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Posted by Haris Gulzar on February 22, 2009

Ever since I remember, I have been advised to make a time table and strictly follow it for all my day to day activities. I used to be given examples of people who were organized and who had schedules that told them when they should eat and when they should sleep. They say it makes you a better person if you have a timesheet about whatever you are up to. But is it true really? I can’t recall of any time I ACTUALLY followed my time tables, though I remember making many time tables, probably to show to my advisors, or just to convince myself that it really helps. I remember spending a lot of time deciding what should I be doing at what time and how long would each activity take. I used to paste the time table sheet right on the study table to assure myself that it’s right in front of me, but I hardly ever consulted it or followed it.

My previous semester at MBA saw me waste a lot of time. I say this because there were times when I had lots of pending work to be completed but I just used to do nothing. That was when I recalled the advices I used to get from elders about how to utilize each and every second and how can one be a better person by organizing himself and scheduling his activities. That was when I thought about making yet another time table. I literally allocated time for all the activities I engage myself in. My time table contained separate time slots for washing clothes once a week, two time slots for cleaning my room, yet another two for watching a movie, the time I’d be spending sitting in front of my PC, the time I’d go to bed and the time I’d wake up at. I even had time slots for doing nothing at all. It obviously also had time that I was to spend studying. My time table went to details like what I would be studying what day. I even allocated time for going for a walk. This highly structured time table made me follow at least one of the scheduled activities, and that obviously was sleeping. I never got late in going to bed :P, though sometimes I woke up late but who was there to take notice :P.

This obviously didn’t work for long. In fact I probably started wasting more time than what initially became the reason for this time table. I needed some mechanism to organize myself, and hence I switched to a task based scheduling, i.e. no activity was to be given any specific start or end time, but each day would have a certain activities completed. Each day I used to make a list of things I needed to complete that day, may it be going for a walk, completing assignments, or may it be one of my favorite activities, doing nothing. I think I hardly completed the entire set of activities for a day within that day. It wasn’t long when I started taking the important activities like studying and doing assignments to the next day’s task list. In fact at about mid day I used to decide if I’d be able to complete one or more of the listed activities within that day or not, and usually made up my mind well before the day ended that these activities were far more time consuming than I thought they’d be. Hence the task scheduling mechanism failed badly as well.

Something inside me is still very strongly convinced that time tables do organize a person, and following a time table can really make you a better person, and make a person make best use of his time. This semester, from the very start of it, I made yet another time table. A very relaxed time table, one that had many slots for doing nothing, so to make myself comfortable with what it says I have to do each hour. This time table is well elaborated as well and contains time slots for all of my “important” activities, even the time for writing this post, though I’m not completely following it but am close to doing it. I really hope I use my time, probably the only resource we don’t care much about, the way it really should be used. I hope I become an organized person soon :).


5 Responses to “Time Table”

  1. “I really hope I use my time, probably the only resource we don’t care much about, the way it really should be used. I hope I become an organized person soon”

    lol:p U can try :p

  2. Daud Ahmed said

    The only ‘timetable’ I ever cared about was the one sent by Mr. Saifullah…

  3. @Azeem: I have been trying since long but to no avail :P, I hope I will succeed one day IA 🙂

    @Daud: Kya yaad kara diya 🙂

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  5. […] This cup of tea was served by: Amar Bail […]

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