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Posted by Haris Gulzar on March 31, 2010

The past one week, or ten days maybe, have really forced me to think if I should quit blogging at least for some time. I just can’t find time to read the blogs I really like and want to read. I can’t even find time to write posts that I so want to write :-(. I started writing pointers for my posts that I thought I’d write whenever I get time, but had to delete them for the topic going out of date. I still have many topics pending that I want to write about, I have one incomplete post on my blog that i have to complete, and I think this is my 3rd or maybe the 4th post that I’m just writing to whine about being busy :-P.

Anyways, the point of this post is only to comfort my very own self that this busyness cannot force me to quit blogging :-P. Although I may not be able to blog very often until this semester ends (which I really want to happen soon :-(), and I might not be able to read blogs at all, but I will blog Insha-Allah. I really hope I see myself blogging soon enough because, as I read somewhere, a blogger once is a blogger forever…


14 Responses to “A blogger forever”

  1. InshaAllah you’ll be fine bhai, i think most of us need to just put our thoughts forth, I think you miss home a lot. May Allah give you success so you can do the things you love when you want to and yet have time for routine things, InshaAllah.

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  3. @Alhamdolillah: Thank you so very much for your prayers sister. Yeah I miss home a lot. But its only a couple of months more before I’ll rejoin my family Insha-Allah :-).

  4. siras said

    Keep blogging, even if you don’t have time to blog about the things you really want to. At least it’s a way to connect with your readers. 🙂

  5. H said

    You don’t have to quit blogging just because you don’t have time too. I know what you mean when you say ‘topic going out of date’. I’ve felt like that sometimes too. You have two choices int hat situation:
    1. Keep writing and date it the date you want the post (wordpress allows you to do that!:))
    2. Don’t blog about it. The words will still be with you. 🙂

    Hope your semester goes smoothly iA. I hope mine goes smoothly too iA. Duas galore! 🙂

  6. Adesi said

    i m so sorry for the lazy of not being here!
    damn i dont like me not reading!

    so i m back and i hope and pray that i stay!

    yes yes!

    forever commenter!
    like you are a forever blogger 😀

    yabba dabba doo!

  7. jia said

    nai bhai!you cant quit just because you are busy …you will get time INSHALLAH…waise i knw u will not:)

  8. @All: Thank you so very much for your comments, and really sorry for a late reply. I guess I should take a break from blogging. Things arent really smooth this semester, and it really has been tough :-(. I’ll need your prayers.

    But let me assure you all that its only a break for some time and I’ll be back :-). Take care everyone…

  9. I felt like reading myself and my condition in this post =) Though in my case, apart from busy routine, other reasons and barriers also start to develop:)

  10. Leena S. said

    once a blogger is always a blogger….i think about quitting blogging every week but i have been doing that for the past 2.5 years, havent been able to do it as yet 😛 keep blogging! 😀

  11. Same is the case with me …. such tough routine and busy schedule… 😦

  12. Full Moon said

    I hope you’re doing well Insha’Allah. Many prayers for you. 🙂

    And don’t you quit blogging. 😀

  13. @Spotlesssoul: I hope things get better at your end soon Insha-Allah…

    @Leena S: LOL :-P. I don’t think about quitting every week, but this thought is starting to come to me more frequently now :-)…

    @Captureuniverse: I can totally understand :-). Best of luck with everything…

    @Full Moon: Thank you so very much. Yeah Im good Alhamdulillah, hope you’re doing good too IA…

  14. Dua said

    Once a blogger, always a blogger 😛 Break happens but to actually stop blogging is not easy from my experience.

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