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Ethics and Business

Posted by Haris Gulzar on November 2, 2009

A lot many times when deciding about something, we only consider aspects that favor us, and overlook many things deliberately. Or maybe not deliberately, but the we tend to think only in one direction, one that we want to happen, one that we have already made up our mind about. Sometimes we do realize other aspects to things as well but somehow we try and justify the reason we have for what we think.

Recently I have been involved in doing a research about opening up a breakfast house where one of the potential target market is those students who bunk their classes and look for places where friends could sit and have something to eat and pass time. I mean we have been thinking about ways to market this breakfast house to these students. This is to say that we have been thinking about how to promote bunking classes :-P. And because this is a big market, specially for a breakfast house, there are all justifications in this world to market our product to these students. Is it an issue relating ethics?

Even if we dont discuss marketing this place to the college and university students, places like these definitely attract the young generation itself. The word spreads quickly, and even without us marketing the breakfast house, it probably would be known at least in the surroundings. A place like a breakfast house is definitely a good idea but is it ethical if any such place attracts people to skip their classes and come to these places? Is there any solution to this problem (if it really is a problem)?


10 Responses to “Ethics and Business”

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  2. brocasarea said

    yeah it is!….coz bunking and wasting money is done by some one else and u r just doing a bussiness…not forcing anyone!!

  3. Ali Adnan said

    it depends on ur marketing .. if us specifically advertise e.g. “You have bunked a class or wana just hang out with friends and are thinking about where to go ?? well we have just the right place for you … “Haris Danay wala’s Breakfast House” !! blah blah (agay apni khanay ki jhooti tareefain) shuru kar do ”

    😛 hai na fit advertisment 😀

  4. well it all depends on how you plan to do things. A window may be a source of fresh air but at same time it can also help listen to Athan. All depends on your “Niyyat”. I think you are doing a business. If you don’t intend to do business on this basis its Good. But if its based on this that to provide a hotspot for bunkers then i think so its a bad idea.

  5. mariyas said

    I tagged you.

    7 overrated things according to you 🙂

  6. Full Moon said

    I was looking forward to read the tag 😐


  7. @Brocasarea: So you think it is ok to come up with a place that attracts students to bunk their classes? I agree it is business, but doesn’t it violate ethics?

    @Ali Adnan: tujhay MBA kerna chahiye tha… itna acha Ad, I mean ITNA ACHA AD… 😛

    @Hassan Raza: You’re right probably. But I know before hand that one of my target areas is the school/college bunkers, doesn’t it ethically require me to at least take my outlet at a place where there aren’t any schools/colleges. Or at least dis allow students who have bunked classes… Why make them my potential customers?

    @Mariyas: Thank you so very much for tagging me. I’d love to do it but you’ll have to wait for some time as I already have another tag in line 🙂

    @Huda: I’ll do that tag soon Insha-Allah. In fact, it’ll be sooner than soon :-). Just hold on to my blog tightly 🙂

  8. brocasarea said

    no dude!!….ethics and such things vary person to person..ifu think its wrong dont do it!!:)

  9. Samah said

    Yes, it is unethical. I am absolutely loving the idea though. 😉

  10. @Brocasarea: Thats where the problem is for me. I “think” it is business but at the same time I “think” there is an ethical issue. So I “think” I’m not too sure 🙂

    @Samah: haha, so do I tell the capitalist that we have our first customer?? 😛

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