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Love for this world…

Posted by Haris Gulzar on June 23, 2009

The final of the T20 cricket world cup was due to start at 8:00 PM Pakistan time, and Maghrib prayers are offered at around 8:20 PM (Lahore). When I was going to the Masjid for Maghrib prayers, I sent a text message to a friend to keep me updated about the score. I already knew that Sri-Lanka was batting first so I could afford missing some overs, but still, I asked that friend to keep sending me messages if anything happens. I mean, rather than asking him to stop watching the match and offer prayers, I asked him to watch each and every ball and update me after every over. I’m really not sure if I went to offer my prayers for Allah or just for the sake of offering prayers, as all of my attention was definitely towards the match.

I had turned my mobile to silent mode so that it doesn’t start beeping when I get any message, which I was obviously expecting to receive every 5 minutes. Though its vibration alert was on, hence I didn’t care if I get disturbed with every incoming message, which obviously diverted my attention to the cricket match. And If I got a message in less than an overs time, it definitely meant a wicket had fallen because I knew my friend won’t message me if any six or a four was hit. The Sri-Lankan wickets were falling quickly as well, so you can very well imagine how much I would have heard the Imam and how much would I have felt my mobile vibrating in my jeans. Besides, if by chance the Imam once or twice succeeded in getting my attention, I could only think of the amount of time the Imam was taking in reciting the Surah’s. It starts taking longer in prayers when you aren’t really praying, but then, do we ever actually offer prayers with full attention?

Sri-Lankans managed to put up a competitive score, hence it was definite that the Pakistan innings would be worth watching as well, but it was Isha time when only a few overs of the Pakistan innings were bowled. I wanted to say no when my chacha asked me to accompany him to the masjid, but somehow I couldn’t. So I sent a message to that friend once again. What great friends I have for sure (Y), because he replied positively that time as well. As soon as the prayers ended, I met a cousin who was hurrying out of the masjid inviting me to his place for the match saying we can offer witr after the match ends. He probably didn’t have good friends like I did. I could have managed not going to his place, which happened to be right in the front of the masjid, because I was being updated constantly (hence I offered witr in the same state of mind, with my mobile vibrating every now and then :-().

I just recalled a situation that I went through a few days back and probably many others would have experienced it as well. What if when you bow/prostrate with money in your shirts pocket, say, a note of Rs. 500 or that of Rs. 1000 and it fells off. Worst of all, if it is a four raka’at prayer and the note fell off in the first raka’at, doesn’t it distract us for the rest of our prayers. I guess this situation is a true measure of how much love we have for this world 😦


9 Responses to “Love for this world…”

  1. N.A. said

    A thought-provoking post. May Allah helps us realise the ‘reality’ of this world which is nothing but sheer deception – “Lahv-o la’ab”

  2. […] This cup of tea was served by: Amar Bail […]

  3. […] This cup of tea was served by: Amar Bail […]

  4. nadia said

    Wow, that was very honest of you! But yes, sadly enough, we’re all guilty of putting dunya before deen. May Allah help us overcome this love for the world and bring us closer to Him and Islam.

    Nice post.

  5. Raaji said

    Yeah definitely. very thought provoking. We have time and energy for everything else but namaz… everything else just seems to be way more important.

    on a side note, Congratulations on Pakistan’s victory. I think it is about time we all get something to cheer about 😀

  6. Room No.90 :P said

    A beautiful post, Namaz is the key to success in the biggest reality of this world (life here after), we believe in the fact that namaz will be the first topic to be discussed in grave and one of the most important to be discussed on the day of judgement, but still…………

    Haris, please recall the main theme of Saeed Anwar’s speech (Hostel Visit) and post it, so we can share it with all friends.

  7. @N.A: Welcome to Amar Bail. So true, may Allah help and guide us all to Sirat-e-Mustaqeem.

    @Nadia: Whats more sad is that we do realize this fact (that we put dunya before deen) once every few days (at least) but still do not try changing ourselves :-(.

    @Raaji: Exactly, we have time and energy for just about everything BUT Namaz, which is Farz on all of us.

    @Waqar: You’re right, and as far as I can recall, the main theme of Saeed Anwar’s visit was to ask us to take atleast one basic step towards Allah, and Allah will help us from there on Insha-Allah

    Thank you all for stopping by my blog.

  8. Rambler said

    I can totally relate to your experience with maghrib prayer even though I didn’t have to go to masjid for offering prayers. But eventually I did offer them thinking that my prayers for the team will get answered if I pray on time:)

  9. @Rambler: Welcome to Amar Bail. They did get answered Alhamdulillah 🙂

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