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A new start

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 5, 2010

Hello everyone :-). Its been long since I wrote anything or since I visited any blogs and commented on them. I haven’t regularly blogged for 4 months now. Have totally been out of touch with my blog, and I have badly missed it. But there is a good news as well :-). I am finally done with my MBA Alhamdulillah, and above all, Im back in Lahore. Although I still have to go to Karachi for a Comprehensive exam, but that’ll be a short trip Insha-Allah…

Well, actually I came back to Lahore almost 15 days back, but didn’t have internet with me. It took me about 15 days to decide which internet service I wanted to use. Fortunately or unfortunately (the later seems more appropriate at this very moment :-(), I chose Worldcall. The packages that Worldcall was offering seemed somewhat reasonable. The first two days were fantastic too, infact not only fantastic, I was ACTUALLY impressed with Worldcall’s internet service. That’s how good it worked. But that was to last for two days only I suppose. Today it is so irritating me, the remote computer won’t agree to respond in a timely manner, in fact, it won’t respond at all at times. Even if it does, I’d just keep on refreshing the webpage in the hope for something to be displayed, only to see the ‘This webpage is not available’ message that Google Chrome keeps on displaying when it can’t open a web page. Sometimes the remote modem is out of order :-S. I hope Worldcall proves to be a worthy decision for me in future.

Anyways, it feels good to be back with family Alhamdulillah :-). Now I can enjoy mom ke hath ke parathay, apni marzi ke farmaishi khanay, and I can put my head in my mom’s lap and sleep. And now that I also have internet with me, I hope I stay in touch with all of my readers and with all the blogs I used to read (although at this very moment, Worldcall is so making me angry at its response, or at its no response I should rather say). Do stay around!


15 Responses to “A new start”

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  2. Dua said

    Congratulations on your MBA 🙂 I liked the part about eating Mom Ke Haath ke Parathe N being with her 🙂 This is so sweet. God bless you N your mom.

  3. Assalamualaekum!

    MashaAllah! MashaAllah! Mubarak! Parise be to Allah!

    I suddenly became somewhat hapier as I saw your new post on my new blog:… 🙂

    Warm regards
    umer toor

  4. @Dua: Thank you so very much. Do stay around. May Allah bless you.

    @Umer: Walaikum Salam brother. How have you been? Yeah Alhamdulillah, finally got through with my studies. I’ll definitely read and subscribe for your blog. Stay happy and blessed Insha-Allah :-). Take care.

  5. nadia said

    Boht, boht mubarak ho! 😀

    And welcome back!

  6. N.A. said

    Assalamualykum and welcome back to the blogosphere. And many congratulations on getting through with your MBA.

  7. Yasser said

    welcome back brother, it was nice reading, though i am expecting another blog post on “Kya khoya kya Paya” 😉

  8. Sana said

    Glad to see u back… 🙂 Congrats on ur MBA 😉
    do keep us updated with all that life has ahead for you InshAllah 🙂

  9. Raaji said

    aww… good to see you back :-). Enjoy your time off 🙂

  10. @Nadia: Thank you so very much :-). Thanx a lot.

    @N.A: Walaikum-us-Salam and Thank you :-).

    @Yasser: Thanx a lot. That post is definitely due brother :-). Do keep on visiting…

    @Sana: I guess you’ve also returned to the blogosphere after a long break right? :-). Thanx a lot. I’ll Insha-Allah try and be regular on my blog. Do keep visiting my blog.

    @Raaji: Thank you so very much 🙂

  11. *drumroll*

    Congratulations!! It’s time for celebrations! 😀
    FINALLLLY people are back! Your blog was the first one i read when I started blogging! Glad to be back here! (:

  12. @Shugaftaabbas: Thank you so very much. Glad to know that my blog was the first you read. Do stay around and do keep reading my blog (I hope I continue to write :-))

  13. you HOPE?? =/
    you have too…

  14. WElcome back Haris… i am sure your exams went good and good to know you are back to mother’s lap… 🙂

    ia m sure we will get the chance to read more updated posts on your blog now… 🙂

  15. @Shaguftaabbas: I can only try, can’t promise 🙂

    @CU: Yeah exams went good Alhamdulillah. Do stay around to read more posts IA.

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