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Shoaib Anonymous

Posted by Haris Gulzar on March 4, 2010

When I started my job back in July 2006, I found a couple of people there who really liked Urdu poetry as did I. We used to share our Urdu poetry collection with each other at Lunch. Some of our colleagues would literally make fun of us while we read the poetry out loud, but we really enjoyed it. About a year later, some of my juniors at University, who coincidently also liked Urdu poetry, also joined the same company. Some other hires as well joined our poetry sharing activity and soon our group expanded. When I left that company in 2008, I had a BIG word document that had a lot of ghazals and individual shairs and poems in it. Though I lost that file because of my portable hard drive crashing :-(, but we had an unofficial google group of many of the company employees, where we used to share our poetry collection…

A few days back, I received a couple of Urdu poetry messages, followed by the message saying “How are you Hafiz bhai?”. I replied that I am not a Hafiz and that he probably wanted to send his messages to some other number, but I also appreciated the poetry as it really was outstanding. I don’t know why, but he kept on insisting that I was Hafiz, and he sent a couple of more EXCELLENT poetry messages. Though I repeatedly told and ensured him that I was not the person he thought I was, but requested him to continue sending me the poetry, because he really did seem to have an excellent collection.

I asked him his name in the messages that followed and he told me his name was Shoaib. My mobile still has his name saved as Shoaib Anonymous :-P, but this person really made me go back to the days when I used to share poetry with my colleagues. Though I do receive poetry messages to this date from my X-colleagues, but the feeling isn’t what it used to be. This person, Shoaib Anonymous, has really revived that feeling. Shoaib Anonymous sends me more than one message of poetry on average every day, and I have a BIG collection of Urdu poetry once again :-)…


20 Responses to “Shoaib Anonymous”

  1. Shahrukh said

    Happy once again!

  2. Ali Adnan said

    yeah buddy … those were really wonderful days …
    aur jis tarah hum har she’r aur ghazal par wah wah kartay thay aur shugal lagatay tha ! .. pura office sir par uthaya hota tha humne 😛

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  4. if memories are good, we like to recall them and its nice that you had wonderful time so thumbs up for that unknown 🙂

  5. brocasarea said

    such a nice feeling it must be 🙂

  6. @Shahrukh: I was never unhappy, but yeah his messages make me feel good 🙂

    @Ali Adnan: Sir BUSSSSSS!!!! Daad chahoun ga!!! :-P. Good old days yaar…

    @CU: I had more than wonderful time back then Alhamdulillah, and yeah, both thumbs up for Shoaib Anonymous 🙂

    @Brocasarea: It sure is 🙂

  7. Raaji said

    looks like you are popular… hehe.

    You should share some urdu poetry on your blog 🙂

    I love it too.

  8. H said

    Now that’s an interesting story! I love how one can make friends in the most unexpected way!

  9. Am i the only one that finds this slightly weird in a teeny weeny stalker ish kind of way.

  10. nadia said

    No, Smiley. I also find this slightly weird in a teeny weeny stalker ish kind of way.

    Haris, perhaps you had used “Hafiz” as a pen name.

  11. @Raaji: I sure will soon Insha-Allah, and yeah I have been reading Urdu poetry on your blog. You have a great taste and collection as well (Y)…

    @H: It gets even more interesting if it is based on poetry (Y) 🙂

    @Smiley: I don’t know really :-), he probably thought I was kidding him by not agreeing to be the one he thought I was (If thats what you meant?)

    @Nadia: Nah, never. My pen name is my original name, and thats what I have always used :-).

  12. N.A. said


  13. Huda said

    This was a interesting read! 🙂

  14. @N.A: Long time. I hope everything is good at your end Insha-Allah. Do keep visiting!

    @Huda: Thank you 🙂

  15. Assalamoalaikum, I had told my husband about what ahppened with you back then when I first read this post, we were both laughing for some time ke.. EVERYTHING is possible in pakistan :p

  16. @Alhamdolillah: Walaikum Salam sis. LOL :-P. I so like this kind of possibilities :-D. He might have thought I’m a girl and am only pretending to be a boy :-P. Allah knows better 🙂

  17. siras said

    Hahah! Sounds like fun times. 🙂

    Now, you should share your collection of poetry here on your blog. 🙂

  18. @Siras: Sure, soon Insha-Allah 🙂

  19. Sabahat said

    LOl 😀

  20. @Sabahat: Long time no see? Welcome back…

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