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Posted by Haris Gulzar on August 4, 2009

So, here comes the post that I, and probably a few of my readers have been waiting for. The post about the blogs I like :-). But before I proceed, I think I should give credit to Jman from where the title of my post iRead was inspired, which now becomes the inspiration for the title of this post. Thank you Jman :-).

As I mentioned earlier, I have been subscribing to a lot many blogs lately, and do also try to go through them. Most of the blogs I have subscribed to are just so wonderful that I really wait for my reader application to show some unread items from those blogs (After all, that’s why I subscribed to them :-P), but as a matter of fact, I cannot mention that many blogs here, and another matter of fact is, that some blogs are actually better than others (in my opinion), though again, others are not bad as well 🙂 (I just don’t know how to say that all the blogs are good, you get my point don’t you? :-P).

So, I’m mentioning the top three blogs in this post. Its not that there is a top 10 list or something, but these blogs, I think, are one step ahead. The list is as follows (in no particular order):

حالِ  دل:  This is an Urdu blog. The thing I like about this blog is, the posts are interesting, they have variety i.e. the author can write on just about every topic (that’s the idea I have about the writer), may it be the recipe of rasmalayi, or the way Mr. X President used to talk or about his personal experiences and observations. The style through which the author communicates to his readers is just fantastic.

Opening Hira’s Life: I just like this blog. I probably have many reasons for liking this blog but don’t have words to explain. The way feelings and emotions are expressed in each and every post, and the way the deepest of thoughts one can ever have are brought to surface is what I probably like about it. Another important reason for me to like this bog is, that I really get to learn from this blog, A LOT…

There is a life I will touch today: This blog is just so motivating and inspiring… Each and every post (almost, other than the Question of the day :-P) touches some aspect of life and explains how it should be dealt with. And the author probably has just too much free time. She supposedly has I-dont-know-how-many-blogs because fortunately (or otherwise) I have subscribed to many of yet-to-be-discovered blogs by this author. Every other item that my reader application says is unread, is by the author of this blog. I initially used to think that most of the blogs I have subscribed to are just so active, but later found out that, I was right… :-P. Because most of the blogs were by the author of this blog. (sorry for all this exaggeration :-P).

Now lets talk business. When am I getting my commission for publicity of the above blogs?

11 Responses to “iLike…”

  1. siras said

    Seher, the author of There is a life I will touch today is just awesome in all ways, so well her blog just had to be in the awesome list! 😀

  2. Asad Ali said

    🙂 Bro you should have told me earlier about the “Commission” ..I might have a good offer for my blog’s promotion..but alas..!:(

  3. Jafar said

    یہ تو کوئی اچھی بات نہیں ہے جی۔۔۔
    آپ نے جو الزامات مجھ پر لگائے ہیں، میں ان سے انکار کرتا ہوں 😀
    میرے یار تو مجھے کہتے ہیں کہ تیرا بلاگ اس کائنات کا سب سے بکواس بلاگ ہے!
    جہاں تک کمیشن کا سوال ہے، جیسا میں لکھتا ہوں لازما کبھی نہ کبھی پکڑا جاؤں گا تو ایسا کریں گے کہ قید آدھی آدھی کاٹ لیں گے۔۔۔
    عزت افزائی کا بہت شکریہ
    من آنم کہ من دانم

  4. @Siras: Her writings are definitely too good. Very motivational and inspiring (Y).

    @Asad: You can always come up with your best offer :-P. My blog will always welcome you haha 😀

    @Jafar: اگر آپ کے یار آپکے بلاگ کو بکواس کہتے ہیں، تو ٹھیک ہی کہتے ہونگے، میں کون ہوتا ہوں انہیں غلط کہنے والا۔ اور جہاں تک بات ہے قید کی، تو اگر آپ پکڑے گئے تو لگے ہاتھوں میں بھی کمیشن کی عدم ادائیگی کا پرچہ کٹا دونگا ہا ہا ہا۔ ۔ ۔

  5. Asad Ali said

    Dear… its too late now…jo hona tha wo to ho gaya…

  6. AD said

    and here i have the right to remain speechless!

    it is just the blog and that is it 🙂
    the purpose was to serves us all, including me cuz i go down hill a lotta times and that is when i go back to this blog and see what i m doin is all wrong 🙂

    i m glad that you find it inspirational.
    but this particular blog owes its recognition to all my inspiration from here there everywhere 🙂

  7. @Asad: LOL :-P. Its never late brother. Give it a try 😉

    @AD: Well, the way you write, and the topics you write on, I really find it an inspirational blog. Keep up the good work.

  8. Asad Ali said

    …….Well…aham aham….will c…:)

  9. […] very brilliant blogger himself, for considering my blog among the top three blogs in his view here. He described my blog as: “I just like this blog. I probably have many reasons for liking […]

  10. I saw this… & I dunno what to say! =)

  11. adesi said

    the particular blog you ve picked to honor doesnt really have all my words 🙂

    the credit goes to the many people who touch my life every day and hence I pass it on!

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