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Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 9, 2009

Sometime back I was sitting with a couple of my friends who are both regular smokers. They’re always careful enough not to smoke in front of their parents or any elder, not because they’ll be caught smoking (everyone knows they smoke), but because they show respect to their elders. They think it looks bad if someone sees them smoking. Similarly, when they’re done smoking, they either have some sweet or some tulsi or similar sort of thing to make sure there mouths aren’t smelling bad.

That day, one of them started eating tulsi while smoking and the other one warned him not to eat tulsi during smoking because it is one of the biggest causes of mouth cancer. I was shocked. I mean it was good to know that one smoker was showing care for another smoker but don’t they know that smoking is the biggest reason for lung cancer. When I asked them if he was only warning the other person from mouth cancer or from lung cancer, both of them could only laugh :-(.

Click to view sourceI once read a quotation that said “Anyone can quit smoking, but it takes a real man to face the cancer”. Whenever I say this to any smoker, he only laughs, knowing that what they do is wrong, but they probably have no control left with them over quitting smoking. Smoking is an addiction I can understand, but what I don’t understand is, why do people start smoking? Why do they take this first step? Why do they challenge themselves, knowing that this will lead them to various diseases, the dangerous of all being lung cancer, still, they challenge themselves. What thrill is there in smoking? What motivates someone to such an extent that they starts smoking?


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  2. Nikki said

    thats exactly what I think of it too. hat is the thing that makes them start smoking in the first place. A few of answered this by saying its a state of fashion, some of them said it takes them to another planet where their brain starts functioning and everything gets lighter, some said we get away from tension by smoking(which is total NONSENSE)….I too dont get WHY they do all this…

  3. aliadnan said

    yaar tu nay kabhi nakaam muhabbat ki ho to pata lagay tujhe 😛


    just trying to say that some times guys start smoking in the gham of “so-called” muhabbat

  4. @Nikki: I TOTALLY DISAGREE with the reasons you mentioned here, but you’re right, thats exactly what they come up with. Afsos they don’t realize what they’re loosing 😦

    @Ali: Yeah probably, but what I dont understand is, agar aik muhabbat nakaam ho gayi hai, tou doosri kerlo, teesri karlo, why smoke?? 😛

    And by the way, you talking about “muhabbat”… ehem ehem…khair tou hai?? 😛

  5. AD said

    smoking kills me!

  6. @AD: Seeing someone smoke?

  7. auby said

    The biggest danger of smoking is.. not only the smoker harms himself but he also affects people around him while he smoke. I have also heard that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking, not sure about its authenticity though. 🙂

  8. @Auby: It shouldn’t be more dangerous, that’d be unfair :-). But yeah passive smoking is dangerous too…

  9. siras said

    Ah, reading about smoking makes me mad and sad at the same time, why would people be so mad as to harm themselves deliberately

  10. Raaji said

    Smoking is an addiction. People cant “reason” with it, just like any other type of addiction. It requires treatment– too bad our society doesnt even recognize it as ‘addiction’ or illness. sigh.

  11. Komal Ali said

    All the reason are just bull. Everything is possible and just a bit of patience could help in quitting smoking. I have seen people quit it! (:

  12. Komal Ali said


  13. Jafar said

    کچھ نہیں‌ہوتا جی سگریٹ پینے سے
    منیر نیازی روزانہ تین ڈبیاں پی جاتے تھے
    اسی سال کی عمر تک بالکل ٹھیک ٹھاک رہے
    بندے کو سگریٹ نہیں‌ مارتا، ٹینشن مارتی ہے
    ڈپریس ہوکر دودھ بھی پئیں‌گے تو آپ کو زہر کی طرح اثر کرے گا
    اتنی سی بات ہے بس۔۔۔

  14. Asad Ali said

    @ Jafar – Hahahahaha….
    Khabardar Tambaco Noshi muzhir-e- Sehat hay …..
    @ Haris..Bahi mat darayoo yaar…………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. brocasarea said

    reason behind addicion is the neurological dependance they have due to change in neurotransmitters!…it has nothing to do with willpower[atleast to some extent]…

    p.s-et us not worry abt this!!;)

  16. @Siras: Only reading abt it makes u mad? Probably people have lots of reasons and they justify themselves (obviously wrongly though) as well…

    @Raaji: Our society does recognize it as addiction. But this being an addiction, they dont have control over it :-(.

    @Komal: True. It requires will and patience, but people wrongly justify themselves and continue smoking. They can only stop it if they agree that they’re wrong in their justification…

    @Jafar: جناب ڈپریشن میں کوئی دودھ پئے تب نا، یہی تو مسئلہ ہے کہ سب ڈپریشن میں سگریٹ پیتے ہیں، اور پھر قصور وار ٹھراتے ہیں ڈپریشن کو۔ اور دوسری بات یہ کہ کئی لوگ جو سگریٹ نہیں پیتے بیچارے جوانی میں ہی وفات پا جاتے ہیں کسی نہ کسی وجہ سے، اسکا مطلب یہ تو نہیں کہ اگر وہ سگریٹ پیتے تو بچ جاتے۔ ۔ ۔ اسی طرح منیر نیازی صاحب کی مثال غلط ہے ۔ ۔ ۔

    @Asad: yaar ye dranay ki nahin samjhanay ki koshish hai :-). Video buhat behtar tareeqay se samjhati hai is maslay ko :-).

    @Brocasarea: Yaar who knows about neurological dependence and neurotransmitters :-P, all I know is, smoking kills 😀

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