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7 Overrated things

Posted by Haris Gulzar on December 11, 2009

I was tagged by Memoir of a Volatile Indian Girl for this post. Although I was tagged way back but I couldn’t work on this post for all this long. Sorry for the delay :-).

1) Facebook: I’d say, Facebook is so very highly overrated that it becomes a sin if one doesn’t have an account on facebook these days. All the updates about events, what’s happening around etc is supposed to be there on facebook and a person really feels outdated if he doesn’t sign in to facebook at least thrice a day. Besides, liking status messages and commenting on them has become part of life. If a person keeps a status message that he has a headache, at least 10 people like that status and many keep on commenting and advising till the day ends. In fact many a times a totally different conversation starts in comments. Someone would comment about the headache, the other person would ask the first commenter, hey where were you, didn’t see you for long, and there starts a totally different conversation…

2) Twitter: The same goes with Twitter. I really cant understand why people use twitter. Twitter is all about “What are you doing” and people feel so glad in telling what they’re doing every moment. When I was in Lahore in summers, I met my University friends and as soon as we sat, a friend took out his mobile and updated his twitter and facebook saying he is meeting his friends after a long time. Then he updated, we have ordered food, then we’re eating food… And what’s even worse is, each of his status updates were getting comments :-O…

3) Women Rights: I know I’m about to get a lot many comments on this point, but I seriously think women exaggerate when they talk about women rights. I agree that there are problems and there are many women who aren’t given their rights, but then, specially because of this exaggeration about women rights, there are women getting more rights than men :-). I’d only say that women should agree that there is a difference between men and women, and that they cannot be equal. I really don’t mean any offense here but seriously, there are a few women exaggerating this issue a lot…

4) Marriages: Ohh Marriages in Pakistan are so overrated :-(. People specifically ask for lots of time between engagement and wedding so that they can ‘prepare’ for their wedding. Lots and lots of dresses, specially for women, shoes, jewelry and what not. Then there are at least 7 functions for a wedding to complete :-S. This color day, that color day, mehendi, mayun, flana dimkana, and its like you need an entire week for one single wedding. And again, its all women behind this :-P.

5) Mobile phones: Every one so wants a new mobile phone every day, that’s because we see so many new models of mobile phones, having such compelling and appealing features that one just starts wanting that phone right away. A mobile phone should be simple, one that can send and receive calls, and can send and receive messages. Or may be a torch light or a radio as extra features :-P. What else does one need in a mobile phone :-D.

6) FarmVille: Although I have mentioned facebook being overrated, but that was specific to status updates. Whenever I sign in to facebook, more than 50% of the news feeds are about FarmVille. I guess its a game or something and you probably have to build farms and you suddenly find a lost sheep and a lonely duckling and you feed them and look after them and what not. Thats what most of the news feeds are about :-S. It really gets so irritating when all you find out when you sign in is what your friends have been finding in FarmVille…

7) Harry Potter: I guess its a novel :-P. In fact I think its a series of novels :-P. Probably a movie has also been produced based on the novel :-D. People go so mad about Harry Potter. I don’t know why. People talk about the characters of Harry Potter assuming you have seen the movies or at least have read the novels and you very well know all the characters. People would often quote the characters and would repeat what had been said in the movie. I mean, I agree it might be good but take a break…

The list can really go on. One important thing to note is that the points mentioned above are in no particular order. That is to say that Twitter is not less overrated than Facebook, otherwise I probably would have put FarmVille at the top :-P. The points are just mentioned as they came to my mind.

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24 Responses to “7 Overrated things”

  1. illusiOn said

    😀 impressive.. 🙂 I was in a bad mood your overrated things brought a smile.. 🙂 true man..

  2. Umer Tur said

    Really marriages should ‘happen’ instantly. Shariah made it an easy job, we couldn’t make our accounting processes more professional and complex so we thought, perhaps, to do it with marriages. Much of the mischief that is being done by ‘pareeshan’ youth may be attributed to the way people marry in cities, as you’ve just pointed out… Many want to marry early, bu Mr. Social Order intervenes and issues stay-order…

    @ Illusion, can’t agree more 🙂

  3. Umer Tur said

    And. AS for equality issue – there’s nothing left in it since new science is here. JS Mill said he had insufficient knowledge about any natural differences b/w male and female. If he had been present today, I bet he’d have revised his book on equality. Even Will Durant had this problem when concluding about ‘innate differences’ b/w the sexes. Although he sounds better then Mill.

    What I can recommend is one book and 2 articles.

    book: “Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women”: Look inside if you like,

    articles: Brilliant! by Abdal Hakim Murad of Cambridge University::

    1. Boys will be Boys:

    2. Islam, Irigaray, and the retrieval of gender:

  4. Umer Tur said

    * Boys will be Boys: Correct link:

  5. brocasarea said

    yeah true!…twitter and wrights r 2 things which r overrated!..
    i hate twitter…who the hell cares wht u eat/where u shit[:p] etc…my opinion is tht people tweet just to feel important or to show off….
    havent read any hp book till now!….

  6. @Illusion: Thank you 🙂

    @Umer: Exactly. And I’m glad to have someone in my favor about this point :-). Thank you for all the links

    @Brocasarea: lol :-P. Thats exactly what is happening. People update about each and every of their actions… And I havent read any hp book till now as well 😉

  7. saba said

    Oh God, you are seriouslyyyy the most ignorant person i know or perhaps the most simple of us all!

    I know sometimes Farm-ville does get irritating when people just Spam my news feed with it or i get invitations to join it and so does Harry potter… But i do not agree with you on the Women getting more rights than men or women overrating a marriage ceremony!

    Do you realize that since birth Pakistani girls are brainwashed that they are going to get married one day and will look beautiful… Well that makes them want to celebrate that ONE day in their entire lives when they get to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION, for as long as they can and thus so many functions! :p

    But i have to grudgingly agree, all the 7 things that you mentioned have been overrated!

  8. Saba said

    But i have a feeling the next most popular thing would be being a part of the Community. It seems everybody’s going there now…

    check it out… It’s awesome.. You want reviews or directions to the best places to eat in Pakistan, events happening around town or simply talk about things happening.. has it all..

  9. Sabahat said

    LOL 😀 so wonderfully described . .

    P.S. I hate Twitter and Harry Potter 😀

  10. @Saba: Probably I’m the simplest of all!! :-). Well, if girls really want to celebrate that ONE day, they should, but why make others suffer for an entire week. Its the other 7 days or sometimes even more that I’m more concerned about. And whats with all the extravagant shopping for marriages? I mean, celebration doesn’t necessarily mean you spend like there is no tomorrow. If you get my point… And thank you for agreeing with all the 7 things I mentioned, although grudgingly, but still…

    @Sabahat: Thank you :-). You’re amongst those few people who hate Twitter and Harry Potter, and it makes me so glad that I aint alone 😛

  11. nadia said

    Nice list, Haris! Farmville is definitely overrated, but you can opt to not receive the updates from them. Only then you can live in peace 🙂

    I don’t Twitter. I tried liking it, but didn’t make sense to me. And I’m pretty much happy with the same mobile phone that I am having for the past three years. I’d rather buy a new lens for my Nikon. And I haven’t read any Harry Potter books either. I tried reading a few pages a couple of years ago, and got bored. Maybe I’m just too old for it.

  12. Saba said

    Well yeah i would have to agree with you on that.. Girls and their Moms just go wild shopping!

    Harry potter i detest and Farmville too… All my friends say they are awesome, but i just don’t want to read or play either of them just coz everyone else is!

  13. @Nadia: Yeah I definitely can opt not to receive updates from FarmVille, but one should have something to whine about isn’t it :-P. And Twitter hasn’t made any sense to me since day1. Although I do have an account there, but I hardly sign in. I also was using the same mobile phone that I had for last 3 years until recently when my mom gifted me a new mobile (Y) :-). And I never even started reading Harry Potter, didn’t like the hype about it from the first day so…

    @Saba: A girl agreeing that girls go wild shopping :-). Thats a rare sight :-P. And the reason for not liking FarmVille and Harry Potter is the same for me as well, I don’t like them coz everyone else likes them :-P.

  14. Full Moon said

    Haha, Haris, I can’t believe you wrote that about Twitter. Haha, that actually made me laugh. Well, I don’t do it THAT often but I do tweet. One reason is because it’s on my phone and I pay for the internet, so why not use it and keep in touch?
    Secondly, all the bloggers are on twitter, and most of us keep in touch through that, you know? 😀

    And oh, I totally agree on the Farmville thing. My brothers got me addicted to it during the summer but ever since university started, I didn’t go on it. but I shall play right after my exams. 😉 Christmas holidays, that is.

    Nice post! 😀

  15. Rambler said

    1) I don’t use Facebook so I can’t say a thing 🙂

    2) Twitter was too much information for me! It’s really a good tool if you want to stalk;)

    3) women should agree that there is a difference between men and women, and that they cannot be equal.

    I agree with the difference part but not with inequality! Apart from one rank higher (Qawwam) given to the men, both are equal!

    4) It’s not just the marriages but the whole process that goes on before it! Finding a girl, inquiring about everything under the sun etc etc. We’ve managed to make a very simple thing into a very complicated affair.

    5) Hehe…Same with me 😉

    6) Same as #1

    7) The new in-thing is Twilight now:P Update yourself!

  16. mariyas said

    Amazing.. am a huge fan of almost everything you wrote above.. 😛
    A big FB,Farmville,Harry Potter,Mobile Phones ..:P:P

    And I really think men and women should get equal rights. Women are equal to Men.. 🙂

    and marriages are like baaaah!! As said by Rambler its so hyped since finding the girl and asking all the details,making the girl a museum piece,zillion family members coming to see her etc etc… I HATE ALL THIS.. A simple this becomes so complicated…

    I really like this post.Wordpress should also make an option “I Like “, as its on Facebook :P:P:P

  17. @Full Moon: See, as I said, it sort of becomes a sin if you don’t tweet, and I have also seen people who use twitter so that they can tell others they use twitter :-P… I can understand FarmVille thing, it might be a good time pass (I haven’t yet tried it) but the way people are after it, is totally not understandable…

    @Rambler: 3) If men have one rank higher, how can both women and men be equal? What I actually meant from the post was that women exaggerate about them not getting “equal” rights which I don’t agree with…

    5) I totally agree, We’ve managed to make a very simple thing into a very complicated affair.

    7) And I thought Harry Potter was overrated :-P. Waisay I havent heard much about twilight so far, not the way I used to hear about Harry Potter… Anyways, I’m not updated on a lot many things so no tension 😛

    @Mariyas: Disagree with your men and women being equal part… And about the marriages, don’t you think the ladies have more to do in what marriages have now become? At least thats what my observation is. Its not about Larki walay or Larkay walay, its about ladies pushing things beyond limits… If you get my point…

    And thank you so very much for liking the post… I hope you keep visiting

  18. Bina Khan said

    It’s been so long since I’ve read any blogs.. and right now shouldn’t be the time I restart.. I am in office, need to get things done.. and here I am commenting on your post.. you should be honored 😛 😛

    Facebook: For a long time I was out of facebook, I had deactivated my account.. and I hated when all of my friends updated their statuses with some important news on facebook but forgot to tell me.. and I hated that they assumed that everyone should know because obviously they’ve put it up on facebook…
    By the way.. Farmie (farmville) gets sorta boring.. but it’s still a good time pass.. or time waster 🙂 😛

    Marriages: I don’t mind people doing whatever they want.. but I don’t like attending weddings and I don’t like people expecting me to attend their wedding and what I dislike more is my parents coming up to tell me that everyone asks about you, you have to go to this one 😦

    Mobile Phones: Agreed. It should be able to send and receive calls and messages (free of charge if that’s a possibility :P), a torch would be highly appreciated.. but you don’t need to buy every new model that comes around..

    This one was going to be a much lengthier comment.. but I had to edit it after I was done writing.. Good thing I just scanned the post, otherwise you would have found a comment lengthier than your post 😛

  19. @Bina: Yeah I’m seeing you after a long time. And I’d say, office is the perfect time to read blogs :-P. It opens up your mind and you can get things done quickly :-P. Waisay I am always honored by all those who take out time and comment on my blog.

    About facebook, you’re right, its assumed that you regularly sign into facebook and read ALL of the status updates :-S. This is exactly what makes facebook uverrated. About marriages, as few other comments also suggest that we have really managed to turn a simple and a respectable activity into something very complex. And then those extra and over-extra functions make it really irritating I would say :-S.

    You are more than welcome to write as lengthy comments as you desire. Feel free to express yourself (not against me at least :-P). And thank you so very much once again for your comment…Do keep visiting.

  20. Ayesha said

    God! I am addicted to two of the things you have mentioned as overrated!Cell phone and twitter. I think the rest are really overrated! 😀

    I am thinking to write a post of things I feel are overrated!

    By the way, twitter isn’t about ‘what are you doing?’ anymore. It is about ‘what’s happening!’ and that could be anything 😛

    Nice post! Enjoyed reading it!

  21. @Ayesha: Well, thats what people are mad after aren’t they? Whats happening? I just can’t understand. And it really has given new definitions to “whats happening”. I mean people even talk about “whats not happening” :-P. And I’d love to read about your idea of overrated things…

    Thank you for liking the post.

  22. Raheel said

    You hit the bull’s eye, mate!
    Surely, I am neither addicted to nor in favor of above listed items.

  23. @Raheel: Brother, You’re the first person to have agreed with all 7 things I mentioned (Y) :-), and believe you me, I’m glad you aren’t addicted to twitter and facebook (Y)…

  24. I dont know about all the camotion around farmville. I know one thing for sure if you have tons of time on your hands to kill then thats the game for you 🙂 My husband is obsessed with it . Fine post by the way

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