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Posted by Haris Gulzar on November 18, 2009

I have my exams starting from tomorrow and I’m surfing internet and commenting on blogs and writing a post of my own… But I’m really looking forward to going back to Lahore for Eid after my exams are over Insha-Allah. Muneeba has been counting days for me to reach Lahore and she reminds me every day about the number of remaining days :-).

I don’t know why am I not feeling any tensed for the paper tomorrow :-(. It’s an open book exam which actually makes the exam even more difficult. You don’t study because its open book, but the questions OBVIOUSLY are not from the book. Besides its a marketing exam so I’m not really sure if studying or otherwise will make any difference :-P. Anyways, I need your prayers for my exams, and I guess I’d be off from the addictive world of blogging for about 10 days and be back from Lahore Insha-Allah, unless there is another paper for which I don’t feel like studying…


21 Responses to “On and off”

  1. nadia said

    All the very best on your exams!

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  3. A desi said

    i can only wish you success 🙂
    all the best and hey thanks for taking time out to always leave me generous comments!

  4. @Nadia: Thank you so very much!

    @A Desi: Thanx a lot and well, your writings just make me comment on them. You’re an excellent writer I must say. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting here as well. I hope you continue reading my blog…

  5. Samah said

    Wish you the very best for exams. 🙂

  6. Full Moon said

    Lots and lots of prayers for your exams. Insha’Allah you’ll do well.
    I hope Muneeba isn’t expecting you to stay over for ‘100’ days. 😛

  7. siras said

    Good luck for your exams!

    Sorry, I’ve been away. 🙂

  8. д§mд said

    all the best with exams 🙂

    One always dont feel like syudying when exams near ;P

  9. @Samah: Thank you so very much 🙂

    @Huda: Thank you for your prayers. Kya yaad dila diya :-). I don’t know if she is expecting me to stay for a 100 days or not, but I really really want to…

    @Siras: Good to see you back. I hope you’re doing great. Thank you for your wishes 🙂

    @Asma: Thank you :-). So that means I’m perfectly normal right? 😀

  10. Leena S said

    i was always so freaked out during exams that i would actually not study! anyway, im sure u did really well in ur open book exam and hope ul have a great time in lahore 🙂

  11. @Leena: That open book exam was just OK. But the others were even worse :-(. Thank you, I hope I have a great time there too, thats only what I’m looking forward to now :-). I hope everything is good at your end…

  12. illusiOn said

    how the paper was?

  13. @Illusion: Welcome to Amar Bail. The exams are still going on, but that specific paper was ok. Do keep visiting 🙂

  14. All the very best and Eid Mubarak in advance, don’t make Muneeba wait for long… 🙂

  15. @CU: Thank you so very much and Eid Mubarak to you in advance too. I still have another 2 days to go to Lahore 🙂

  16. masood said

    Best of Luck and keep your spirits up 🙂

  17. @Masood: Thanks a lot brother. I’m done with my exams and going back to Lahore tomorrow Insha-Allah :-). I hope everything is good at your end.

  18. Full Moon said

    Oh, good to hear that you’re almost done. And off to Lahore eh? Enjoy! 🙂

  19. Asad Ali said


    Eid Mubarak Bro…to you & Your family !(Belated)

  20. God bless you with Success Amin!! Sabiqa Eid mubarak brother. 😛

  21. Thank you everyone…

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