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A tiring day!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on March 3, 2009

Many of my hostel activities such as washing clothes, cleaning the room etc are scheduled for Tuesdays and/or Fridays, as I only have one class on these days. Today, Tuesday the 3rd of March 2009, was not to be any different. But it was Monday night that I found out from a fellow hostelite that both the washing machines were out of order. I was almost out of clothes as the last time I washed my clothes was the 10-day-back Friday. I couldn’t afford not to wash my clothes today. Although Monday evening set me back a bit when I came to know about the washing machines being out of order, but it wasn’t to turn out that bad today, as one of the Administration members told me that one of the machine was “somewhat working”. This “Somewhat working” term also needs a bit of explanation. The working machine’s drainage system was malfunctioning, and the admin people had put a steel wire inside the machine, replacing the knob that switches between the drainage and the two-way or one-way washing programs, pulling which, you could get the water drained. And by the way, just pulling the steel wire, holding which was an art in itself, was not as easy it seemed, it required a separate scientific knowledge.

I had a good lunch, a one dish Murgh Chanay buffet lunch that I ate up to my capabilities :), probably because I had a slight idea of what was coming. Soon after having lunch, I took the bucket that contained the to-be-washed clothes, grabbed the washing powder and went straight to the laundry area. Washing wasn’t much of a problem because I was mentally prepared for that steel wire pulling mechanism. The dryer, out of the blue and against all odds, and amazing me to the extent it could have, was working perfectly fine. It usually took four or five attempts to start the dryer, but it worked like a charm today. This was some relief, because I have also seen times when I had to manually dry up my clothes because restarting the dryer over and over again, hoping for it to work, took more time than I could manually do the rinsing and drying. Tuesdays and Fridays prove even better for washing purposes because there isn’t much rush for either the washing machine or for the empty ropes on the hostel terrace. The ropes were vacant when I went to the terrace to scatter my clothes. It was a windy and a hot afternoon. The temperature was about 30 degree Celsius, and the wind was blowing at about 21KM/h (According to google weather :P), a good sign for those who just did their washing, for the clothes won’t take long to dry up completely. Soon after I started scattering my clothes, I realized that I was short of clips to hold the clothes on the rope. In fact, I was not short of clips, the clothes were far more than there usually used to be (as I mentioned earlier, I washed my clothes after almost 10 days instead of 7 days :P). I didn’t have any other option but to take the risk of hanging the clothes without the clip in such windy weather.

It was almost 1615HRS, when I returned to my room to start with the room cleaning stuff. I usually do not take the pains of cleaning my room from beneath the bed and from behind my study table, but I don’t know what forced me to move the study table out of its place, move the bed to the other end of the room, and start cleaning from these rarely considered corners as well. It took me at least another 10 minutes in doing so. This dry cleaning was not the end of it, I wet cleaned my room as well (yani ke pocha bhi lagaya, whatever it is called in English :P), and that too twice, to make sure the newly discovered rarely-touched corners don’t get to complain at least in near future. Getting done with room cleaning almost always brings good feelings as the shining tiles give a good look to the room. I was exhausted, totally dehydrated. I washed my hands and drank lots and lots of water, thinking this was the end of the tiring chores, but as if it really mattered what I thought.

A maximum of five minutes would have passed after the water I drank helped me recover from my exhaustion, that Umar (a fellow hostelite) sent me an sms saying “Check if your clothes have fallen off rope, there are some clothes lying there”. Who else could be this unlucky, it had to be me, it was supposed to be me, and it was me :(. A couple of vests and a shirt were lying down. These pieces of clothes now make the contents of the bucket that contains my to-be-washed clothes.

My room is still messed up a lot with books and my lecture notes scattered throughout my room, with a load of other small stuff that destroy all the shiny look of my room, and it’ll probably take another couple of hours to put everything back to its place, it will probably be the coming Friday :(.


5 Responses to “A tiring day!”

  1. aliadnan said

    😀 .. haris my friend the dhobi 🙂 …. waisay to make you feel better i did cooking, washing utensils + clothes all this during my 4 months in jamaat “and “i didnt have the luxury of washing machine and dryer like you 🙂

  2. To make me feel better??? 😛

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