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Exam, washing, ironing, fog and blogoversary

Posted by Haris Gulzar on January 14, 2010

Still have one more exam to take, and that too tomorrow. Not in the mood of studying for that paper :-P. Have some washing and ironing to do, then have to pack my stuff because I won’t have enough time to pack things up after the paper, and obviously have some blogs to read as well :-P. I guess I’d be away from my blog for more than 15 days after today because of no internet back at home (I don’t think any internet package would suit me for 15 days only), although I’d try my best to make use of the dialup internet. And yeah, the washing machine here is still that old steel wire operated machine, the one I described in one of my earlier posts 😛 (Click here to go to that post). Will also have to mop my room so that it feels nice and gives a good look when I come back 🙂

I have been told its cold there in Lahore. At least more than what it is here, although the past few days here were good too. But it wasn’t the same as what the winters in Lahore are. I hope the fog stays in Lahore for some more time, I hope the temperatures stay down for some more time, although I know it really has been creating a lot of problems for the general public and for travelers but I guess it won’t make much of a difference for a couple of days more hahaha (is that selfishness?).

I just recalled that my blogoversary is also coming in a few days, and I’d be in Lahore at that time, lets just see if I can write something for the 1st anniversary of my blog… I hope all of you take good care of yourselves, and I hope I stay in touch with all the blogs I follow (including mine), and I hope you all stay in touch with my blog too :-P.


12 Responses to “Exam, washing, ironing, fog and blogoversary”

  1. Nabeel said

    I can’t go out in this winter and YOU…hugh! well best of luck for your last exam. btw where you live?

  2. nadia said

    All the best on your exam, the washing, ironing, packing, and mopping. Happy blogoversary in advance, and I truly hope you get to see the fog when you visit home 😀

  3. Umer Too said

    In lahore Foggy at best at fajr. No its not selfishness at all, many bookworms i talked to love this kind of a weather 😉

  4. I lost count as to the number of hopes mentioned in this entry 😛
    Hope is good. Carry on hoping dude.
    Good luck with the exams and Happy Blogoversary in advance. May you keep blogging and may we keep reading.

  5. masood said

    Happy Holidays ya 🙂

  6. I hope the last exam went fab :] I had no clue guy do mopping and stuff too :p

    Happy Holidays! Stay warm and…SAFE! 🙂

  7. Asad Ali said

    Have wonderful Holidays….
    & enjoy them… your best..!

  8. 🙂 happy blogoversary 🙂

  9. I hope the exam whent well.

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

  10. Really sorry for the delay in my replies guys…

    @Nabeel: I love winters dude. Im studying in Karachi, and have my permanent residence in Lahore.

    @Nadia: Thank you so very much. I got to see lots of fog :-).

    @Umer: What has weather got to do with being a bookworm, and if thats really the case, now you know someone who isn’t a bookworm and still loves winters and fog (Y).

    @[[[ X SMILEY X ]]]: Thank you so very much. Hoping is all we get to do isn’t it :-). And yeah, do keep reading my posts…

    @Masood: Thank you :-). I hope you’re doing great IA. How are winters there in Dubai?

    @Closed Eyes: Yeah it went fine Alhamdulillah. Well, now you know that :-P. Hostel life is just (not) wonderful :-). Do keep visiting…

    @Asad: Thank you dude. How are you?

    @AD: Thank you so very much!

    @Teena in Toronto: The exam went fine Alhandulillah., and thanx :-). Welcome to Amar Bail and do keep visiting…

  11. zain said

    happy anneversary………..:)…………bro…………
    enjoy the semester break………

  12. jia arshad said

    u r really spending a tough life……it reminds me of my old days….i mostly used to feel dat im in sumkind of jail…away 4rm parents…n was nt allowded to call them or keep cellphone sirf parhai parhai n parhai !!!!!bt im happy …i got mre great things in return:)

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