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Glass half full…

Posted by Haris Gulzar on June 19, 2009

Do we ever look at the positive side of anything at all? Why are we so pessimistic always? Why do we start blaming others for our pessimistic assumptions? Why can’t we, for once, see the glass half full?

Pakistan beat South Africa yester-night to enter the Finals of the T20 World Cup. Team SA, who were ranked as the favorites to win this tournament weren’t of a good match to the Pakistan team. But was it really Pakistan’s performance and will power that lead us to the victory? Or was it a fluke? Or was SA not in a mood to win the match? Or was the match fixed?

Strange whenever Pakistan wins the match, no one thinks of the match being fixed, but you get to face one loss, especially if it is against India, everyone comes out so sure and confident that Pakistani players must have taken a hefty amount to handover the match to the opposing team. Is it only Pakistanis thinking this way for their very own team? Does this happen elsewhere as well?

Anyways, what I basically wanted to point out was, I heard many people say today that Younis Khan was full in mood to loose the match, but it was Afridi and Umer Gul who saved us. The reasons these people have are that Younis Khan wasn’t scoring when he came to the creeze for batting, and the run rate fell sharply as soon as Younis Khan came in to bat. Secondly, he gave an over to Fawad Alam at such a crucial time, and in such a pressure match, which clearly depicts that Younis Khan didn’t have good intentions.

How quickly do we run to conclusions. How quickly do we start blaming others for actions and decisions they take at crucial times. Why can’t Younis Khan think good for his team. Why is it wrong to give a new bowler a try. After all, no one from the SA team would have imagined Fawad Alam bowling an over, no one knows how fast or slow, how flighted or flat or on what line and length does this new bowler bowl. Why cant giving the ball to Fawad Alam be part of the strategy towards winning the game.

Good that we won the match Alhamdulillah, otherwise everyone would have definitely said that it was Younis Khan’s idiotic and silly decisions that made Pakistan loose the match. For us, the glass probably always remains half empty…


12 Responses to “Glass half full…”

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  2. […] This cup of tea was served by: Amar Bail […]

  3. Madihah said

    Well i guess its always very easy to blame others and that’s what we like 😦

  4. aliadnan said

    I 200% agree with you my friend. surprisingly abhi bhi awaam khush nahi hai ..

    “Semifinal tay tukkay naal jitt hi gaye nay .. final world cup di tarah haar k ee aan gay ”

    what the hell is wrong with us !!! :@

  5. @Madihah: Exactly! blaming others has probably become our best hobby :S

    @Ali: Who wants to believe there is something wrong with us, everyone would definitely say it is the team at wrong and not us…

  6. Leena S. said

    younis didnt want to lose the game. it was just a pressure situation and he made a few decisions that didnt really give good results. But all’s well that ends well *fingers crossed for the finals*

  7. @Leena S: Welcome to Amar Bail. You’re right, his decisions didn’t give good results, but that doesnt make him a traitor, his intentions werent wrong. As you said, he didnt want to lose the game, but the way many people reacted to his decisions wasn’t the way they should have actually reacted…

  8. Aamir said

    I was passing from here so thought to comment. I guess no one was doubting on Younis khan’s intentions, atleast not me. But giving fawad alam an over in such a critial situation was certainly a wrong decision and I think one should criticise it, not just for the sake of criticising but for Y khan not to repeat this mistake again.
    But yes I agree with the crux of ur post, for most of us, the glass certainly always remains half empty…

  9. @Aamir: Welcome to Amar Bail. I agree with you. It probably was a decision that didn’t turn out good for Pakistan (that over was costly) but again, he didnt give Fawad an over because he wanted to take Pakistan out of the tournament, nor did he have any bad intentions. I guess you got the point of my post, which is that we start blaming others intentions based on our wrong assumptions. The actions or decisions might turn out bad, but what matters is the intention behind that decision.

    Anyways, Thanx for your comment. Do keep checking back 🙂

  10. Room No.90 :P said

    A bit Late to comment, at last v r once again CHAMPIONS, Congratulations to all of you, haris i was getting bore on my internship so thought of reading ur posts, other wise u knw i m a very busy person 😛 without any doubt i must say its a very good effort i enjoyed ur writing and i agree with ur thoughts.

  11. @Waqar (Room No.90 :P): Welcome to Amar Bail. Yeah I very well know how busy you are…ehem ehem :P. Congratulation to you too, winning this world cup sure is an achievement.

  12. Intricate said

    We fail to realize that others are human beings as well, and they, like us, can make wrong decisions under pressure.
    I have always hated this; Pakistanis claiming every lost match as a fixed one. What do we know? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Who are we to say?
    We shouldn’t say such things and have a bad impression on others. If we say that about Pakistan team, others have ever right to do the same.

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