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The importance of Networking

Posted by Haris Gulzar on March 2, 2010

This Sunday we had Mr. Faisal Qureshi invited to one of our events about Entrepreneurship. He was asked to speak on the topic of “Importance of networking in Entrepreneurship”. It was an interactive session where students asked questions and Mr. Faisal answered them. To one of the questions he answered, he gave an excellent example to relate his answer with. He told us that he was in Islamabad a few days back at one of his speaker sessions when a young girl came and sat right next to him. It was only during their conversation that he found out the girl was totally blind. After the session ended, the girl asked for his card which he gave her.

Mr. Qureshi received a call one day from a young lady who claimed to be the person who sat next to him in that speaker session. She told him she was sending him an email and that she wanted him to help her raise some funds. Mr. Qureshi has written a blog about that girl, and has also included her email in the blog. The blog can be found here. Though quiet lengthy, but the email really moved me. Mr. Faisal mentioned that the girl managed to raise approximately $15,000, where as she only asked for raising $1,200.

This email reminded me of one of my juniors at Lahore. This girl was totally blind and still had the courage and will to continue her studies and to become an Engineer Masha-Allah. One of the members of the Alumni Association of my University, when came to know about this, was willing to get all the brailed textbooks imported from the United States and donate them to her so that she could continue studying. The University administration also provided her with e-books and with software that could speak out text. She is now in her 3rd year of Engineering Masha-Allah.

Networking helps doesn’t it?


11 Responses to “The importance of Networking”

  1. Mashallah…. its very true that Allah always grants more to the one from whom he takes something…
    it’s the courage and encouragement of her parents, friends and her own will power that raised her to the height to be acceptible in society as an Engineer Alhamdolillah… 🙂
    it’s not only the importance of networking but her GOD gifted ability.
    Impressive and thought provoking. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention. Just a correction. I’m not sure how much money she raised. In fact I’m sure she got no more than she needed, but I had enough pledges for her and she COULD get a lot of money had the need been there.

    The point being, if done right, and for the right cause and purpose, there is no shortage of support. We just need the will to do it.

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  4. Faizan farooqi said

    Thank you Haris for sharing with us what Mr. Faisal said. i was actually out of the room. I regret to miss Mr Faisal advices and example. I am sure all must be fabulous and outstanding. can you please share few more.

  5. Faizan farooqi said

    I want to add to your comment about networking that If I want to explore myself, I will find networking as one of my assets. I always get benefit out of it and not only myself but my networking aid other people as well. So you are so true about the importance of networking.

  6. @faizan There’re a couple of workshops scheduled for networking. You can get details from my website

  7. @Captureuniverse: True! The person I saw at my university, was really motivated Masha-Allah, and obviously parents and friends play a vital role in supporting people who are handicapped.

    @Faisal Qureshi: Welcome to Amar Bail. I hope you continue visiting my blog and keep on reading it. My bad if I misunderstood/misquoted you, but I totally agree that if there is a will and if rightly done, and obviously with Allah’s help, there is no shortage of support.

    @Faizan: The entire session was indeed enlightening. Though it obviously can’t be explained here because it was an interactive session, but it definitely was learning for all those present there. And thats a great point you mentioned, networking not only proves beneficial for ourselves, but for others as well…

  8. Raaji said

    Yes, at the end of the day, all that matters is who you know 🙂

  9. yeah..networking helps in real life too !!

  10. Haris. Insha Allah I’ll be around. For any of those who want to attend the networking workshop you can check out the calendar on My apologies for posting a link without checking. Please delete it if it falls out of your policy.

  11. @Raaji: True! One of the things that matter is who you know…

    @Narendra Sinha: It definitely does…

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