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25 Random points about me

Posted by Haris Gulzar on November 14, 2009

Finally, here is the post that Huda tagged me for. I’m extremely sorry for delaying it this much. And I had reasons as well. First of all, I was busy. And this is no lame excuse I tell you :-). Secondly, whatever I have been writing about recently, didn’t require any thinking at all, I mean it was just about my observation or feelings, and I just translated them into words. But this post really required some thinking. And third, I’m not good at listing things :-(…

Ohh well, these three points above could very well have been random points about me :-P. And I say this because I don’t know where to start writing about myself. But anyways, here are the 25 random things about me.

  1. I like winters. I like the start of them, when it starts to get foggy and all dewy early in the morning.
  2. I love sight seeing. One of my dreams is to visit the northern areas of Pakistan, all of them. Although I have been to many places already but I’d love to go there again and stay there for a long time.
  3. I think I’m a bit adventurous. I want to go bungee jump and scuba dive and do all those weird things that parents usually ask their children to stay away from… 🙂
  4. I can’t live without food. Well, obviously no one can live without food, but my case is a bit different. I eat A LOT. I live to eat.
  5. I like reading but not too much. I mean, if I see a good title, or one that appeals me and sounds interesting or a must read, I’d want to buy it but I can never be sure if I’d really read it or not. But I do try my best to find some time out of my schedule to read.
  6. I like collecting books. All types of them, and in all forms. I once had a huge, HUGE collection of E-books related to software engineering. I still have some novels that I bought thinking that I’d read them, but I haven’t still read them :-(. I want to have a library of my own. A small one, but having great titles.
  7. I like writing. This is something I really like doing. But haven’t been getting time recently to write much.
  8. I like reading poetry. In fact, I love reading poetry. I had such a huge collection of poetry at the time I resigned from work but I lost it (that was one bad experience :-(). I still have a good collection but its not as good as the one I had. Or probably I had associations with that poetry collection.
  9. I like listening to slow songs and ghazals. Old classical Indian songs are my favorites.
  10. I like singing as well. I once tried to perform in front of a small gathering, for auditions for an event, but I failed badly :-P. But I still like singing.
  11. I don’t have too many friends. Or I should rather say, I don’t have too many close friends, but the ones I have are just too special. I love them, and I can’t even think about losing them.
  12. I love rasmalayi. I so love it. I love all sweet dishes like Shahi tukray, Kheer, Halwa, Falooda but rasmalayi is so special.
  13. I love rice. I can even eat rice thrice a day, seven days a week.
  14. I like doing sports. My favorite sports are Table Tennis, volleyball (that’s probably because of my height), badminton, and cricket.
  15. I don’t know swimming. And that’s something I have always wanted to learn. Most of my cousins know it, my brother, my dad, my uncles, everyone knows it, but I don’t :-(. I don’t even know how my brother learnt it but he did and I still don’t know how to swim. But I’ll learn swimming, this is something I really want to do…
  16. I have recently been very confused with what I want to do with my life. I think I want to study and get a PhD. Or maybe not. Or maybe not now but a little later. Or maybe I’d just let this idea go. Not sure really.
  17. I am really trying very hard to control my anger. This is something I don’t have control over, and something that really puts me in bad situations at times.
  18. I love kids. I love their observations and how they learn. I love the way they know how to play with things one could never imagine playing with. I just love kids.
  19. And amazingly enough, kids somehow love me too. Or at least I think they love me :-).
  20. I have a weak memory. And an even weaker short term memory :-(. Not that I forget things every 15 minutes, but still, it isn’t too good. And people close to me know this very well :-).
  21. I think I’m a bit sensitive as well. I can easily get hurt. Maybe that’s because I easily trust people. I believe in people and in what they say.
  22. Ohh and that makes it another point about me, I trust people very easily :-).
  23. I forgive people easily as well. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe this is in attempt to get rid of my anger that I do it, but I do.
  24. I want to do something big in life. I want to be remembered. Maybe through my writings (maybe one day I’ll write something worth remembering :-)), or maybe through my nature, or I don’t know through what, but I want to be remembered.
  25. I want to learn different languages. Don’t want to be perfect at each language, but just want to be able to understand the basics… Currently I’m TRYING to learn sindhi :-).

Well, this didn’t take much time. Actually it did take time, as I had to go and take a class after I had only written the first 15 points. But at least, this didn’t require much thinking :-). Almost everyone I know is tagged. So it can’t be 25 tags but I’ll tag the following.

Electrifying Pakistan

Think Success

Writing For life

Floating Thoughts

Shifting Paradigms

Thank you Huda for tagging me for this post.

25 Responses to “25 Random points about me”

  1. nadia said

    Nice list, Harris. And congratulations: you are a perfectly normal guy 😀

  2. salam
    thanks Brother for tagging me…
    M busy in my midz now a days….would soon post….
    Remember me in your prays…..
    Regrads Hasan Raza

  3. @Nadia: Which of the points above saved me from being abnormal? :-P. And I spell my name with a single ‘r’ 😦 🙂

    @Hassan: It feels great to know someone else is busy in studies as well :-P. Best of luck for your exams dude. My exams are just a week away as well, so pray for me too. Take care

  4. nadia said

    Oops, I’m sorry. But I’ll make sure to spell it with a single “r” next time 🙂

  5. @Nadia: hehe, no problemos… 🙂

  6. Huda said

    Hahaha, it’s alright, the reasons above were valid, I suppose. 😀
    And you just reminded me of sweets. 😐 Especially Shahi tukray. Good God, where do I go now? 😦 And oh you want to get a PhD too? Join the club. 😉

    And see it didn’t take a lot of time. 😀
    This was a fun read. You like doing tags? I’ll tag you more often then. 😛

  7. PD said

    Ditto to 25 – i really want to learn new languages too.:)

  8. brocasarea said

    i love children too…thts the reason i want to a paediatrician!!:))

  9. captureuniverse said

    WEll well…. Haris you are quiet sensitive person with emotions and passions …. Overall you seem trustworthy and loyal… but my sincere advice for you….
    Don’t come closer to the people to the extent that you may come to know each and every point about them…. that hurts afterwards, also don’t trust alot as when trust breaks, splinters remain till end of life…

    Have a beautiful life ahead… 🙂

  10. @Huda: So you’re in for PhD too? And I didn’t say I like doing tags :-P, just that I like writing… but also that I’m usually short of time 😀

    @PD: Welcome to Amar Bail. I hope you continue reading.

    @Brocasarea: Want to be? I thought you already were??

    @CU: So I have my analysis right away as well :-). Thank you so very much for your wonderful wishes CU, and I agree that when trust breaks, the remains stay there for your entire life, but as they say “If you trust someone, trust him till the end, because that way, either you’ll have a great friend, or a great lesson” :-). Thank you again for your kind words. I’ll have to request you to please continue reading my blog and to continue giving such nice comments hehe :-P.

  11. captureuniverse said


    thanks for accepting my comments humbly… so another analysis about you… you don’t only raise point but you can listen too… 🙂

    yes either we have great friend or great lesson but that great lesson would be achieved at the cost of our dead trust for the rest of our life.. 🙂

    observe another point too… don’t try to read and come closer to people to the extent so you might read them through their eyes, it hurts in future badly… 🙂

  12. Umer Toor said

    How sweet! Simply…

  13. Asad Ali said

    God…So much resemblance…strange bro… winter, sight seeing,trusts, friends,trust …Books… same here… collected a lot.. and collecting ..had many yet to read…

    Thanks for tagging me… will do as soon as possible however I fear it would be almost same…
    Thank you for your continuous visits & comments on my blog…

  14. Samah said

    I so want a library of my own too lol!
    Enjoyed reading the post! 🙂

  15. @CU: Thanx again :-). And about reading through eyes, don’t you think thats the essence of having understanding between two people. I mean the point where the need of words ends and the message still gets across… I’d love to have such an understanding with at least a few people ;).

    @Umer Toor: I hope there weren’t any hidden words here hehe :-). Thank you so very much brother… Do keep visiting my blog.

    @Asad: You’re welcome brother. Actually I think we boys don’t have much to write about. We can’t possibly like makeups and jewelery and loads of clothing and shopping and what not, so our random points about us also aren’t too random haha. What say? 😛

    @Samah: I sometimes visualize a room having nicely organized shelves that have great collections of both Urdu and English titles :-). At least it feels good :-P. I hope you have a library of your own too one day Insha-Allah, and I hope I get to maintain one as well Insha-Allah. Thanx a lot!

  16. captureuniverse said


    WEll…yes its the edge of understanding but try to avaoid making such understanding cause if the person you are trusting might hit back you, you will never be able to trust anyone anymore throughout life… 🙂

  17. @CU: I’d only trust the person who I’d be sure won’t hit me back :-). I once read the perfect description of trust. It is to give someone the ability to destroy you completely, but at the same time being confident that he wont… If I trust someone, I’d give that person the complete ability to destroy me, I’d give that person everything, I’d trust him with everything, and I’d be confident that that person WILL NOT destroy me…

    And besides, we get hit several times in life. But we don’t stop living living, life goes on in every case. So even if I get hit by someone, although it won’t be someone I trust, but if in case I get hit by someone, I’d only take it as a lesson and move on…

  18. Samah said

    Yeah, I share that same ‘vision’ too lol. I have two bookshelves full of different kinds of books, mostly fiction.. and I guess I’ll fancy it as my own little library. :p

  19. captureuniverse said

    @Haris 🙂

    so you are ready to accept every hard and thorn in trusting someone, in simple way ready to take risk @ cost of your own trust… well what I believe we should take risks in life but not the ones which could break us completely. 🙂
    Physically broken is another thing but hurt soul can’t survive with the emotional fits as normal as its body is…. 🙂
    Don’t give the authority to anyone to break you from inside, you wont be able to survive or you will but with dead heart and soul. 🙂

  20. @Samah: My bookshelf only has my course books on it, something that I’d get completely rid of when I start building my library hahaha…

    @CU: Again, as I said earlier, I’d only trust the person who I’d be sure won’t hit me back. I won’t trust everyone, but IF I decide to trust someone, I’d go to the end in trusting that person. I think, you have to have a few people around you that you need to trust. Thats what I called psychological hideouts in my previous post. You find hideouts in someone, may that be your parents, your best buddies, or your spouse… So I’d say, you wont be able to survive if you don’t trust anyone, although I think you’re correct as well that if trust is broken, you have a dead heart and soul in that case too (you have a great lesson as I said earlier). We have to make a choice here, and I’d go in favor of trusting people…

  21. Ali Adnan said

    @ Haris and CU :

    forgive my eavesdropping 😛 … are u sure u guys are still talking abt trust ? 😛 .. bcz the characteristics described are more leaning towards love … but I may be wrong 🙂

    @Haris: . great comment # 17 jiger.. it could very well be a separate post… i am going to use it in my FB status .. not asking .. just telling 😉

  22. @Ali Adnan: It might very well be leaning towards love, but there is trust when there is love, and there is love when there is trust. Again, to express this love or trust, you have to have a special person to share this feeling with, may it be your parents, your siblings, friends, or spouse…

    And thanx for mentioning my name in your FB status :-). Na kertay tou mainay kya ker lena tha 😀

  23. captureuniverse said


    WEll well bro then go ahead, cause once planned never look back but do remember never to regret upon any of ur decision whether result comes out in favor or against; always stand by ur decision and accept the reality… Good luck 🙂

    @Ali Adnan..

    well somehow u r right and haris too, when there is love trust is mandatory and when there is trust u fall in love, either its love of parents siblings or life partner… 🙂

  24. @CU: Trust is the name of my game, and I hope I wont have to look back Insha-Allah :-). Thank you so very much for all your nice comments on all of my posts. I hope you continue reading my blog…

  25. jia arshad said

    first of all ASSALAM O ALIKUM!!!!pleased to knw dat we hav many similarities …..except rasmalai!!i have it if sum1 asks me to wid luv but i just hate it n sory 4 dat:)….n making of ur own library is a very great idea!infact its a brilliant idea!!!:)so it wil be easy 4 me to borrow books 4rm u instead of searching them here n there(if u will allow):)….i have memery problem too n sumtimes dis thing irritates alot !!!!!!!!

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