gone, that’s when I also unlocked my car, sat inside, closed the door, put the key in the ignition and…

I heard a knock on the window followed by a very loud voice. “Bahar aao, BAHAR AAO” (Come out, COME OUT). The person shouting through the window had a gun pointing towards my head. I opened the door, stepped out and before I could say anything, I saw another person running towards me, and as soon as he reached me, he loaded his gun right in font of my eyes (that’s a scary sight I tell you) and put the gun on my chest. Within less than, or a maximum of 10 seconds, I was deprived of my mobile and my wallet. And let me also mention that the mobile I lost was the one I bought after doing Teaching Assistantships at my university for one complete year. That mobile was worth my life time savings at that time. The knock that I heard that day is still so fresh in my ears that I still get frightened sometimes when someone knocks on a window :-(.

Incident # 2:

My father was walking to the mosque for Isha prayers. The area mosque is hardly 7-8 minutes of walk away from our place. He was almost a 100 meters from the mosque when two young men approached him on a motorcycle and asked him to handover everything to them. Fortunately, he wasn’t carrying his mobile or his wallet with him. Confused, he started running towards the mosque, and the dacoits (they also got confused probably) just flew away Alhamdulillah.

My father has now made it a point to make sure everyone walking with him at the time of Maghrib and/or Isha prayers doesn’t have his mobile or wallet with him. He now doesn’t forget to ask this question…

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Touching hearts!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 20, 2009

Michael Jackson is not between us now, but he definitely touched many hearts. People of all ages listened to and certainly enjoyed his songs, and I stress on “all ages” because I just found out a video that is a great example of this.

On a very serious note, this person in this video clip seems to be recording all of this himself, i.e. he learnt the lyrics, for which he must have gone through the song several times before making up his mind to sing it and also record it. He definitely enjoyed it.

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