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Posted by Haris Gulzar on February 26, 2010

Students tend to guess the answers a lot. Specially when there are questions where you have multiple options to choose from, and more importantly, when there is no negative marking if you get a wrong answer. But the question is, is guesswork right? Is it allowed?

A few days back I had a discussion with a friend if guessing is really allowed in Islam or not. Although I consider it totally allowed but I didn’t have any arguments to support myself. My point is, why would it not be allowed? I mean you’re just taking your chance. May that be a random guess, or an educated guess. But the argument that my friend had was that we are doing something that we know isn’t correct. As in the answer we’re marking, we aren’t sure if that answer is really the correct answer. He said we should be true to ourselves and to our creator. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we should face it instead of guessing the answers. But does it really have to do anything with religion? I’m not too sure really…

That friend of mine gave me the example of himself. Whenever he randomly marked the answers, the results weren’t too good, and whenever he didn’t do any guesswork, the results were far better. He said this was because Allah is seeing us and HE knows if we’re being true or not. But how can we be untrue to ourselves if we put random answers and do guesswork? But frankly, I don’t have any references or arguments in favor of my argument. I only think guesswork should be allowed, in fact I think religion doesn’t have anything to do with it or does it?? I mean obviously whatever we do IS guided by our religion but why would guessing be wrong :-(. If I randomly answer a question that I don’t know, and suppose I get the answer right, doesn’t it mean Allah helped me? Or does it mean I foul-played?

Are we making our religion difficult for ourselves?


10 Responses to “Guesswork”

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  2. zain said

    yes……..majority people are making religion difficult….. what they do……….they accept the religion in difficult form presented by Mullah…..and then they don’t act on it arguing within themselves i cant do this………this makes them free to do anything……..a bidimensional lyfe prevails…….they firmly belief on somthing but they hardly act on it ……….

  3. Ayesha said

    My oh my! I never thought people are bent on making religion a toughest thing, almost a mockery out there.

    Okay the golden rule teachers told us that in such a situation when you don’t know the answer, click/check the one where your heart/mind leads you the first time. Believe me this trick works. Whenever, I don’t know the answer and check the one for which my heart/mind gives me a go ahead for the first time… it turns out to be correct. The more I think on the answers I don’t know, the more I mess up my chances.

    As for guessing, there is an educational guess too and I don’t see any harm in it. You know Qiyas is one of the sources of Islam which allows people to think and come up with possible, rational solution to an issue. So why can’t the student be allowed to have an educational guess?

  4. adeel said

    yes, we are making religion difficult for us…having said that, this has everything to do with religion. any matter has to be dealt in the light of religion because everything has moral or ethical implications which is the core of our religion.

    tell me, whether guessing is allowed for all of us..of course it is! many of the test-takers tell this also that because there is no negative marking, try to answer all the questions. they also know a lucky person would pass it and other more informed one could fail.

    the point is if u dont know the answer, why not “try” to answer it correctly. that is where the help of ALLAH comes. a weaker person might pass it because HE wants him to. and there is no point arguing why HE would want a weaker person to get through as we all see people who dont deserve a position but are having it; the reasons are better known to HIM.

    there is no harm in trying with following all the legalities your examiner has put for you. it should be legal which HE wants!!

    the example you quoted might be true. if he has this experience, some other person could experience it otherwise. you cant set an argument with an example when there might also be great chances for the other thing to happen. ALLAH might have liked his sincerity but then how can he say that was best for him

    when people say i passed a test because i was reading the ayats (without knowing what he is saying), how can he be so sure that passing the test would be best for him??? we always have to beg to ALLAH for the best thing (which only He knows) to happen. there is some thing behind the closed window which only HE can see!!!

  5. @Zain: Its not always believing the Mullahs. People definitely have their own opinions as well. The person I’m talking about, I don’t think he said this under influence of some Mullah, he just has his own views and he considers it wrong. But I guess at times you think staying quiet is better rather than sticking to prove your point…

    @Ayesha: I just can’t agree with you more. If your intentions are right, that is you aren’t heading towards anything with the intent of harming someone or putting someone at loss, whatever you think is fine will Insha-Allah turn out to be fine. Thats what I have experienced as well… And according to this golden rule, if that person thinks guesswork is wrong, he should be allowed to have that belief. And as he says himself, things turn out good for him if he doesn’t do any guesswork…

    @Adeel: Yeah everything has to do with religion. Obviously each of our actions are guided by our religion, I didn’t mean that has totally nothing to do with religion, all I meant was religions isn’t that difficult after all. and as u also agreed that we’re making religion difficult for ourselves…

    But I guess if thats what that person believes, he’s probably making religion easy for himself. He found an answer to a question regarding guesswork. The decision if his answer is correct or not is not ours, its for Allah SWT to decide… And I totally agree that “there is some thing behind the closed window which only HE can see”…

  6. Hi fren..

    I was just doing some random surfing and then landed on your blog and finally at this post of yours..

    I would like to say that don’t be so religious in every aspect buddy..try to see the world as you want to see it and not as what has been written somewhere !!

    Afterall everything in this world is RELATIVE (I guess Einstein uncle even proved it correct in the universal context *smile*)

    what is wrong in one sense could be correct in other sense..don’t u feel so !!

    Now for instance if i ask you an objective question like:

    Q. who is the owner of this blog ?

    a) Haris Gulzar
    b) A Pakistani blogger
    c) The God Almighty
    d) WordPress team

    now whatever be your answer..but you can very well prove the other options as correct too….
    hence don’t try to think too much on any particular thing and try to be practical !!

    (This is my feeling buddy.. u r free to dissociate from it..i felt to comment hence commented what i felt)

  7. Assalamoalaikum Bhai

    I agree with some things and disagree with some things. But it was just a little surprise to see the post and responses…

    Alhamdolillah Allah is in all our hearts.


  8. @Narendra Sinha: Welcome to my blog Amar Bail. I’m glad you commented on it. Do keep visiting and commenting… As for your comment, I somewhat agree to what you have mentioned, as well as disagree with you. I’d say a person has to have an intention of doing something (thats obvious isn’t it?). Now my thinking is, everything revolves around that intention. You intend good, however bad your action might turn out to be for others, you were not at mistake, reason being your intention was good. Secondly, obviously each of our actions is guided by religion, so following religion is only being practical :-).

    @Alhamdolillah: Walaikum Salam sister :-). I didn’t understand when you said you’re surprised to see the post and responses? May Allah guide us to sirat-e-mustaqeem, Insha-Allah. Ameen

  9. Yasser said

    I haven’t gone through all above comments just writing after reading the post.

    Well my first guess on this post is it’s just a random post, do tell me is my guess correct 😛

    Guessing is good, I’ve encountered so many people’s who always hit the jackpot including mine, since i am a graduate now i am making unnoticed guesses with myself in field of programming. I had one bad incident when i was in 7th standard English class and teacher mood was off and he gave me the punishment, to put the salt on it you know what, the guessed answer was correct but i answered it before he asked and before he finished the question 😦

    In my personal capacity i believe there should be no guessing in Islam on issues which have been completely explained by Quran and Hadess. Though when it comes to praying and when you don’t know where Qibla is, it has been asked to guess and pray your prayer accordingly, Another one is also related to Namaz where sometimes we forgot are we in 3rd or 4th Rakah, then it has been asked to guess it first and if you don’t remember pray one extra.



  10. @Yasser: Well, I don’t exactly know what you mean by a random post, as all my posts are random on my blog :-), i.e. I just write on whatever comes to my mind. As far as this story goes, it is totally real, and the person is my fellow hostelite and I have had discussions with him on this topic 🙂

    I’m not too sure about the direction of Qibla, but I think its only allowed if you’re travelling, otherwise you have to know where Qibla is. Not sure though. About Namaz as well, there is a sajda-e-sehef if you miss out any of the faraiz or wajibaat of namaz. Preferably, one should offer his/her prayers again if he/she thinks there has been a mistake… Thats only what I know. Please do correct me.

    What I meant from guessing here was for general things we face in our daily life. The post was specifically for guessing in exams. But I think its all about beliefs and one should be totally free to believe what he wants to and practice it…

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