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Down and out

Posted by Haris Gulzar on March 23, 2010

I finally have internet up and running in my room after almost a week. Although the past week or so has really been very busy, but I felt as if something was missing. I wanted to write about several things which I couldn’t. I have been out of touch with people I wanted to talk to. I also had a nice excuse for not checking my emails and not doing some of the very important tasks because I didn’t just know I had to do them, but now that I have internet, I just don’t feel like doing anything. I have over a thousand unread items in my reader application, a lot of new emails that are waiting to be replied but I just don’t feel like reading the unread items or replying to the emails…

The past week has probably left me unable to do anything. It has consumed me. Sundays are no more Sundays, and a project for almost each course is just making me go crazy. Besides, the weather is also getting hot. And I think I’m missing home as well :-(. Although it has only been one and a half months since I came back here from home, and its still another 3 months to go before I can even think of going back, but I feel as if seeing my family for some time only would make me feel better, and charged enough to pass the remaining semester.

A question just struck my head. Why are the two Eids only about 2 months apart? :-P. Each of the Eids should come during the semesters, one in Fall and one in Spring. This won’t hurt anyone but would really be beneficial for students :-P. The Spring semester doesn’t really have any occasions or festivals that guarantee a long break. So will it be worth praying to God to make the Eids come during the semesters? 🙂


7 Responses to “Down and out”

  1. nadia said

    Nice to finally hear from you 🙂

    I was laughing when I read “So will it be worth praying to God to make the Eids come during the semesters?” because I felt the same when I was a student 😀

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  3. I can TOTALLY understand your state of mind! :/ Since it’s middle of semester at my side too and i SO wish it to end ASAP! :$

  4. siras said

    LOL!! 😛 I’ve actually thought about that quite a few times myself! 😛 Holidays should be spread out all year round. 😛

  5. Raaji said

    aww… I am sure you will get work done soon. I agree with you on Eid :-).

    I hope you get a chance to write more 🙂

  6. Ali Adnan said

    yaar saath saath week main 2 weekends ki bhi dua kar layeen .. hum office walon ka bhala ho jaye ga 🙂

  7. @Nadia: Spring semesters don’t really have any holidays… Too bad for students 🙂

    @Spotlesssoul: Welcome back. Been very long since you were away. I hope everyhting is good at your end IA. Yeah, time doesn’t seem to pass when you so want it to…

    @Siras: LOL :-P. I guess every student has had that thought at least once…

    @Raaji: Insha-Allah :-). Its only about 3 more months remaining before I can go back home permanently Insha-Allah :-). Thank you. Do keep visiting…

    @Ali Adnan: Tu hamesha apna socha ker :@. Tu waisay bhi konsa kaam kerta hai office main. teray liye to har din weekend hai 😀

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