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Blogspot vs WordPress

Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 28, 2009

I have recently been thinking to switch my blog from WordPress to Blogspot. When I created my blog, I didn’t know of many blog hosting services. One of my friends told me about WordPress and I created my account there. As I posted entries on my blog, I started to understand all the features that WordPress had and started feeling comfortable using WordPress. But then I came to know about Blogspot as well, and I got a blog address with my name on Blogspot. That made me curious enough to find out the differences between Blogspot and WordPress.

One of the major difference that I found out was that WordPress gives a statistics page from where the blog owner can exactly know the number of page views each day. It also tells which site referred people to our blog, and which post got the most traffic. Ever since I started using WordPress, this stats page was something I spent most of my time on, looking every now and then if my blog got more traffic or not 😛

Another difference that I see between these two services is that of the availability of themes. WordPress gives more options of themes to choose for your blog, where as Blogspot has less options. You cannot be frequently tired from the layout of your blog if you have it on Blogspot. But on the other hand, Blogspot allows editing of themes whereas WordPress doesn’t. So here I’m not sure who takes the lead.

WordPress has another great feature, that of “My Comments”. I think this is one of the best feature they have, because you can so easily trace out if there have been any replies to your comments. Blogspot doesnt have this feature. Besides, Blogspot doesn’t even allow static pages which WordPress does, so we can treat WordPress as our website but Blogspot has to be a blog. And Blogspot allows less image storage as well, and WordPress also allows uploading pdf’s and docs.

Up till now, I guess it has been WordPress taking the lead. But what makes me think about switching my bog from WordPress to Blogspot. The primary reason is Google Adsense :-). WordPress doesn’t allow third party code that can generate Ads, but Blogspot (being a Google service) does. And I think it is not bad to have tiny Ads at the bottom of the page just sitting there quietly and generating revenue for you without even letting anyone know.

Having said all this, I’m still confused if I should really switch :-(. I so like WordPress now and feel so comfortable using it, but Blogspot has its own advantages (or maybe just one advantage). Lets see what I decide 🙂


28 Responses to “Blogspot vs WordPress”

  1. Nikki said

    Go Blogspot, Go Blogspot, Go Blogspot!!!

    hahahahahahaha 😛

  2. LOL 😛

  3. Nabeel said

    I have a geek bro, who create my blog on wordpress software but I have my own domain which helps me to do whatever I like even google adsense. well think once again…

  4. andyandpeggy said

    I am in the process of migrating away from Blogspot(Blogger)to WordPress. Blogger is easy, but too restrictive with the look and format of their blogs. So far I like the look and feel of WordPress and the freedom to choose and customize many different themes. I liken Blogger to a entry level Blog service while WordPress is a professional “grown up” service.

  5. nadia said

    I’m a wordpresser all the way 😀

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  7. Huda said

    It’s not only you who’s thinking about this, I’ve been thinking to switch for quite sometime now!

    But my friend switched from Blogspot to WordPress, she said it’s better. I do agree that Blogspot has nice and fancy themes but like you said not a lot of them, that could a problem later on.

    I’d say stay on wordpress. 😀


  8. jman said

    ok am i the only one who sees the ease of use of google accounts as a plus point. Seriously though, i dont want another username and password to enter. Do i have too many already? oh yes!.

    I just want to click on it and away i go and now that ive sold my soul to google (google provides me with my email, calender, online office suite, mobile android…if only the rest of my life was made by google….hmmmm) anyway sure i like themes..more so than probably anyone. But i would not switch because of that. Blogger is just there under the “web” and “blogger” tabs. I dont have to bring my hands (fingers) to the keyboard!….

    Sorry rant over. In short. i will stay with blogger for the forseeable future!

  9. @Nabeel: Welcome to Amar Bail. Yeah obviously your own domain is the best option but right now I’m not willing to spend money, rather I was thinking about making some :-P… Do keep visiting

    @Andyandpeggy: You’re right. Overall I guess WordPress is better, but again, each service has its own advantages and disadvantages :-). And Welcome to Amar Bail.

    @Nadia: hehe. Did you choose it out of different options or did you only know about this when you created your blog? Thats probably what’ll decide if you’re a wordpresser ALL the way :-).

    @Huda: So you’re confused as well? :-P. Well I might think to run both blogs simultaneously. I’m not sure if I’d be able to manage both at the same time but lets see. Still not sure what to do…

    @Jman: Dude! I’m probably a bigger fan of google than you are :-P. Google reader, Picasa, Google talk, Chrome, and much more besides what you mentioned. But blogspot alone doesnt offer much as compared to wordpress… Anyways, as I said, I might decide to run both blogs 🙂

  10. Raheel said

    Does adsense really benefit pakistanis?

  11. @Raheel: I think it does. We can probably get the amount transfered to our bank or smth, but Im not sure about the details. One of my friends has Adsense on his website and I think its working for him…

  12. said


    Blogspot has really.. icky themes IMO. Too fancy and gaudy.

  13. Nabeel said

    Adsense surely works but you need to be consistent in writing. I know many around me using adsense, some are earning more than Rs. 500K and some are not even earning 5K. So it all comes to traffic you have on your website.

  14. masood said

    Interesting!!! am the wordpresser btw:)

  15. Ash said

    well i am in the same run buddy for quiet long time and yet unable to decide that either to stick with worpderss or go for blogspot:D

  16. Asad Ali said

    WordPress is best…however if you wanna go for generating sum bucks from ads..get a blog with self hosting..use wordpress on it…will be better..for more info go to

  17. @Qa: I sort of agree…

    @Nabeel: Thats write. The primary purpose is not making money (or maybe it is), but it definitely is at least the secondary purpose :-). And obviously it depends on how much traffic our site can generate…

    @Masood: Actually I think, WordPress makes you stick with it. I thought about switching but somehow I cannot convince myself enough to really take the decision :-). So for now, I am a wordpresser as well. Or I might think about maintaining 2 blogs 🙂

    @Ash: Difficult decision it is 🙂

    @Asad: Yeah, but I wasn’t willing to spend money (but am definitely willing to earn some :-P)

  18. warungkopi said

    good info . I always wait for new article of you 😀

  19. siras said

    Hah, though I’m a blogspot user, wordpress is definitely better. 🙂

  20. @Warungkopi: Thank you :-). Welcome to Amar Bail

    @Siras: Thats strange to see a blogspot user praising wordpress 🙂

  21. Asad Ali said

    Rokra…tou kharach kerna parhay ga na bahi…Muftay mein tou ads nahi milein gay:)

  22. Zain Shaikh said

    why not to use both the services together.
    use wordpress because you like its features,
    and start a blogspot blog for adsense. 😉

  23. @Asad Ali: Phir kya faida, kharcha zada ho jaye ga aur jaib main kuch nahi jaye ga, and waisay bhi i think ads ka sirf chaska hai, milna milaana kuch nahi hai 😛

    @Zain Shaikh: Thats what Im now thinking. To start a blogspot blog and continue with wordpress as well :-). What is now left is to categorize what posts will go on blogspot, and what will come on wordpress 🙂

  24. good luck with blogspot and adsense. 😀

  25. @Zain: Thank you 🙂

  26. sitgesng said

    I think blogspot not bad.

  27. @Sitgesng: Blogspot is for beginners. I’d say WordPress is better…

  28. holly said

    Well, What did you go with?I am thinking too!

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