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A needy single mom

Posted by Haris Gulzar on September 11, 2009

As salaamu alaykum

Hope everyone is having a blessed Ramadan. Im blogging today about a needy sister with six children in the NJ community in the USA. Her husband has been of no help to the family and hasn’t been paying the rent, so the family is being evicted and she must be out by the end of the month. Also her car was stolen a few months ago so she has to lug her kids around in the summer heat everywhere she goes. She’s applying for jobs but she’ll still have to pay a babysitter to watch her kids. Times are REALLY hard for her. She teaches free tafseer classes at the masjid. She takes the bus miles away for her kids to memorize Quran in a different town and then takes the bus back to another town for them to get Islamic studies. She is dedicated to educating them no matter the cost. Five years ago she lost her son in a tragic house fire and still gets nightmares from it. But nevertheless she is some one who smiles through all her hardships and tests masha’allah. A sister and a friend who I know personally living in her area is raising money for her.

The Halfdate sadaqah promotion site is helping raising funds but they will stop if they do not reach the required amount. Please donate and remember that ANY amount would do! Even if it be1$! Please help spread the word through blogs, emails, word of mouth etc. Yes, I know there are many needy people out there but now that you already know of this sister’s plight, why not give it some consideration? It is even more great if one helps as many people as possible especially in this holy month since our good deeds are multiplied and insha’allah our sadaqah will be our shade on the Youm al Qiyaamah during the intense heat. Even as many people as possible just give in 1$ it will be a lot of amount insha’allah.

Click Here to find the ‘chip in’ donation feature on the Half date site. Scroll down the page and you’ll see ‘A Needy Single Mom’. Last but not the least please make Dua for her as well!


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4 Responses to “A needy single mom”

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  2. HalfDate said

    assalam alaikum

    The goal has achieved.

    There is another request, one family has an eviction notice. If you want to post details, please email us.

  3. nadia said

    SubhanAllah, the goal has been achieved for this sister!

  4. Alhamdulillah

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