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Busy was I

Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 24, 2009

I missed my blog. I missed all the blogs that I regularly read. I missed surfing and wasting time over the internet. I missed chatting with friends. I missed checking my emails. I missed my laptop. I think I wrote my last post on the 11th of this month. I remember thinking about writing a post on Independence day of Pakistan but didn’t get time for that. I dint get time for anything. I think I was busy, or was I?

Sometimes you’re busy and don’t get time to do tasks that you usually do. Sometimes this busyness is physical and sometimes it is mental. Talking about myself, in these past days that I have been out of touch from my blog, sometimes I was way too busy to even think about writing something, and sometimes I had ample time to write even 2 posts. But I was still busy. Sometimes I was busy physically, and sometimes I was busy mentally. It was a mix of everything.

I had lots and lots of topics to write about. Things I observed, things I thought needed some attention, things I have been going through etc. I so wanted to write at least something, even if not what I felt or what I wanted to say, but just anything, but again, I was probably busy. Many a times I started thinking about the title and the contents of my post, the way I’d go about structuring my sentences and the words I’d use to express myself, but I’d end up without time to write whatever there was in my mind.

Sometimes it happens that you write because you don’t have anything else to do. That’s when you don’t actually want to write, but you do. Sometimes you really really want to write, maybe just to let out your feelings and emotions, but you don’t. Sometimes you have so much to say, so much to tell, so much to share and get comments and feedback about, but you can’t.

Sometimes totally the opposite happens. You have all the time in this world to come up with whatever you want to write, to structure it, to recheck it and what not, but you aren’t the mood to write. That’s when you aren’t actually busy, but you still are busy. You’re busy mentally. Something inside your mind causes enough tension and burden on you that even after wanting to write, you can’t write.

And frankly speaking, I have no idea whatsoever about whatever I’ve written so far. Today I’m writing because I so want to write. I so want to express myself, though I don’t think I’m expressing myself, but at least I’m writing. Today I just don’t care if I’m physically busy or mentally busy, or both or none, I just want to write. I want to update my blog. I want to give time to other blogs that I read. I want to spend time with my laptop. I want to waste time over the internet…


23 Responses to “Busy was I”

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  2. Asad Ali said

    Welcome back…..
    seems that you are still busy:)

  3. Assalamoalaikum,

    I think that happens to everyone from time to time, doesnt it?

    it was a thoughtful yet funy post.

    thoughtful because how we KNOW things, e,g you keep on saying wasting time on internet, you mean you know its wastage of time, yet you so wnt to do it. It ahppens not to this but a lot of those things in lfe we know are wrong yet we do. Some are ok some do not suit our lifestyles but because its ok for others, we think its ok for others.

    And funny because it was plainly funny 😀

    Welcome back 🙂

  4. Full Moon said

    Wow! Look who’s back! Welcome back 😉

    I was actually wondering the other day that where’d you disappear all of a sudden :P. And I know what you mean 😦 happens once in a while.

  5. Jafar said

    واپسی مبارک جی۔۔۔ میں تو سمجھا تھا کہ شاید کسی ”ضروری“ کام میں‌الجھ گئے ہوں گے جو بندہ اس عمر میں اکثر ”الجھ“ جاتا ہے!

  6. hahahaha!! @Jaffar 😀

  7. brocasarea said

    it happens…blogstipation…!!!

  8. siras said

    This kind of mental business is so absolutely exhausting isn’t it.

    And seriously I thought you got lost somewhere. 😛

  9. zain said

    welcome back mashriqi larky! 🙂

  10. @Asad: Yeah, I still am busy and I really don’t know where to extract time from :-(…

    @Alhamdolillah: Not sure if it happens to everyone, but to me it is happening very often now :-(.
    And yeah, at least I waste a lot of time on the internet but so like doing it :-). Thank you for your comment.

    @Full Moon: I’m trying to be back… Thank you for your comment.

    @Jafar: جناب ہماری ایسی قسمت کہاں۔ ۔ ۔ آپکی دعائیں چاہئیں

    @Brocasarea: LOL @ Blogstipation :-).

    @Siras: It sure is exhausting…

    @Zain: Thanx buddy 🙂

  11. Intricate said

    It happens with everyone, I guess. At least it happens with me. Sometimes when I am very busy I get so many ideas of what to write, and even start structuring the post in my mind. But when I am free enough to actually write the post, I either find the idea absurd or I am just not in the mood of writing.
    And I guess the best way out of this Writer’s block (or whatever it is) is to write something completely irrelevant, just for the sake of writing, just for the sake of the sheer joy of writing. 🙂

  12. hmm…you wasted time if you think…it brought good results…sometime its necessitate to be freed of anything casual. Brain works faster then before…. 🙂

  13. said

    Breaks are always good; let it be mental or physical.

  14. @Intricate: Thats exactly what I went through. And the reason I came up with this post was just for the sheer joy of writing :-). Thank you for your comment.

    @Captureuniverse: yeah true. Sometimes you just want to be yourself. Welcome to Amar Bail. Do keep visiting.

    @Qa: Wanted breaks are good, unwanted breaks probably create a sense of missing something you so love doing…

  15. Amar Bail….. can u ellaborate it a bit…?
    spend sometime with ur ownself, when the light will start coming out, u’ll definatly feel a darastic change….

  16. it is a good thing you wanna write 🙂
    not always we wanna but sometimes we gotta!

    like in my profession 😀

    so whazzup with you???
    besides the come back 🙂

    Click here to go to my 13 Essence of Libra.

    13 goodness about me.


    Click here to go to 13 Negatives about me.

  17. Samah said

    Glad to see you back!

    Suffering from almost the same things you have mentioned. Haven’t blogged anything since a while, neither intend to in the coming few days. It has got something to do with unclogging of mind. So don’t worry, it happens to everyone.:)

  18. @Captureuniverse: Amar Bail is an Urdu term. Amar means eternal and Bail means ivy. So it sort of means an eternal plant. It obviously cannot be eternal but it just means that Insha-Allah I’ll try and work on it to see it grow. When I was searching for names for my blog, one of my best friends suggested this name and I so liked it :-). Amar Bail is also an Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed… So thats a bit of background.

    And yeah you’re right. Spending time with one’s self is so important. You get to know yourself much better. I have never been able to appreciate loneliness to the extent it should be appreciated, although we, including myself, never like to be alone… Anyways, thank you so very much for your comment. Do keep visiting Amar Bail.

    @AD: Are you a technical writer or something. Because I see you are managing SO MANY blogs, and that too so well, and I so love your writings, specially the ones you write at I will touch a life today :-).

    Besides coming back, I think I’ll be going back :-). University starting again so I’m not sure if I’d be able to keep up with blogging. I’ll definitely check out the links you mentioned. Thanx for your comment.

    @Samah: Ohh I hope you get out of this writers bock soon Insha-Allah. Yeah I think it happens with everyone but don’t you feel so not-yourself when you dont do something that has become part of you? And thank you for your comment. I hope you at least continue reading other blogs even if you dont write yourself.

  19. Nikki said

    I can only say that I am in the exact same situation for the past many months. I too want to sit and write and express and talk and discuss but I simply cant manage to, I have so many words, sentences all piled up perfectly in my head hut I’m still unable to write.Gosh I have to get over this thing really badly 😦

  20. @Nikki: Your situation seems a bit critical :-). You know what is the best way out of it. Just write something. just Something. It doesn’t have to be what you want to discuss or express, just something to get you started. Thats what I did 🙂

  21. Sabahat said

    lol. . I feel like you can read my mind 😀

  22. @Sabahat: :-). Are you a writer yourself? It feels great to have a permanent reader and appreciator but I’d love to read any of your writings as well…

  23. Sabahat said

    🙂 Yes I do write but I’m not as good as you and many others when it comes to express through WORDS 😦

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