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Back to where I was…

Posted by Haris Gulzar on September 1, 2009

And it happened again. I so wanted to write about many things. I wanted to write about how I had started missing everyone at home while still being with them, just because of the feeling of having to leave them. I wanted to write how I knew I’d be missed and how I loved this feeling. I wanted to write about the 3.5 months I spent with my family in Lahore, and about how it felt to leave them all again and come to Karachi. But I couldn’t. I was busy. As I mentioned in my previous post, my Grandfather had an operation which went fine Alhamdulillah. He is recovering with the grace of Allah.

My flight was exactly when my grandfather was due to have his operation. Though I met him before leaving but he didn’t recognize me. Besides, he was sleepy as well. I wanted to specifically go and meet my grandparents before I left, which I did but the occasion became somewhat unexpected :-(. I wanted to meet my other relatives, which I again did, but at the hospital rather than their homes. I wanted Muneeba (my niece, for those who don’t know) to see me off at the airport but I had to pack up and leave very early from home because I was to go to the airport directly from the hospital, and hence Muneeba couldn’t have come along.

I wanted to write a post from Lahore before I left, but that was not to be the case. Anyways, Here I am now, sitting in my room at the hostel. Classes have started and I think I’ll be busy yet again :-(. As one of my very best friends mentioned, when we were discussing how time flies, that another 100 days have gone by. I hope my time here at Karachi, away from family, flies by as fast as my vacations did. I hope I stay in touch with my blog, and with all other blogs that I try to read regularly. I hope my grandfather gets well very soon Insha-Allah, and I hope that everything stays good back at home Insha-Allah…


9 Responses to “Back to where I was…”

  1. zain said

    Hopefully you will get all your wishes fulfill.

  2. Nikki said

    OOh m so happy to know about ur Grandfather. Allah makes him all fit and healthy very soon inshAllah 🙂
    As for this distance and then studies, its just a phase ull be out from it as soon as you Graduate 😀 then it will be back home and family 🙂

  3. Huda said

    Everyone will be back to studies!

    These vacations went by so FAST! 😦 I don`t want it to end! I only have a week left, then my Uni starts too

  4. @Zain: Insha-Allah 🙂

    @Nikki: Thank you so very much for your wishes for my grandfather. I can’t thank you more really. Jazakallah. He’ll be fine and healthy soon Insha-Allah

    As for the studies, only Allah knows if it will be back home after studies or not. May Allah choose what is better for me Insha-Allah, and may he make me satisfied with whatever is better for me. Ameen. Thank you again for your comment.

    @Huda: Best of luck with your university 🙂

  5. This being “busy” is what we call life, else we would be a blob of flesh…

    may Allah give you the strength to do your duties well. Ameen.

  6. siras said

    InshaAllah everything will go well 🙂

  7. @Alhamdolillah: True! Being busy gives a feeling of life. Jazakallah for your prayers. Ameen

    @Siras: Insha-Allah. Thank you for your wishes.

  8. Miss U and Inshallah U will be back having done your Masters

  9. @My big brother: Thank you so very much bhayya. Your comment made me read this post again and cry while reading it… Insha-Allah I will be back. Take care of everyone there and keep in touch.

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