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I will blog

Posted by Haris Gulzar on September 3, 2010

This year has been rough for the blogger part of me, or maybe I find it convenient to blame this year for my laziness, but whatever it is, I will blog (I think I’m repeating this for the thirteen hundred and seventy ninth time :-P).

I have this feeling that I’m busy. That I don’t get time for myself. I was asked why am I not blogging anymore and I answered that there was a time when I used to observe the smallest of things and I used to have a point of view about the way things were being done and the way I thought they should have been done. I used to discuss and share things. This is no more the case, or maybe I am busy enough to observe things around me and to have an opinion.

I was just going through some of the blogs I follow and was reading them when I realized how long it has been since I have blogged regularly. Although I have been writing occasionally, but that has only been once a month or so, which is so not the way I thought it would be when I started blogging. Hence, I am coming back to blogging yet again :-P, and this time, I am coming with some new stuff (this just popped up in my mind).

How about posting some Urdu poetry on my blog? I’m not a poet myself but love reading Urdu poetry, and I have been thinking to start a poetry section on my blog. So if I’m not observing things and am busy enough to think about what to write, I’d at least have some poets do the thinking and I’ll post their stuff (well in most cases, the poets would be long dead, so the thinking is already done, only the posting part of it is left :-P).

And I’m also planning to start a picture quotation section on my blogspot blog, along with a question of the day series. Well, I’ve realized that a lot many questions just keep on popping in my head. Questions about life, about destiny, about everything (seriously), so why not just post those questions for you guys to answer. I guess I should see what opinion you guys have about things that get me confused :-P.

So, this is just to say that I will blog, and even if I have to say it for the fourteen hundred and thirty seventh time, I will :-P. CIAO.


10 Responses to “I will blog”

  1. YWB said

    welcome bck to blog world 😀

  2. reedssss said

    okayyyy so i m waitingggggggggg 🙂
    hope u start bloging ssoon n new creation be seen soon
    so for this best of luck 🙂

  3. […] This cup of tea was served by: Amar Bail […]

  4. Ali Adnan said

    *Correction* its thirteen “THOUSAND” and seventy nine time !

    and good luck with all that

    I will just be waiting for you to say it thirteen “THOUSAND” and eightieth time 😀

  5. Full Moon said

    Heheh! I’ve been feeling the same.

    Welcome back, anyway. 🙂

  6. @YWB: Thank you 🙂

    @Reedsss: Welcome to Amar Bail. You have a difficult blog name :-). Thank you for your wishes. You can find my new blog at and can follow the feeds from

    @Ali Adnan: Ab aisi baat bhi nahi hai :-P. I hope there is no thirteen thousand and eightieth time but who knows :-P.

    @Full Moon: Thank you :-).

  7. Waiting for your opiniated posts…. i must say, you have great observation skills. keep focusing on minor issues…. 🙂

  8. @CU: Waiting for your comments on my posts on both blogs 🙂

  9. д§mд said

    looks like a phase I had few yrs back 🙂 happy blogging .. i always find it interesting

  10. @Asma: So you’ve been through this long ago? :-). Thank you. I hope I continue blogging 🙂

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