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Those who matter – 4

Posted by Haris Gulzar on December 26, 2010

13th of February 2010. A meeting over lunch that lasted hardly ninety minutes, made the time to come, for me at least, so full of lessons, and hence full of life, that I feel blessed to have attended that get together. The post I wrote about that get together can be found HERE (and this also is one of my favorite posts). I met a friend after sixteen years, and I use the word friend here because we obviously stayed good friends after that meeting, but even on that day, we recalled each other so clearly that I have to say she was unconsciously a friend of mine for all these years.

She wore such a nicely done scarf, a burqa, and such an unforgettable and a positive smile that made her look so hopeful and full of life, even after what she had gone through. I couldn’t, by any means, tell if she was dying, although she did look ill and that was maybe because of the chemotherapy and the radiations she went through for two years. In fact I even thought she was now recovering, and whatever illness it was, had left her for good. That is what the impression that meeting with her left on me, until late summers…

She had a story to tell. A long story, that she witnessed in a short span of time. Well, it was probably short for everyone else, but I can feel how long it might have been for her. A story about life, a story about the changing faces of this world and the materialistic people living in it, a story about how one beautiful face that used to be the reason of love for someone, turned into the reason of hatred for that same person. A story about how the inner beauty of someone becomes so meaningless. And this story was exactly something that makes my life after that get together so full of lessons.

I once got a text from her that read “Have you ever cried by yourself? Late at night when no one is around, and you feel your soul tearing apart itself, as your tears felt with defeating sound?”. This, for me, says a lot…

Those ninety minutes is all I have as a memory of a great friend. A friend who taught me what life meant. A friend who taught me what hope was all about. A friend, who could so perfectly fake a smile, that I now realize how difficult it must have been for her at that time. A friend who loved her children just so much that she would even mention her children enjoying Ice-Cream. A friend, who probably became one of my best friends in those ninety minutes. A friend, who I’ve missed for the past one month, who I’m missing right now, and who I’ll miss for my life. Those ninety minutes was what made her matter for me…

HERE is a post about how she passed away. May her soul rest in peace. Ameen.


5 Responses to “Those who matter – 4”

  1. nadia said

    Summa ameen.

    I read your previous posts about her, and I can feel through your words how strong a woman she was. She’s truly an inspiration. May Allah grant her jannat ul firdaus.

  2. @Nadia: Ameen to your prayers. She’s truly an inspiration. Thank you for your words. Take care

  3. People exist so truly on earth who can easily wear faces of their own choice…they smile and laugh and no one could ever get the sound of silent tears behind laughter….. people who are broken from inside but never let their innerself to expose…..people exist for whom hatred word doesnt exist in their dictionary but they do hate someone who taught them a lesson of LOVE….
    It was your friend….Allah may rest her soul in peace in Jannah…Ameen…. 🙂

  4. Asad Ali said

    Amin Sum Amin



  5. Leena S. said

    some people radiate warmth, strength and inspiration….she seems to be one of those. May her soul rest in peace

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