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Exams :-(

Posted by Haris Gulzar on January 7, 2010

1) Exams :-(. And I’m not well prepared…

2) Missing Muneeba badly… Whenever I talk to her on phone, she tells me the number of days remaining for me to reach Lahore.

3) The only motivation I have to take my exams is that I’ll get to go back once my exams are finished. Looking forward to the journey and to the trip to Lahore…

4) I keep on telling myself not to read other blogs because I’m supposed to be busy preparing for my exams. Although I have been reading a few blogs, but I’m trying my best not to comment on other blogs, so that everyone gets this feeling that I’m busy :-(.

5) Only one semester remaining after this, Insha-Allah 🙂


18 Responses to “Exams :-(”

  1. nadia said

    The thing about exams is that no matter how much you study, it never seems enough; you always feel unprepared.

    All the best!

  2. BMK said

    in worst case, supplee aajaegi na. an engineer without a supplee is just like a bird without a feather. : )
    Do visit other blogs & do kament as well. It feels real good, doing something you are not supposed to do during preps n exam. You are never going to injaye the useless chores when you will be free.

    Rest, be assured that Lahore will be bery much same a week later too. Muneeba seems blackmailing you. I just confirmed with monsieur phajja. he’s no intention closing his paaye ki dukaan. butt bhi barabar samosay bana raha hay. sardar machi ala is planning to open an outlet, closer to your house ….


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  4. Huda said

    Best of luck!
    And only one semester left after this? Wow. Good going Masha’Allah. You’ll be done eh? I am SO jealous. 😦
    Anyway, lots of prayers for you. 🙂

  5. mansisg said

    All the best Amar….and I wish u meet muneeba soon…tk cr

  6. Ali Adnan said

    good luck jiger ….. with reading blogs 😀 …. I have so many unread blogs to catch up on and so many magazines and newspaper articles waiting and getting dusy on my table and so so many mails in sahics_all the mother of all knowledge 😛 .. so wish me luck too 🙂

  7. brocasarea said

    exam suck out ur energy!…:(.

    good luck 😉

  8. Nabeel said

    Papers mein parhte thodi hein. btw best of luck… 😉

  9. Been there, done that, got the shirt.
    Beg a leg with your exams!

  10. Raaji said

    Good Luck! I am sure you will do wonderfully 🙂

  11. Good Luck… I hate exams… 😦

  12. Thank you so very much everyone! Thanx a lot

    @BMK: sardar machi ala se I talked, he maan gaya houn opening from my dast-e-mubarak. and I hope Lahore same keeps, I want to injaye lahore ki sardiyan (Y)…

    @Ali: Best of luck, specially for mother of all knowledge sahics_all 😛

  13. @Nabeel & @Sahibzada Yasin: Welcome to Amar Bail, I hope you keep visiting my blog. And I hope you can understand the reason for this delay in reply to your comments. I’m trying to look busy 😛

  14. Assalamoalaikum Bhai,

    I think that.. you are homesick, Poor Muneeba misses you, but do you want to go with a bad heart after securing not very good marks?

    I think you are ignoring your priorities because of some reasons..

    Switch off the computer, get down to study, say to yourself, once I get this exam right, then I can do as much surfing as I want.

    I think most of what is written in blogs including mine is either personal unloading or information we mostly know ourselves but just forget, so if you want to know something, open a book, don’t go to blogs to read stuff..

    May Allah give you strength to do well in your exams, Ameen.

    Aww love to the little princess.

    ( and I just sounded like a Big SISTER here :D)

  15. @Alhamdolillah: Sister, I think I really needed it. All I can say is, thank you so very much for this comment. I’m seriously loving it :-). Jazakallah, stay happy Insha-Allah :-), and obviously, detailed reply later coz I’m busy 😛

  16. Leena S. said

    All the best for your exams….and its just one more semester!!! 😀
    as for reading other blogs, I would recommend that u stay away from eme for a while. This can be very addictive and esp wen u are trying not to procrastinate, blogs give u just the right reason.

  17. Good Luck 🙂

  18. @Leena S.: hehe, actually whenever I take a break from studies, I go and read other blogs and you’re right that this really becomes addictive… Thank you for your wishes…

    @CU: Thanx 🙂

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