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Small World

Posted by Haris Gulzar on December 13, 2009

Yesterday, I met my 16 year old friend. We hadn’t seen each other all these 16 years, but yesterday when I saw him, it felt as if he hadn’t changed one single bit. That same face, that same height, those same face cuts, that same voice and style of talking. Actually it was him who recognized me first, but the moment I saw his face, I knew it was him. I felt so good yesterday. I proudly told people around me that I met my 16 year old friend.

He is a student at IBA, but because IBA has two campuses, the City Campus and the Main Campus, we didn’t get to meet each other. He is a student at the City Campus, and none of my classes coincide with his. It has been 1.5 years since I have been studying here and have also been going to the City campus for my evening courses, but never did I get any chance to see him. But there had to be a reason for us to meet. IBA had its convocation event yesterday, hence there were no classes held. Each year, the students form a convocation management team and work closely with the administration to make this event a success. Both that friend of mine and I were in this convocation management team, and because of this reason, he was present at the Main campus yesterday for the event. He approached me and said, “yaar aap Sunbeams main parhtay thay” (Did you take any classes at Sunbeams?). For your Information, Sunbeams Grammar School is the school I did my 3rd to 5th classes from. I saw him and was like, I have seen you somewhere. While he was nodding his head, I said “Ali??”…

It was great to see him. Just fantastic. We were a group of 4, and amazingly enough, I found the other two friends on facebook when I shifted to Karachi last year. It was 1994 when I shifted to Islamabad from Karachi, and Ali had left the school in 1993, but still we remembered how we used to call out names of people and who taught us which course and where our classes used to be etc. It really couldn’t have gotten any stranger and amazing than it did yesterday. This, no doubt, is a very small world…


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