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The green flag…

Posted by Haris Gulzar on June 24, 2009

Today I got a text message from an x-colleague which I think is good enough to put on my blog.

In all the prevailing anarchy, chaos, instability and bombings, eleven men in green bring home a cup. A cup unexpected, a cup to be welcomed with nothing but tears, countless tears to welcome a good news, finally.

Time for the world to know that we are not just terrorists, dont just blast bombs; we hit sixes, we crash the stumps, we thrash the whole world down, we are the world champions.

The green flag is high. Its not just a cup, its a statement to everyone that PAKISTAN STILL ROCKS!



The above words are as I received them, but I disagree with the words that say “…we are not just terrorists, dont just blast bombs…”. Actually, we do nothing of this sort. We are not terrorists at all. Those doing this are not amongst us, the green flag is not for them…


4 Responses to “The green flag…”

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  2. Intricate said

    Yup, the people who are responsible for the bomb blasts don’t deserve to be called Pakistanis or Muslims. This country was not made for people like them.
    And yes, after a long long time, we have proved to the world that we have gems amongst us, gems who’ll bring nothing but fame for Pakistan. Hopefully, we’ll continue on the path of success and our team would win more titles like these. 🙂

  3. aliadnan said

    I completely agree with you my friend …well said and truly said .. the Green flag is not for them at all

  4. @Intricate: Welcome to Amar Bail. Pakistanis have been constantly proving to the world that we have gems. Our students are the brightest of all, we have the best engineers, best sportsmen (and probably the best politicians :-(). May Allah help us on the path of success. Ameen

    @Ali: Thank you 🙂

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