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Overconfidence about being confident

Posted by Haris Gulzar on October 30, 2009

How do you define confidence? And then, where do you draw the line between confidence and over confidence? Can a person feel over confident about ones own self. Can I misunderstand my own self? Can I be confident about something that actually makes me over confident about it? Defining confidence and overconfidence in general might be easy, but I find it extremely difficult to define it for ones own self…

Our lives are always busy. Almost always we have each minute of our time scheduled. We make plans, although bearing in mind that these plans are subject to change. Sometimes we change our plans ourselves, and sometimes the plans get changed because of things that are out of our control. One of the reasons we change our plans is when we take on new challenges, new assignments, new tasks that we THINK we can easily do, keeping in view our existing responsibilities. This is where confidence (or overconfidence?) comes in. Our thinking that we can do it, decides if we’re being confident or overconfident.

If I talk about myself, I do not plan long term. Although I do have plans for both short and long term but there is always room for improvement, and I guess I have a bit more room for changes than others probably have. . I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I tend to accept challenges as they come, rather than making up my mind well before about what things I’d work on and what things I won’t work on. And I have experienced, that however much burden and workload I take on myself, somehow or the other, the work gets done Alhamdulillah. This is to say that whenever I get an opportunity to take up a challenge or a new and exciting task, I try taking it up, without thinking if I’d even be able to do it or not. I don’t know if this is confidence or overconfidence. All I know is that I’d put in efforts to the best of my capabilities.

Most of the times, and this has especially been the case in my student life, I take up on several optional voluntary tasks, some of them requiring lots and lots of time, and end up running late on the compulsory tasks. This obviously results in waking up and working at nights and at times finding workarounds to the issues, not solving problems from their core. But as I said, everything gets done somehow. But should we actually be going for getting things done SOMEHOW, and at times compromising on the quality of work? Or should we try taking up less tasks and not push ourselves to the limits, and focus on and make the tasks result in perfection? Is it overconfidence to be confident about being able to do something?


5 Responses to “Overconfidence about being confident”

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  2. No.. it’s not overconfidence to be confident about being able to do something.. if you think you can do something then you most probably can do it. We steal ourselves away from things we know we can’t do.. and that may not be true.. we may think we can’t do a task, but we might be very good at it.. you can’t know for sure until you try, now can you? But what i think is, no matter how many tasks you take upon yourself always be sure to have time for yourself, time you can spend with friends and family, time you can spend with yourself.. at least with that you’ll not get too exhausted… that’s just what i think..

  3. @Intricate: You’re right. We can’t be sure until we try, but should we try everything? Managing time is one of the most difficult of tasks. Deciding if I’d have enough time after taking up a task is difficult, although you’re right that we must be sure to give our loved ones enough time…

  4. jia arshad said

    dis is defintly overconfidence n besides i think overestimating sumthing is overconfidence..

  5. jia arshad said

    sory i frgot to write”not” in my sentence b4 overconfidence….a word cn change whole meaning of the world:)

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