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Kids are kids

Posted by Haris Gulzar on October 19, 2009

I went to my relatives place this Sunday and was forced to play a game with the son of my cousin. His name is Hisan and he is just above six years old. Hisan forced me to sit with him and play this game, the name of which I have forgotten. Both of us had 5 lives initially, and had weapons before start of game. The weapons included a Star, A shield, Fire, and some Mini bombs. He was kind enough to give me the first turn.

I didn’t really know what to do, so I chose the shield. I was trying to be safe (I thought a shield was safe enough). But Hisan chose a shield as well, and we both died. Well, somehow, a shield for a shield kills both warriors :-). So I lost one life and Hisan lost one life. I then thought to ask Hisan to choose the weapon. I was trying to be smart again :-P. Hisan chose the shield this time again and I chose the star. I died again, and Hisan survived. Well, only Hisan got to explain the logic and decide who wins. His logic was that the light of my star fell on his shield and reflected back and hit me and killed me. I was 2 down…

I dont exactly remember but I think I chose the shield again. I was trying to be defensive. Hisan chose fire this time, and as was expected, I lost again. Well, my shield melt this time because it was made of plastic. His fire destroyed my shield. This smart kid learnt a lesson from the first time he lost his life, that whatever happens, just force the opponent die :-). I was 3 down now. Next he had his turn to choose the weapon and he chose the mini bombs. Before this, I didn’t even understand what this weapon was. The way he was pronouncing it only made the mini thing audible but the bomb part wasn’t. I chose Fire. I thought I should be aggressive as well. But obviously, I died again. Reason, Hisan had LOTS of mini bombs, and my fire only had limited life. Think of being a genius…

Some similar combination of weapons made me loose my 5th life as well. I don’t exactly remember the choice we both made this time, but his logic was accurate as always and he defeated me with reason. So he only lost 1 life, that too when he couldn’t probably come up with a good enough reason to only make me die, and I lost all of my 5 lives. But…

I won the game! I lost more lives so I won. My score was 5, and Hisan’s score was 1 :-P. And believe me, he didn’t have any answer to this logic :-P. He kept on explaining to me that the one who loses more lives cannot win, but he kept on agreeing that 5 is more than 1, so he finally agreed to allow me to lift the trophy :-P.


24 Responses to “Kids are kids”

  1. siras said

    Awww!! Cuteness!! Poor kiddie, must be thinking how he lost the game even though he kept winning all the rounds. 😛

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  3. Rambler said

    The first thing I read in the morning and it cracked me up 🙂 I am laughing my heads off right now 😀

    The kid was really amazing with his reasoning!

    Btw your score should be score and his 4 considering you two started with 5 and deducting 1 for each life lost! Give the kid his deserving trophy 😛

  4. Mx said

    Hehe..cute kid!

  5. this is called ”innocence”
    i read somewhere that every child is a KIng as per his own perception..he has his own cabnit,own rules and own novel ways of implementing them,,

  6. nadia said

    You cheated in the end! tauba, tauba. Give the child the trophy he rightfully deserves 🙂

  7. Hahahaha, that was so funny:D

    Although it amaze me as to how kids are so smart these days, MashaAllah…

    My son is six too and to think, he can even google :S

    I ddint know what google or search engine was nutil I was.. 21? and away from family so would use the internet to contact them.. MSN initially only, or email..

    And yes, nadia is right, you cheated, hehehe

  8. @Siras: I could see the confusion on his face when he realized he had lost 🙂

    @Rambler: Good to see you after a long time (or did I miss something). Had Hisan given this argument, I would have definitely agreed to have lost 🙂

    @Mx: He sure is, and Welcome to Amar Bail. I hope you keep visiting.

    @Heavenly-Muse: I was impressed with the on-the-go reasoning he was coming up with to make me lose each round. These kids definitely think hard (Y).

    @Nadia: I didn’t cheat :$ :-P. He should be aware of all the tricks of the game. This was a lesson for him 😀

    @Alhamdolillah: You’re right, Kids are smart these days Masha-Allah. Muneeba was I think not even 4 (don’t remember exactly) when she even knew how to change the mobile tone… And now she can even use the camera and she takes such excellent pictures, still and focused… And believe you me, I just loved the expressions Hisan gave me when I proved him that he had actually lost. I would have cheated twice to see those expressions again :-)… Its fun to be with kids…

  9. zain said

    cute kids…..they often try to learn….we should be careful when kids are with us…..becuse they idealize us and follow us
    kiss the boy from my side

  10. Raaji said

    They are the joy to our lives. What would we be without these little angels 🙂

  11. Huda said

    You’re tagged! 😛

  12. @Zain: Well this time I got to learn a lot from him :-). But you’re right. Children have very sharp observation and they remember things so we should always be careful.
    What side is yours? :-P. I might not go to my cousins place for some time now but Insha-Allah whenever I go, I will 🙂

    @Raaji: So true. In fact, they refill our lives with life…

    @Huda: Thats so nice of you, but you’ll have to wait for a couple of days… (and I hope you know what a couple of days mean in blogging terminology :-P)

  13. 😀
    smart kid Mashallah……. i must say…. kids always have their own rules and own world to live and play… better be a part of it and enjoy their world’s dimensions as well…

    but in the last u cheat…so give back trophy to little angel…… 😀

  14. @Captureuniverse: Its such a great world where you get to see how children observe and think… And why would it be cheating when the little angel agreed himself to give me the trophy :-P. OK, I’ll return it back to him for his logics 🙂

  15. Ali Adnan said

    haha 😀 .. haris rondi-baaz 😛 …. very nice post jiger … tu to full fledge blogger banta ja raha hai 🙂 .. keep it up !

  16. mariyas said

    poor Hisan.. You are such a cheater. I laughed so much while reading this.
    Am bad at all these games too..

    But i mush say he’s a smart kid the way he came up with all those explainations Mashallah 🙂

  17. @Mariyas: I so did not cheat :-P. Hisan definitely is a smart kid Masha-Allah. Welcome to Amar Bail, and I hope you continue visiting and commenting.

  18. Ayesha said

    That’s so cute! 🙂

  19. @Ayesha: :-). You really have to experience it first hand to appreciate the cuteness even more…

  20. mariyas said

    You did cheat with that little boy..Cheater 😛

  21. @Mariyas: 🙂

  22. Sabahat said

    😀 😀

    Thank you for refreshing my mood 😀

  23. @Sabahat: You’re making me recall my old writings and refresh my mood as well 🙂

  24. jia arshad said

    cutie pie!!kids r so lively n innocent n while looking at them i feel so life in myselve….. in my opinion kids r definitly better than us or me in many ways:)sumtimes they make us smile wen we r in our saddest mode…….

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