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Dignity comes with money?

Posted by Haris Gulzar on September 23, 2009

Quiet some time back, I witnessed something very strange and also thought to blog about it but then couldn’t get enough time and later forgot to write on it. Today I read a post that made recall what I had experienced. This post really moved me, although it also made me realize that what I experienced called an action from me as well, but I remained silent back then. I was at fault, and was amongst those who promote such discrimination because I kept silent :-(.

I was dining out with friends at a nearby restaurant. This restaurant was a low profile student restaurant that mostly targets the hostelites and boarders. The waiters were mostly pathans and the restaurant itself was also run by a pathan (or should I be saying this? Is this discrimination?). Two elderly ladies came to ask for some food or some monetary help so that they could have some food. Two men, who were sitting just a couple of tables away from us, called the waiter and asked him to give these ladies whatever they wanted to eat and bill these two men. The ladies were obliged. They told the waiter whatever from the menu they decided to have, and the waiter left to bring their order.

When the waiter returned, these ladies had taken a table and were waiting for their food. The waiter very rudely asked both of them to vacate the table and sit on the footpath so that other customers could be given that table. This was shocking for me. Or maybe not because I didn’t do anything in defense of those elderly woman. They had to vacate the table and had to sit on the footpath to eat their meal. Did the waiter get this authority to make a couple of elderly ladies vacate a table only because he knew they weren’t paying for their meals? Weren’t these ladies the customers of the restaurant when the restaurant was getting paid for what they were serving?

Dignity comes with money is it? I totally agree with the writer of the post above that social experiments within Pakistan should be held so that we know where we stand.


26 Responses to “Dignity comes with money?”

  1. Huda said

    WOW. 😦

    I am speechless! 😐

  2. nadia said

    So sad.

  3. It’s a truth either hard or not but DIGNITY COMES WITH MONEY…

  4. @Huda: 😦

    @Nadia: It sure is sad. A pure example of discrimination.

    @Captureuniverse: Why do you say that? You mean one can buy dignity? Will that really be dignity that one can show off?

  5. Wow.
    I actually can’t believe that. How can someone do such a thing?

  6. @Haris…..

    I was only repeating your words…. so true you wrote about the fact which we use to come across daily but never raise the question against, never try to stop one to degrade other…..never ask any to not underestimate the self respect of any…do not weigh one’s respect with money…..
    WE NEVER PRACTICE….WHY???????????

  7. @[[[ X SMILEY X ]]]: First of all, you have a difficult name :-). Suggest a nickname that I can use instead of copy pasting your name to refer you :-P. And yeah such a thing did happen. The ladies weren’t only customers for the restaurants (the restaurant staff hadn’t studied customer relationship), but were also too aged to be treated that way. And I witnessed it myself.

    @CU: Sorry for misunderstanding you earlier. You’re right. We never practice this. We come across this practice almost daily, one person degrading the other, but we just ignore the happenings as if we just don’t belong to this world. How involved we have become in our own matters that we don’t even care for own brothers and sisters in religion… And besides, I was a party to this, I saw this happening and didn’t raise my voice, so I shouldn’t probably be asking others too 😦

  8. Ayesha said

    That is truly disgusting and I hate such attitude too much but the reality is that it happens everywhere 😐

    Money does bring dignity. You know materialism rules but I’ve noticed one more thing that in certain cases a customer is not treated well even if he/she is paying well for the services.

  9. siras said

    Yukh! I’m disgusted!!! 😐

  10. brocasarea said

    may be its work pressure which makes them do such things..but truth is people do see money as a prestige and respect them according to it…

  11. @Ayesha: You’re right, it happens everywhere, we notice it happening, but still don’t do anything :-(. And about the customer not being treated well, thats something that lacks on the part of the service provider, what needs attention is the discrimination that takes place…

    @Siras: 😦

    @Brocasarea: Yeah but why doesn’t work pressure come into action for those who are paying themselves for their meals. Why only for those who cannot afford?

  12. nice indeed….

  13. discrimination has overwhelmed our society…

  14. What pathetic attitude :O We need to give importance to everyone regardless of what they own. *sigh*

  15. @Heavenlu-Muse: Welcome to Amar Bail. I thought it was heavenly-muse but both of your comments show a ‘u’ instead of a ‘y’ in heavenly (if thats what it is supposed to be). You’re right, discrimination has overwhelmed our society and we really need to take note of it…

    @Closed Eyes: Exactly, we witness this discrimination almost every day but dont speak up for it 😦

  16. salamz
    thanks for ur warm welcome,,,,,i myself amazed how”u”transformed in ”y”…over here,,,,:-)

  17. @Heavenly-Muse: So it IS Heavenly and not heavenlu :-). Heavenlu wasn’t making any sense but then I thought you always can have a unique blog name so I shouldn’t be judging myself :-). And I hope you keep visiting my blog…

  18. ShaDoW said

    Nice to see that at least someone pointed out some of our society’s attitude towards middle class and poor people.
    This is not just that waiter, one can easily find countless examples of such discriminating behavior of our society.
    We need to learn alot. We right now has fallen much below as human beings, its a shame to say that we are all muslims.

  19. Mishall said

    Hmmm this is something that’s extremly unfortunate that it actually take place anywhere, N what’s even more sad part is that such people then call them muslims. Though this is not the first time, I’ve read N heard such incidents before as well N even if I don’t get to see much of it happening over here but yes have seen this happening in Pakistan hmmm, find it always disgustin – Readin this Literally made my heart weep hmmm – but thanks for sharing. God mercy on us all, we really need it.

  20. @ShaDoW: You’re right that we need to learn a lot. We do find countless examples everyday but just don’t notice and don’t try to take lesson :-(. Our religion teaches us equality, but we’ve taken ourselves so far from this basic principle and have prioritized wealth and status over humanity. This is sad but true :-(.

    Mishall: Its good to know that it doesn’t happen much at the place you live. At least there are people who know what humanity is and how is respect given. Ameen to your prayers. May Allah guide us all to Sirat-e-Mustaqeem. Ameen

  21. @Haris…hope you would be in good health… waiting for commendable writing from your side… 🙂

  22. @Captureuniverse: Thank you for your concern. I am fine Alhamdulillah, just that Im not getting enough time to write anything. Will definitely write on something soon Insha-Allah.

  23. zain said

    that was so sad na. but what it is?. dont you think its a social resistance against begging. may be they are needy or may be they are professional or may be the cafe waiters knew that they were professional beggars. dont you think that just your evidence is not enough for getting a result from an apparently bad incident. i think before we reach at a result. we should know the back ground of those girlz or should ask the cafe management why they did this.

  24. masood said

    Hmm..I partly agree with the subject. Islam prohibits begging until unless it’s an extreme situation. Money can buy a dignity but for a stipulated period. The waiter was rude and he is definitely thinking about dignity.

  25. masood said

    Ohh sorry…your subject itself is a question 🙂

  26. @Zain: You’re probably right that one incident isnt enough to reach at conclusions, but this very incidence at least raised some questions in my mind. Even if those ladies (and they were elderly ladies, not girls) were habitual or did this on regular basis, the waiters are no one to decide if they should be respected or not. The restaurant was being paid for the bill, the ladies deserved to be treated like other customers. And I wont say it was social resistance against begging, otherwise the people paying for the bill would have said something. The waiters dont stand anywhere to misbehave based on their knowledge (if they have any). Thats just what I think…

    @Masood: Yeah the title was actually targeted at what the waiter was thinking. It is a question in the sense that was the waiter misbehaving only because the bill was being paid by someone else and not the ladies themselves? But you got it right, The waiter was probably thinking about dignity in terms of money 😦

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