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Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 31, 2009

For the past couple of months, I have been subscribing to almost each and every blog I visit, to a lot of news feeds, Metblogs, quotations, comics, Reader’s Digest jokes and what not. Almost everyday when I sign in to my reader application, I have more than 300 Unread items from which about 200 just get marked as read without even noticing what those items were about. What than remains unread is a few blogs and a couple of more feed items that I enjoy reading.

Most of the blogs I have subscribed to happen to be very very active. A few of those I have subscribed to have multiple authors so mostly there are more than one posts from those blogs, others have at least one. Some bloggers even have three or even four blogs. I really wonder how they manage all of their blogs with the precise accuracy of which post to write for which blog.

The reason I started subscribing to so many feeds was that I thought I’d need some activity to keep me busy throughout my summer vacations. I brought two novels, “The crow eaters” by Bapsi Sidhwa, and “Kartography” by Kamila Shasie. I was also given the novel “Amar Bail” by Umera Ahmed as a gift from one of my friends, and I thought I’d at least finish this novel in my vacations, but as if things go according to what I plan :-(. I did start reading Amar Bail but haven’t even read half of it, and that too was about a month back, so I’d probably have to start reading it again :-(.

I must say that while subscribing to all these blogs I visited, I did come across some very good blogs. Blogs that I really learn a lot from and really look forward to reading more from their authors. I’m also planning to write a post about the blogs I really liked (so those who want their blogs publicized should place their bids asap and the highest bidder will get his/her blog name published at the top :-P).


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Pair of old shoes

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 27, 2009

A young man, a student in one of the universities, was one day taking a walk with a professor, who was commonly called the students’ friend for his kindness to those who waited on his instructions.

As they went along, they saw lying in the path a pair of old shoes, which were supposed to belong to a poor man who was working in a field close by, and who had nearly finished his day’s work…

Student turned to the professor, saying:

“Let us play the man a trick, we will hide his shoes, and hide ourselves behind those bushes, and wait to see his perplexity when he cannot find them …”

“My young friend,” answered the professor, “We should never amuse ourselves at the expense of the poor… But you are rich, and may give yourself a much greater pleasure by means of this poor man. Put a coin in each shoe, and then we will hide ourselves and watch how this affects him..”

The student did so and they both placed themselves behind the bushes close by. The poor man soon finished his work, and came across the field to the path where he had left his coat and shoes…

While putting on his coat he slipped his foot into one of his shoes, but feeling something hard, he stooped down to feel what it was, and found the coin. Astonishment and wonder were seen upon his countenance.

He gazed upon the coin, turned it around and looked at it again and again.
He then looked around him on all sides, but no person was to be seen. He now put the money into his pocket, and proceeded to put on the other shoe; but his surprise was doubled on finding the other coin…

His feelings overcame him…

He fell upon his knees, looked up to heaven and uttered aloud a fervent thanksgiving in which he spoke of his wife, sick and helpless, and his children without bread, whom this timely bounty, from some unknown hand, would save from perishing…

The student stood there deeply affected, and his eyes filled with tears.
“Now,” said the professor, are you not much better pleased than if you had played your intended trick?”

The youth replied, “You have taught me a lesson which I will never forget. .. I feel now the truth of these words, which I never understood before: “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.”

If you want happiness… .For a lifetime – help someone..

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A 100 days!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 26, 2009

My niece usually tells me that she now knows counting even beyond one hundred, and that her fellow students can’t even remember till 100. This number, 100, was something BIG. This for her was the limit of almost everything. The way she expressed her ability to count till 100 was as if counting till this number makes one a learned person. It was as if she could go out and tell each and every person she meets that she can count till 100. This was something to be proud of for her.

When I came to Lahore for my summer vacations, my niece asked me if I’d stay here for a 100 days? She really couldn’t believe it when I said I will. For her, a 100 days felt like eternity. I also felt I was lucky to have gotten a break of almost 3.5 months. The classes at IBA used to start on the 1st of August every year but from my batch onwards, they have shifted the start of classes a further one month, which means the classes would now start from around the 1st of September (this was probably to synchronize the start of classes with other universities across Pakistan). This gave us an extra one month, making our vacations almost a 100 days long.

Now that I realize that more than half of my vacations have already passed and that only one month now remains for me to go back and join my studies, I so want to tell my niece that a 100 days is nothing, that there is nothing BIG about 100, and that the remaining one month would also just fly without us realizing about it…

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The 10 Honest Things About Me

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 24, 2009

Here’s the deal to do the Honest Tag:  tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don’t forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.


Ten Honest Things About Me (in no particular order):

1. I can’t control my anger, however hard I may try. I only realize afterwards that I shouldn’t have been that angry.

2. I hate making quick decisions. I always want to consult someone to ask him if the decision Im about to take is ok or not. Quick decisions is not my game…

3. I love children, and somehow children love me too 🙂

4. I trust people very easily. Or rather I should say, I always want to give people a chance by trusting on them. Though most of the times I have had bad experiences but still, I think it is better for everyone involved in whatever kind of situation, that people trust on each other.

5. I want to be known. I don’t know how, but I just want people to know me…

6. I love rasmalayi. I just love it (rasmalayi is an Urdu word, and I really dont know what its called in English or any other language, and I guess the beauty of this word, as well as the beauty of this dish lies primarily in its name)

7. I have to think very hard to come up with this list. This is the first time Im doing it and am already short of points…

8. And yeah, When I started my MBA, I thought I loved studying and that I’d go for a Law and a Philosophy degree as well, but now that one year of my MBA has passed Alhamdulillah, I think studying is no more my type of thing… Although I still want to have a degree in Law and Philosophy…

9. Sometimes I just want to take everything in my control. Its like I have confidence in myself and I know that if I were doing things that others always do wrong, I would have done it right. But that’s easier said than done 😦

10. I have limited friends, but those I have are just too special. Honestly, I just love my friends…

Thank you Nadia for tagging me. This was difficult but was fun as well. I’ll tag the following (in no particular order):

1. Jafar (His blog seems to have some problem, so I’m tagging Abdul Azeem instead)

2. Huda

3. Momal Mushtaq

4. Sana Altaf

5. Specs

6. Asad Ali

7. The Gori Wife

8. Leena S.

9. Ali Adnan

10. Rambler

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The question!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 21, 2009

A couple of days back, I was walking with my dad when he asked me if I have my wallet and mobile with me. I told him I didn’t have them and suddenly I recalled why did he ask me this question. There are two incidents associated with this question and with we being careful now to have our wallets or mobiles with us if we’re walking.

Incident # 1:

It was the 23rd of November, 2006, 2215 HRS. I was coming out of my University after having a meeting with a few faculty members. My car was the only car parked in the parking and the guard was only waiting for me to pay the parking charges so that he can leave. I was accompanied with three other friends. As soon as we came out in the parking area, I paid the parking charges and the guard left immediately. We discussed the points we had under discussion in the meeting with faculty and soon the other three friends of mine were on their way as well. Their motorcycles were parked inside university. They went inside, brought their bikes out and were gone, that’s when I also unlocked my car, sat inside, closed the door, put the key in the ignition and…

I heard a knock on the window followed by a very loud voice. “Bahar aao, BAHAR AAO” (Come out, COME OUT). The person shouting through the window had a gun pointing towards my head. I opened the door, stepped out and before I could say anything, I saw another person running towards me, and as soon as he reached me, he loaded his gun right in font of my eyes (that’s a scary sight I tell you) and put the gun on my chest. Within less than, or a maximum of 10 seconds, I was deprived of my mobile and my wallet. And let me also mention that the mobile I lost was the one I bought after doing Teaching Assistantships at my university for one complete year. That mobile was worth my life time savings at that time. The knock that I heard that day is still so fresh in my ears that I still get frightened sometimes when someone knocks on a window :-(.

Incident # 2:

My father was walking to the mosque for Isha prayers. The area mosque is hardly 7-8 minutes of walk away from our place. He was almost a 100 meters from the mosque when two young men approached him on a motorcycle and asked him to handover everything to them. Fortunately, he wasn’t carrying his mobile or his wallet with him. Confused, he started running towards the mosque, and the dacoits (they also got confused probably) just flew away Alhamdulillah.

My father has now made it a point to make sure everyone walking with him at the time of Maghrib and/or Isha prayers doesn’t have his mobile or wallet with him. He now doesn’t forget to ask this question…

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Touching hearts!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 20, 2009

Michael Jackson is not between us now, but he definitely touched many hearts. People of all ages listened to and certainly enjoyed his songs, and I stress on “all ages” because I just found out a video that is a great example of this.

On a very serious note, this person in this video clip seems to be recording all of this himself, i.e. he learnt the lyrics, for which he must have gone through the song several times before making up his mind to sing it and also record it. He definitely enjoyed it.

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The five stars!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 17, 2009

I suppose, in Pakistan it is must for a 5 star hotel to have a mosque within its premises. But in a Muslim country, should having a mosque in a hotel be only a formality? Should a mosque only be built in a hotel to get stars? Those who have been to PC Lahore, Avari Lahore or PC Bhurban, they would definitely know what I mean. I have only observed this at these 5 star hotels, and I expect that things won’t be much different in PC’s and Avari’s of other cities of Pakistan.

Recently I happened to visit PC Bhurban. Obviously, it was well lit and there were directions everywhere for health club, swimming pool, restaurants, beauty parlor and what not, but nowhere was there any indication of where the mosque was. I asked the receptionist about the exact location of the mosque but he couldn’t think of any “SIGNIFICANT” place nearby. Actually, the entrance of the mosque wasn’t prominent enough to make any passerby realize that it’s a mosque; one had to be searching for a mosque to get there.

The entrance door was a maximum of 6 feet high. It lead downstairs to the kitchen and employee rooms, along with the ablution place and the mosque. Even the entrance door of the mosque didn’t have it mentioned that it was the mosque, though the ablution place was clearly mentioned. Even after getting done with my ablution I had to ask a guard about where the mosque was (and I was standing right outside the mosque). There was a petrol pump (yeah, PC’s own Petrol pump) there with an electricity generation plant (I guess, because the place was very noisy), and the employees of PC were very frequently visiting that area. That’s where the mosque was. And above all, the thing that strikes the most was, there was a scanner at the main entrance as well as the kitchen entrance, but there was no scanner for the mosque :-O. All entrances to the hotel were secure, but the mosque was specifically left un-scanned, as if it was not part of the hotel.

This situation made me recall the location of the mosques in PC Lahore and Avari Lahore. PC Lahore has quiet a big mosque at the back of the hotel (and I don’t exactly remember but I don’t think there are any directions in the hotel about the exact location of the mosque, correct me if I’m wrong), but Avari has a very small mosque, just being there as a formality.

Shouldn’t mosques be made so widely visible that every passerby knows there is a mosque there? Shouldn’t they be lit like other shops in 5 star hotels? Shouldn’t there at least be directions about where the mosque is? And I didn’t even hear the call for prayers in any loud speaker, maybe there wasn’t any such facility available in a 5 star hotel. Shouldn’t we at least urge the people to come to the mosque by at least putting directions about its locality everywhere, let go calling for prayers in a loud speaker? Shouldn’t the mosque be a “SIGNIFICANT” place itself, instead of refering to it through other “SIGNIFICANT” places nearby? Is it really true that we’re a Muslim country?

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Are we prepared?

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 10, 2009

The following videos are eye openers. They are a lesson for all of us that death comes unannounced. But are we prepared for it? There are ample examples that we can see and observe around us. Examples we should learn from, examples to take heed from and start preparing for the Aakhirah. May Allah guide us all to Sirat-e-Mustaqeem. Ameen

Last Breath – Ahmed Bukhatir – Lyrics (Source)

From those around i hear a cry
an awful soft a hopeless sigh
i hear their footsteps leaving slow & then i know my
a chilly wind begins to blow within my soul from head to toe
& then the last breath escapes my lips
it’s time to leave & join my soul
so it’s true but it’s too late
they said each soul has it’s given date
when it must leave its body’s core
and meet with it’s eternal fate
at last it’s come to
decide which now
do not delay
come on my brothers let us pray
decide which now do not delay
i cannot see my eyes are blind
am i still me?
or has my soul been led astray
and forced to pay a priceless fee?
alas to dust we all return
& shall rejoice while others burn
if only i knew that before the line grew short & came my turn
& now as beneath the soil
they lay me with my record flawed
they cry not knowing that i cried worse
for they go home
i face my God
oh!mark the words that i do say
who know tomorrow could be your day
at last it’s come to
decide which now do not delay
come on my brothers let us pray
decide which now do not delay


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My Best Friend

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 10, 2009

We’ve been writing essays since we were young. That was when we used to write for the sake of it. We wrote because we were told to write. The teacher usually announced to the class to start writing an essay, and everyone would just start writing, without thinking what should actually be written. Whatever we wrote never came from within us. We never knew the meaning of a single word that we wrote ourselves back then. Essays like “A visit to a hill station”, “A rainy day” and the favorite of many of us, “My Best Friend” were the most commonly written essays.

We never knew what the word “friend” meant. A friend for us was someone whom we used to see every day, without realizing how life would be if we didn’t see a friend for even one day. A friend was someone we used to sit in class with, without realizing what it means to be with someone you feel comfortable with. A friend used to be someone we shared our lunch with, without realizing that sharing things with friends can give the best feeling ever. A friend was someone we waved back to while leaving school, where waving back only meant for a maximum of a day. A friend was someone who invited us on to his birthday party; in fact the number of our friends was somewhat directly proportional to the class fellows who invited us on to their birthday parties, but we never realized what emotions can there be behind one single invitation. Back then, we never knew if a friend could be someone we’d want to be with when we’d be all alone in a crowd of a thousand people. We never knew if a friend could be someone we’d share all our problems with, and would love to listen to and try solving all the problems that friend has. We never knew if we could trust a friend with whatever goes on in our lives, if we could care for that person and get care in return. This six character word just didn’t have any meaning back then, but words change meanings don’t they…

Actually, words don’t change meanings. We start giving meanings to words. We define them the way we want to. There was a time when I searched for words that could complete my definition of the word “Friend”, but as if there wasn’t any word that could properly define this word the way I wanted to. That’s when I realized, that a friend is just a friend, and that there are words that do not need help of other words for their definition. I found out that this word doesn’t need any supporting words, that you know it inside you who is your friend and who is not, and that your words lose meaning if you forcefully try giving meaning to your words.

For me, my best friend is only my best friend. I don’t need to satisfy myself and remind myself saying that I trust my best friend, or that I care for my best friend, or that I share everything with my best friend… I just know it inside me that I have a best friend, and this feeling is enough for me to stop analyzing people on the criteria of how others define best friends. I now have my own definition of my best friend, and that definition has no words…

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Innocent times…

Posted by Haris Gulzar on July 8, 2009

I want to go back to the time when “getting high” meant “on a swing”, when “drinking” meant “apple juice”, when “dad” was the only “hero”, when “love” was “mom’s hug”, when “dad’s shoulder” was “the highest place on earth”, when your “worst enemies” were “your siblings”, when the only thing that could “hurt” were “skinned knees”, when the only things “broken” were your “toys”, and when “goodbyes” only meant “till tomorrow”…!!!

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