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Those who matter – 3

Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 22, 2010

I never thought I’d write about this person when I started writing about the people who mattered in my life. But that’s what life is all about I guess. Who knows who’d be living the very next moment…

Muhammad Umar Khan. I first met him on the 5th of June 2008 at the PC hotel Lahore where we gathered for our group discussion and interviews for IBA admissions. That entire day was enough to make the 10 or 11 of us become friends of each other, because we all were to be part of the IBA hostelite family once selected. I had my interview taken ahead of everyone else because of the alphabetical order and I wasn’t allowed to see my other fellows waiting to be interviewed, so I could only exchange mobile phone number of Umar, that too in a hurry, before I left the hotel. Hence, Umar was the person I communicated with for anything related to IBA before we actually submitted our fee. I would ask him if he is planning to join IBA or waiting for other options, or if he’d start his job? I’d ask him if he had filled out all the forms or not? I’d ask him if his other class fellows who got selected for IBA were willing to join IBA? I’d ask him to stop thinking much and to make up his mind once and for all and submit the fee…

The second time we met each other was on the 30th of July, 2008. That was in Karachi, when we had our orientation. The journey started from there. I moved into my hostel room on the 31st of July 2008, and Umar moved in on the 1st of August. We would just sit together in the TV lounge and talk about everything. We would go to the market together. We would wait for each other before we had our meals in the mess. We would be found in each other’s rooms more often than being found in our own rooms. We would make project groups together. We would participate in competitions together. We would walk to the campus together and would come back to hostel together. Umar Khan was one of the closest friends I had at the IBA.

I also wrote about one of the experiences I had with Umar in a competition held at the IBA. That post can be found here. Before summer vacations were to start, several companies came to IBA for recruiting our seniors and for our internships. One of them was GSK who, when they came, gave the attendees some gifts. Their gifts included a small tension reliever ball, that we played catch catch with :-P. I remember whenever I went to Umar’s room, I got hold of that tension reliever ball of his and would throw it on his room walls as hard as I could and would catch it. Sometimes he would sit on his bed and I’d stand in front of one of the walls and would throw the ball on another wall in such a way that made it difficult for Umar to catch it, and Umar would have to dive on his bed to catch the ball.

We also used to celebrate our birthdays at the hostel, though it was always a four or five member gathering, but we would bring cakes and would cut them at exact 12 midnight. We used to take pictures and make videos of those celebrations using Umar’s mobile. He just had his 24th birthday on the 2nd of April this year and I remember Shahid and Waqar trying to get hold of him and me making a video of the entire event, to make him wear things we brought for Umar that he didn’t want to wear :-P.

Umar was one of the luckiest guys from our entire batch at IBA who got a job before the exams ended. He started his job on the 12th of July in Karachi. On the 27th of July, I had a chat with him and he told me he’d be coming to Rawalpindi to attend to his mothers surgery, and that he might also come to Lahore over the weekend. I asked him to stay at my place if he does come to Lahore. He told me the details about his mothers operation and that he had taken three days off from office and would be flying the next morning.

That flight didn’t allow him to see his mother get well after the operation :-(, in fact, it even took him away from his family. The ill-fated airblue flight from Karachi to Islamabad had one of my best friends in it, and that flight took him away from all of us. A few days back I was going through the pictures of my stay at IBA and was recalling the times we were together. The pictures at the beach, at the restaurants, at ice-cream parlors, at the hostel, in the funniest of poses.

His memories are never ending and ever lasting. I pray that his soul rests in peace at the highest of places in Jannah Insha-Allah, and that Allah gives sabar to his family. Ameen. Umar Khan, you will always be remembered Insha-Allah. I miss you…


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A mere update

Posted by Haris Gulzar on April 29, 2010

This is my first post for this month, and probably the last as well. I seem to have lost the vigor I once thought I had. I just got free from my Mid Term exams yesterday and so wanted to write about something today but the more I thought of putting words down, the more I had to try to find words. All this time that I couldn’t write, I have been collecting pointers for the topics that I thought I’d write on as soon as I get some time. Those topics are right in front of me, but I don’t know what to write. And I seriously feel bad at myself for this :-S

Anyways, its only about less than 2 months remaining after which I’d be an MBA Insha-Allah :-). This semester has been busier for me than I thought it would be. Now, I only have my last finals (of my life??) remaining. The last of exams, EVER (maybe, maybe not). And I suppose the coming month will, although be even busier than what I have experienced so far but, bring with it all things that will make my stay here just so memorable. We’ll have our farewell, our hostel Alumni dinner, the batch pictures and etc. Anyways, lets hope for the best. Currently, I’m only counting days before I’ll hopefully re-join my family Insha-Allah.

This month I even had a 3-day short trip to Lahore (over the weekend) where I was to conduct a 2-day workshop, along with my team. So I did get to see my family at least, although not for long. I only got to see Muneeba for a maximum of five hours during this entire stay because I usually left at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning for the workshop and returned late at night. Though this trip did surprise everyone as I hadn’t informed anyone of my arrival. Couldn’t also meet a lot of friends whom I wanted to meet, probably because I didn’t tell them I was coming, otherwise we might have had a meet up.

All in all, things have been REALLY busy. All the projects, the assignments, the tons and tons of reading materials, the classes at one campus or the other everyday, the exams, everything has been coming so fast on me, but there still seems to be a lot of time remaining before my finals would end. Although Insha-Allah, I am hopeful that this all would be worth it. Do remember me in your prayers. And do stay around, I’ll Insha-Allah be back with more stuff. Not sure when, but I will Insha-Allah :-). Take care!!

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Life in a hostel

Posted by Haris Gulzar on September 16, 2009

I have been thinking to write on this topic since long, but sometimes I didn’t get enough time and sometimes other posts that somehow took priority came up. Today, I think I finally have enough time to write about how it feels to live in a hostel…

At home, even if you’re not home for the entire day, and return only at night at the time of dinner or even later when almost everyone has gone to sleep (except your mom who always calls out your name even if you step in silently enough to make sure you don’t make a sound), you still feel at home. But at the hostel, even if you have all the time in this world to stay back at the hostel, you still don’t feel at home. The feeling that someone is waiting for you at home, the feeling that you have when you think about going home and sharing a news with your loved ones and to be able to see their facial expressions and reaction to that news, the feeling of feeling everyone so near you, is what differentiates between living with family at home, and living in a hostel.

At hostel, there is almost no check on you. You can do whatever you want to do. You’re free to do things at your will. Dining out with friends till late night, not sleeping until it is 2am in the morning and then sleeping until 10am (obviously when there is no class in the morning), watch as much TV as you want, waste as much time as you want. You’re all by yourself. Which definitely is not the case at home. If you don’t have anything to do, mom has a bunch of tasks for you already. You have to be in bed by a set time because any light found switched on after that, and you very well know what’s next. You automatically remember all of your prayers when your dad is at home (though this makes me think if we pray for Allah from our hearts?). You cannot be late dining out with friends after some pre-decided and agreed upon time, because even if you have the keys to the entrance gates, your mom still waits for you.

When you’re staying at a hostel, more often than not, you want to skip your classes. Sometimes because you don’t feel like going, sometimes because you couldn’t wake up on time, and sometimes there is a whole lot of new justifiable reasons in your mind that convince you not to take the class that day. But that just is not an option when you’re at home. You’ll sleep on time, hence you’ll wake up on time, so missing the class because of oversleeping is out of question. And because you wake up well before time, you always want to go to attend your classes because sleeping doesn’t remain an option after you’ve become all fresh. And besides, if you stay at home after coming up with a great excuse, your mom will somehow know it and will make you very well realize your mistake by only asking you to do things, that you’d prefer taking classes over them!

And when you’re at home, you know how everyone is doing because there all right in front of you. Which is not the case when you’re at a hostel. At a hostel, whenever you get to talk with people back at home, and you inquire about everyone’s health, everyone is always just perfectly fine. Even if God forbid they aren’t, they’ll never tell you and pretend they’re OK. And when you get a chance to visit everyone, that’s when you get to know if someone from your family has even stayed a night at a hospital because of not feeling well. While being at a hostel, you can only pray that everyone is actually just perfectly fine Insha-Allah.

Though life at a hostel has many positive aspects to it, but almost all of them have equal number of negative aspects as well. You get to decide your own schedule, but because there is no check on you and no one forcing that schedule on to you, you almost always tend to deviate from that schedule. After all, who cares. At a hostel, you either under-sleep, or oversleep, you either under-eat or you overeat, you either under-utilize your time, or find yourself short of time.

When I went to Lahore for my summer vacations and my mom unpacked my suitcases, the first comment I got from her was “Haris tunay tou buhat achi packing ki hai” (Haris you’ve packed your stuff very well). This was a sign of appreciation :-). When I tell them I have to clean and mop my room almost every alternate days at least, and have to wash and press my clothes as well, they hardly believe me. But still, life at a hostel has its own charm. Life at a hostel has its own glamour. And sometimes, when you know your vacations are coming near and you’ll get a chance to see everyone, the enthusiasm with which you wait to meet everyone is just unexplainable. That feeling is something one can only feel if he has lived in a hostel. Life in a hostel is an excellent experience in general I’d say. I hope I miss this time that I’m spending at my hostel, the same way as I miss the time I have spent with my family…

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