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Logically Illogical!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on April 6, 2009

The other day we had this very interesting discussion in our class about how people become logically illogical, and convince others with their logic as well. Our teacher, whom I’d be referring to as Dr. N in this post, gave us a few examples from his personal experiences that I think are really worth mentioning.

Dr. N mentioned that he was standing at one of the bus stations waiting for the bus. The place seemed quiet and people waiting for the bus didn’t look in any hurry or urgency whatsoever, but this state of affairs wasn’t to last for long. As soon as the bus arrived at the stop, it was such a great rush and everyone was running to get inside the bus. It was as if this bus was the last to come at this stop. Many people could manage to get aboard the bus but a few couldn’t, and that included Dr. N as well. Those who were left behind also included a student. Dr. N, perhaps just for the sake of killing of time, asked that student if it would be better to make a queue and people organizing and behaving them instead of rushing for the bus. That student; who actually seemed irritated by what he was asked, very rudely answered “Uncle! Can’t you see how long would it take for the person standing at the rear end of the queue to get to the bus as opposed to what it takes him now?” This rather straight forward argument momentarily convinced the professor as well.

Dr. N, as he narrates, observed at yet another occasion that a person took a wrong turn on a one way road and started going towards the opposite direction, directly into the oncoming traffic. This act definitely made the traffic slow down. This person going wrong way actually wanted to go to a nearby shop that was at the other side of the road, and wasn’t willing to take the long route, hence went for the wrong direction. When the other motorists stopped and made way for this wrong doer, he thanked one of the drivers who in return welcomed him. Both of them exchanged hand waves indicating no one had any problems with this act. The people on the right track weren’t even disturbed by the fact that there was a person coming in a wrong direction; rather, the wrong doer was welcomed in returned.

At yet another occasion, Dr. N was hit by a car from behind when he was standing (probably on a signal). Both the victim and the culprit got out of their cars and the culprit burst into Dr. N, proving it was Dr. N’s fault. His argument was, why did you stop? The culprit wasn’t even sorry for what he did, and after a short argument, that person left the scene.

Why don’t we admit our mistakes and be sorry for anything wrong we do? Why don’t we at least feel bad about something that is wrong, let alone stopping that wrong? Why don’t we try and organize ourselves, instead of convincing ourselves on the un-organized way things are happening? Why do we become so logically illogical at times, and don’t even realize if we’re the ones at mistake? We probably lack the courage to admit and correct ourselves…


5 Responses to “Logically Illogical!”

  1. Ali Adnan said

    very good post jiger … keep it up 🙂 and about the name its two words so put a space.:)

  2. Raajii said

    yes, I agree. I suppose we all have a problem with ego. I really appreciate the people who can actually accept what is wrong with them or what they are doing wrong. It is hard to do. 🙂

  3. Salamz, it was interesting going through ur blog enteries, what encouraged me to comment is that there are alot of such examples and alot of such suggestions that we deliver time to time in our minds to develop our society,one can write all nite suggesting and criticising, we never try to actually initiate a change within our self, rather we expect that someday something will be just fine God willingly. i would be expecting from you to write about ill-logical & logical measures you have adopted in order to play your part in developing or moving the society around you in a more organised way…… we all seem to be convinced upon “SUB ACHA HAI” at the end……. neways, keep writing 😉

  4. @Ali: Thank you :). Alright I’ll do that. Thanks for the correction (Y).

    @Rajii: You’re right. Accepting your own mistakes is hard to do, but even harder than that is to realize that you’re wrong. We just keep on convincing ourselves that we’re right, and never agree on anything that goes against the way we think.

    @Monib: Walaikum Salam. Welcome to Amar Bail. I can’t agree with you more. It is really very easy to criticize and to suggest improvements, but acting on those suggestions is very difficult. Again, this is probably because we never realize, or we don’t want to realize that we can be at mistake as well, all we see is other people doing wrong things.

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