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Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 6, 2009

A couple of days back I went to the MAKRO cash and carry centre where I experienced aunty-ism at its best. Yeah that’s right. I was accompanying my brother’s family and I had control of the trolley. It was Sunday I guess, and was around evening time so the place was crowded. Almost all the checkout counters were full except one where there was an aunty putting the things she bought on the counter. I stood behind her waiting for my turn. Naturally, I kept some distance from the aunty in front of me.

Hardly a couple of minutes would have passed when another aunty swiftly brought her trolley and stood right between me and the aunty in front of me. She didn’t even look at me let aside asking me if she could take my place. I think I did mention that I can’t easily control my anger. My brother was looking at me as if he’d just eat me the very next second. He said “Why can’t you be careful’” and I was like, What can I do, she’s an AUNTY after all :-(. Me being a Mashraqi larka, couldn’t think of anything, and she just stood there as if she didn’t do anything. That was when I said:

Me: Excuse me.

Aunty: Yes.

Me: I was standing in line before you.

Aunty: Is that a line you’re standing in?

Me: I was keeping some distance because of the aunty in front of me.

Aunty: OK no problem.

Me: So…. will you please move?

Aunty: You can take your turn, I’m just standing here.

I don’t really know what she meant with this. She probably wanted me to push her out of the line and take control of my turn, because otherwise she wasn’t willing to move. That was when my Bhabi took control of things and moved our trolley right next to the aunty in front of us, who by now was almost done with checking out…

Aunty-ism isn’t it? :-P.

30 Responses to “Aunty-ism…”

  1. Closed eyes said

    Haha! That’s funny. I always have such encounters with aunties and that leave me pissed!

    Btw, it’s bitter truth. I had to delete my previous blog for some reason.

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  3. Aunty-ism is a phase in life with which even uncles go through, I tell you!

  4. Rambler said

    lol…poor u :P. I had such a good laugh over it 🙂

    And your bhabi did the right thing. Good going (Y)

  5. Asad Ali said

    🙂 Lolz…

  6. zain said

    lol.That is big bug with “aunti Qoooooom”. we the “masraqi boys” always loose due to our respect and shyness for aunties.

  7. brocasarea said

    hehe…u mean to say another aunty settled the issue?

  8. Nabeel said

    I love your story, its really funny

  9. said


    Happens with me all the time. I just go quiet because… if I start fuming my anger out, the whole store would probably kick me out.


  10. siras said

    LOL! Aunty-ism at its best, definitely 😀

  11. Salman Latif said

    And they say we don’t accord rights to women – man look at that! 😀

  12. Pure example of “Aunty Freedom” consequences… And soon “Aunty Terrorism Squad” …. ohh God help poor men..

  13. Forsaker said

    lol that was funny! =D

  14. zain said

    Hassan! don’t terror the people.otherwise they have to call the rescue 1122 and elite too.

  15. @Closed Eyes: LOL :-P. Aunties are always like that.

    @Raheel: Thats one reality of life, we all have to learn to live with it :-).

    @Rambler: 😛

    @Asad: :-).

    @Zain: You’re so right. I have had many bad experiences with aunties while driving as well, but Ahhh, we’re mashraqi boys 😛

    @Brocasarea: Lol :-P. That was the best reply wasn’t it. Aunty for an aunty :-D.

    @Nabeel: 🙂 Welcome to Amar Bail

    @Qa: Strange. I thought you were an aunty your self (or a to-be aunty :-P). Why would an aunty do that to you :-). But as I said, I guess aunties are always like that. They just don’t care.

    @Siras: So you agree with this? :-). I thought you’d take Aunty’s side 😛

    @Salman Latif: Yeah true. And what do we get in return… Thats so unfair isn’t it 🙂

    @Hassan: Lol @ aunty terrorism squad 😛 😛

    @Forsaker: Seems funny when you read it, but believe me you’d want to go mad if it happens with you 😛

  16. Jafar said

    آنٹیوں کی مخالفت میں اتنا آگے نہ بڑھیں
    کہ پھر پچھتانا پڑے!
    آخر کسی دن کوئی آنٹی آپ کو اپنی دختر نیک اختر کے لئے دیکھنے آئیں گی
    اور اگر انہیں آپ کے خیالات کا پتہ چل گیا
    تو آپ کے ارمانوں کی کلیاں پھول بننے سے پہلے ہی مرجھا جائیں گی
    ہیں جی!

  17. @jafar: جناب میرا اختلاف صرف اور صرف آنٹیوں سے ہے، انکی دختر نیک اختر سے کسی بات پہ کوئی اختلاف نہیں ہے۔ بلکہ میں تو نہ صرف تمام آنٹیوں کی بلکہ انکی دختر اور بہت ہی نیک اختر کی بھی بہت عزّت کرتا ہوں۔ ۔ ۔ میرا یقین کریں

  18. Nikki said

    She stopped coz u were a guy and a thought struck her mind ke agr yeh mjh pr jhapat para tu 😛 means sort of a hand fight coz u never know aj kal ke dunya bare kharab hai and only a Woman can tackle another Woman 😛

  19. Oh my! We never have experiences like that here! It made my jaw drop and made me smile at the same time when she said, “Oh, is that a line you’re standing in?” Wow 😀

  20. nadia said

    LOL 😀

    I love your Bhabi! I wish I could be like her one day.

  21. @Nikki: Lol :-P. I would never have talked to her so gently (though I was very much angry) if I were in any mood of a hand fight. And a hand fight with an aunty…NO WAY!!! 😛

    @Digital Nomad: She was probably trying to make things simple, as if she didn’t do anything and it was all her right to come and make the line from wherever she wanted to :-(. THESE AUNTIESSSSS :@

    @Nadia: :-). Good that my Bhabi was there, otherwise everyone at that store would have hated me like anything 😛

  22. Full Moon said

    This was indeed very funny. And oh it does happen here a lot with me 😉

    Aunties all the way! 😛

  23. @Huda: As I said earlier, It seems funny now, but it was a very serious situation at that time :-P. It makes me laugh myself when I recall the incident but at that time, I was like, wth… 😛

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  25. its funny ive read ur posts buddy u r very keen to write about aunties but i ve never eprienced such an account…

  26. @Imtiaz: Nah Im not keen to write about aunties. This is my only post on this topic I guess :-P. And I can guarantee you’ll recall this post if ever you experience such an incident 🙂

  27. д§mд said

    I hope lessons learnt for future 🙂

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  29. Sabahat said

    LOL 😀 I hate such aunties!

  30. @Asma: Ohh definitely. Most important lesson: Aunties can only be tackled by aunties 😛

    @Sabahat: I don’t know but I really hated THAT VERY aunty at that moment 😛

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