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Muneeba turns 6 today

Posted by Haris Gulzar on October 10, 2009

Muneeba turns 6 today Masha-Allah. Although I am just too busy with my exams, but this post was due because of Muneeba. May allah give her a long and a helthy life Insha-Allah. Abdullah also had his birthday on the 7th of October. He turned 2 years old Masha-Allah.

I have two more exams to go, Need your prayers everyone. I hope I havent lost my readers because of staying out of touch with my blog :-(. Insha-Allah I’d be back, and with a lot of content as well :-). Take care!


20 Responses to “Muneeba turns 6 today”

  1. Masha Allah 🙂
    No you haven’t lost your reader(s)! May Allah grant you success, may you top in your exams. Aameeen.

  2. Full Moon said

    No, you haven’t lost your readers. 🙂

    And best of luck for your exams! 😀

  3. brocasarea said

    good luck bro:)

  4. […] This cup of tea was served by: Amar Bail […]

  5. nadia said

    Happy birthday to both Muneeba and Abdullah. May Allah bless them to lead a healthy, happy and pious life.

    And may you succeed in all your exams.

  6. zain said

    best of luck for the exams……
    happy birth day for muniba…….

  7. Asad Ali said

    All the best for your exams.. & prayers for Muneeba…@ Abdullah!

  8. Mishall said

    Happy belated birthday N Loads of good wishes [Innsha-AllAh] 🙂

  9. Mashallah….Allah may always shower his blessings upon them……….Ameen 🙂

    N good luck for ur exams…….

  10. MashaAllah, my Allah bless her with a long and wonderful and happy life, ameen.

    P.S you havent lost any readers…

  11. Thank you so very much all of you for your wishes and for staying in touch with my blog. Do keep reading.

  12. Ayesha said

    Happy belated birthdays to kids! 🙂

  13. @Ayesha: Thankyou so very much 🙂

  14. Sabahat said

    Happy way too belated birthday to both of the sweetie-pies 😀

    P.S. Yayyyyyy! They both share my zodiac 😀

  15. @Sabahat: Thank you so very much. And that means Ahmed (youngest of my brother’s son) probably also shares the Zodiac sign with you. His birthday is later in October…

  16. Sabahat said

    WOW. Libra Family 😀 . . no doubt that these kids are so cute and lovely 😀 😛

  17. @Sabahat: If it wasn’t for these kids, I wouldn’t have agreed on Libra’s being cute and lovely 😛

  18. Sabahat said

    LOL. There is a KID in every person 😛

  19. @Sabahat: LOL. Very well justified (Y) 😛

  20. well whoever still writes blogs or even reads them i am the 6 year old muneeba but i am actually 14 now

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