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The Spellings

Posted by Haris Gulzar on September 4, 2010

I have noticed that many people are sensitive about the way others spell their names. This includes me. Although I once heard that the spellings of nouns do not matter, but I guess they do for the person concerned…

My late friend Muhammad Umar Khan was so very conscious about the way his name was spelt. He would make sure his name had the initial Muhammad included as his first name and was spelt with a ‘U’ and not with an ‘O’. As in, only Umar Khan was not OK for him. And Umar also had to start with a ‘U’ and not an ‘O’, and it had to have an ‘A’ in it as well. The other forms of Umar, like Omer, Omar, or even Umer were not acceptable to him :-). Similarly, I had a friend who spelt his name as Ale, although it was pronounced as Ali. This makes me wonder how the simplest of names can be made complex :-P.

I don’t know why but it irritates me as well if someone spells my name with double ‘R’ instead of a single ‘R’. With two ‘R’s, my name sounds like an English name :-P, and it seems that a lot of accent has to be put in if two Rs have to be pronounced in my name. To me, just plain and simple, single ‘R’ name looks so beautiful :-). I make it a point to explicitly correct anyone who uses two Rs in my name…

This list goes on and on. This is not only the case with males, but female names can be made equally complex. Take for example Mariam. It can be spelled as Mariyam, Meriyam, Maryam,  and what not. Similarly Javaria and Sumaira can have a lot many permutations as well :-P. I even know people who would argue if their name should be spelled exactly the way it sounds in Urdu. Muneeba is one example. In Urdu, the sound this name ends with is that of an ‘H’, hence Muneeba should rather be Muneebah. Sounds good for an argument, No?

Are you sensitive about the spellings of your name? Does it irritate you when others spell your name differently than how you do it?


21 Responses to “The Spellings”

  1. Shahrukh Rao said

    Harris Gulzaar! How are you my friend :p

  2. Wajihuddin Nizami said

    lol..though i don’t get irritated, my name is also spelled in a number of ways..wajeeh, waji, wajhi..and even waghi 🙂

  3. anummunaf said

    same goes with me when people write “anum” as “anam”
    n peopl call “anum” aas “anu”
    it irritates

  4. @Shahrukh: LOL :-P. Aur koi kehta na kehta, tunay zaroor kehna tha ye :-D. Im good my friend. How are you?

    @Wajih: lol @ waghi :-P. All the nouns have this common problem I guess 🙂

    @Anum: I guess both Anam and Anum come naturally…but there are examples when people make their name complex willingly and it irritates them when others don’t spell their name the way they want them to :-P…

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  6. shahrukh rao said


  7. д§mд said

    oh yes i hate it when someone spells or speaks my name as aasma or asima 😦

    sensitive matter, innit? 🙂

  8. @Asma: Im not sure though but aren’t Aasma and Asma two different names? If they are, it must really be irritating :-P. It definitely is a sensitive matter 😀

  9. д§mд said

    they r but our people 😦

  10. Intricate said

    Oh it sure does. Whenever I tell my name to a person who needs to write it down, for example, during course registration or something, I immediately give the person the name of my spelling. Like I tell him may name followed by the spelling.
    And my friend’s are in for a big one if they ever dare to spell my name incorrectly. But I have this friend who went on and explained why the spelling he wrote is correct and the one I have using since forever is incorrect. 😀

  11. Palvshe said

    Harris Bhai 😛 i too hate it when people spell my name wrongly!

    Mostly ppl write palwasha and pronounce it as * Pal-wash-ha * .. i literally hate it to heaps!

    * pal-vsh-hy * right pronunciation is this!

  12. Sana said

    hahaha How about Sana, eh? The simplest of Names isnt it 😉
    and you forgot Ayesha/Aisha and at times Eyesha as well 😛

  13. @Asma: Hehe 🙂

    @Intricate: LOL :-P. So were you convinced on the spellings your friends told you were correct? Aik to spellings ghalat use kien, ooper se trying to convince 😛

    @Palvshe: I knew people would, at least for commenting on this post, use double ‘r’ in my name :-P. Well, pronunciation is another thing that irritates you if done incorrectly, or not the way you want it done…

    @Sana: Well, wait and see in that case :-P. One fine day, you yourself might want to spell your name as Cana (C can be pronounced as see) just to be unique 😛

  14. oh hell yeh it annoys me so much… and specially if they misprint it on an award
    huh that jst drives me crazy…
    cant u ask me first damnit


  15. @YWB: EXACLY. Thats what they did to me too. Printed my name with a double ‘r’ on one of my awards :'(, Although all of my registrations and enrollment forms had single ‘r’ on them but still 😦

  16. Sana said

    Dont ask what I have been through on almost ALL the Major Ceremonies I have attended so far its not with My Name but it’s ruthlessly done with my Surname 😦 Its Sana Nasir NOT Sana Nisar or Sana Naseer PEOPLE! 😦

  17. I too fall in the category who feel irritating when spelling of name is not correct…. 😛

    and my name, my goodness, people use to spell it in hundred ways…..hehheeee 😀

  18. @Sana: The more you tell them, the more they’ll do this to you 😛

    @CU: And above all, they stick to what they feel is the right spelling… 😛

  19. Raheel said

    Not many people write me ‘Raaheel’ or ‘Rahil’; and ‘Raahiil’ either.
    I like it ‘Raheel’ – sounds quite acquainted. 😉

  20. I have been telling someone that i am Humayun not Hamayun only to listen that Humayun becomes girlish as if made from Huma. Interestingly, I have seen most of Humayuns write themselves as HAmayun. It distorts the persian roots of the word, itself.

  21. Sabahat said

    lol 😀 what a topic to comment on! (Y)

    Fortunately people don’t mis-spell my name in Englsih magar Urdu main they almost always write it with ‘seen’ instead of ‘Sua’aad’ 😥

    and I hate MORE when anybody writes my name as S.N instead of writing it theek se Sabahat Naseem :@

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