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Those who matter – 2

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 22, 2010

When I came back to Lahore after my final exams ended around mid June, I met one of my street friends who started off his conversation by asking me if I came to know about Omer. I asked him what happened and was told that Omer passed away a week back. Omer was another street friend, exactly my age, as in we had the same date of birth. We’ve played so much cricket together and have spent so much time together that it was extremely difficult for me to even believe he is not living anymore :-(. I remember when we used to sit late in the evenings after our matches were over, and we used to discuss what we wanted to become in our lives. We would discuss our options and which Universities we could apply to. I remember him telling me that he cleared the entry test for Army and that he had decided what he wanted to become.

We used to organize cricket matches amongst the adjacent blocks of the society we lived in. We would just walk to the streets of other blocks, find boys playing cricket there and would ask them if they wanted to have a match with our team. These street matches were starters to big matches that were played in grounds on Sunday mornings. We would fight on the stupidest of things such as if the bowled ball was a no ball or not, and if the runner had completed the run. I even remember us backing for each other if any of us got engaged in a quarrel or something. He was an extremely good batsman and lead our team most of the times. I just can’t stop visualizing his face right in front of me every now and then. We used to be together for most of our evenings, specially in Summers.

But then he joined Pakistan Army, and I started my Engineering studies. Another street friend left for abroad for his studies, and yet another friend went to GIKI for his studies. That was when the members of our cricket team chose their own paths, and though we still met but not that regularly. But Omer and I met a bit more frequently whenever he was in Lahore, maybe because we were the same age.

This friend who told me about Omer’s death told me that Omer was the commanding officer of his sepoys at Siyachin post and was coming back after completing his term there when he slipped off the mountain :-(. Although his body was recovered but he had fatal head injuries and he couldn’t survive. It is just so difficult to believe that the person I’ve spent my childhood with is not living anymore. He is one person I probably won’t forget, not in my near future atleast. May Allah grant him Jannah and me his soul rest in peace. Ameen


11 Responses to “Those who matter – 2”

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  2. Sana said

    InshAllah, my heart just wrenched to know of his young death. But as we say YOUNG we dont pay attention to the fact that Allah calls his person ON time. There is nothing as late or early. Its just ON time…
    May Allah bless the boy highest positions in Jannah, and grant his family patience

  3. Death in youth brings relentless discomfort for the loved ones of the departed soul. It’s just like that a flower is plucked in its full bloom. Once I obsessively thought of the deaths of persons like Nazia Hassan, Lady Diana and Parveen Shakir and tears rolled down my eyes.

  4. siras said

    May Allah grant him a high place in Paradise.

  5. @Sana: Ameen to your prayers.

    @Humayun: I agree. For me it was even difficult to think how painful it must have been for his parents, specially for the father who had to take the funeral to the graveyard on his shoulders… 😥

    @Siras: Ameen, Summa Ameen.

  6. Raheel said

    Aah … Life!

  7. H said

    Your posts are bring out the true meaning of ‘To Him we belong and to Him we must return’.

    May Allah grant your friend ease in the grave and the highest point in Jannah in the hereafter.

    Hang in there!

  8. @Raheel: And who knows when it’ll turn into death…

    @H: We have so many examples in front of us that teach us that ‘To him we belong and to him we have to return’, only if we ponder enough. Ameen to your prayers. Jazakallah

  9. Inna LIllahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajaoon…

    The only thing that consoles me when I hear about a near ones death is that he/she is in a better place now and his/her test has ended, hence we should not be sad, the fact that we are still here and facing Shaytaan everyday is so fearsome that sometimes I think that the deceased should mourn for us instead…

    It happened to me too, sometimes its hard to overcome this fact, I still see my friends younger brother, our neighbour saying to me, Baji, do you need anything from the market? I am going there…He died in a road accident when he was in his late teens, about 2 years younger than me.. And many people in my family who i still cant believe are gone, but Allah make our hearts stronger, may the realisation of death help us get closer to Him, ameen, as we all have to go there, it is only a matter of what state we get there..

    May Allah forgive the sins of every Muslim and help him/her in his/her meeting with Allah, ameen.

  10. Oh my god….why such incidents happen….why do Allah put us in the situations which we can’t bear to forget…..if you are feeling so much depressed cause of your friend’s death…no body can imagine the condition of his parents…..

    such facts are ahrd to believe….and difficult to accept… Death is utmost but such incidents make them really hard for all to even visulize…..

    Allah may grant him JAnnah and may rest his soul in peace in heaven…Ameen….

  11. Dua said

    May his sould rest in peace at a very high place in Jannat!
    Ameen-sum-Ameen! Death is a cruel reality, believing in it is part of our Imaan, we got no choice but to move on. Definitely we don’t forget out loved ones easily but God the merciful knows how to heal our hearts. God bless!

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