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Those who matter – 1

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 15, 2010

Life has to end, but no one knows when. At times it only shocks us to come to know about someone who passed away, after which we realize how important that person actually was. Yesterday, while having dinner with my friends, we somehow touched upon the topic of sudden death and recalled people who died suddenly, only leaving people behind them shocked…

One of my teachers at IBA, Dr. Iqbal, recently passed away. It was nothing less than a shock to come to know about his death. Though he did have white hair and aged skin, but he was healthy. Not only healthy physically, but from heart. He was probably the most soft spoken person I ever met. He unfortunately did not have any children, and at times during his lectures, when he needed to give examples to explain his point, he would take examples from his life. He would always try to be as realistic as possible. He would even tell us table manners and etiquettes, he would tell us how one should be dressed up. He would tell us how we should use words such that the other person gets the message without feeling bad about what we want to convey. We usually did not like his teachings as we thought they weren’t too related with the course contents, but I guess we were wrong. He taught us Business communication and Negotiation, and I can so relate to his words and how each of his lesson was so important.

Dr. Iqbal had close association with hostelites. He even came to the hostel one day at around 8:30 in the morning and had breakfast with us before his class was due to start at 9:00 am. He always open heartedly invited the hostelites to his place. As I mentioned earlier that he did not have any children, he would at times ask us more than once to visit his place, specially on Sunday mornings, and to have Sunday breakfast with him. A few of us hostelites planned a couple of times to visit his place but somehow those plans couldn’t be implemented. This is one regret I have, not being able to visit his place even after he invited us so many times…

He died from a cardiac arrest. it is still hard to believe that he is not living anymore :-(. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Ameen


9 Responses to “Those who matter – 1”

  1. Leena S. said

    i have worked at IBA myself. wat was dr iqbal’s full name?
    and if he told u guys about how to spend ur life by giving examples from real life, he was a real teacher cuz the role of a teacher is not to only go thru lecture slides but help his/her students become better people.
    May his soul rest in peace. Amen

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  3. brocasarea said


  4. @Leena S: His full name was Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, and not most but all of his lectures aimed at making his students better people…

    @Brocasarea: Ameen

  5. Ameen SumAmeen….who would understand the Sudden death more better than who himself/herself have seen such in front of eyes… In a blink of an eye, everything lost… 😦

  6. siras said

    May Allah grant him paradise. Ameen.

  7. Dua said

    May his soul rest in peace N he get a place in Jannat. [Ameen-sum-Ameen] That’s the sad part, though we know that death can come anytime N nobody is preaparing for it let go being ready for it. N yes you’re so right, we humans never realize how precious, special N dear someone is untill it’s too late N they are gone never to come back. Very Unfortunate hmm !

  8. H said

    Inallaha wa ina illahi rajioon. I head about the death of my Math Professor a while back and it put me in complete shock. I think it’s more because our teachers have a little bit of share (or alot in some cases!)in whatever we’ve accomplished to date.

  9. @CaptureUniverse: Yeah I can understand :-(. May Allah give your father a place in Jannah. Ameen.

    @Siras: Ameen

    @Dua: You’re right. Even though we know we all have to go one day but we hardly ponder over it and don’t even think about preparing for the life hereafter…

    @H: True! Whatever we are today, we are because of them. May Allah grant paradise to your teacher as well. Ameen

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