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Four Years Spent or Life Lived!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on February 4, 2009


A long journey it was wasn’t it? But it flew by in just a snap of fingers right? That’s exactly what a snap of fingers can mean to us. It just feels of something from a very recent past that we were together. And yeah, I should be stressing on the word “WE” shouldn’t I? It started off with 5 sections. It started off with people belonging to one section or the other. It started off with the person from Section E getting 3 A’s, and a person from Section B getting a GPA of more than 3.5. The groupings used to be from within the sections. But what did it end with? It ended with a very proud Batch 2002. It ended with one batch, one entity, and one unit. That’s the transformation these four years made. It turned us from “ME” to “WE”. The maximum GPA was then not from one section, it was from amongst the batch, friends were no more from any one section, they were from the entire batch.

FAST-NU Lahore Campus, almost our second home. That’s what it really had become for us. We really lived like a family. We used to sit in circles in the back lawns, talking about just anything that popped in our minds, may it be “aaj mausam kitna acha hai!”. We used to stay late in campus, just to stay with friends. We used to reach university well before the class was due to start, so as to finalize the day’s schedule with friends. We used to keep seats for our “Best friend”, who obviously came in late because they got their assignment as well as ours printed. We used to delay our lunches to make sure we have it only when our mates were free. We used to take courses after having a look at the number of available seats for that course, to make sure that all friends are in for trouble together.

I still remember the summers of 2005 when I, along with a few very close friends, used to come to the university almost every day and used to pick Jaman from the trees located near back lawns. We used to borrow the lunch boxes of faculty members from the kitchen, put the Jaman in them, and used to place them under cold running water, and ate them as soon as we thought the Jaman were chilled enough. This Jaman party usually lasted a couple of hours. The Chicken Karahi and Shawarma parties in evenings weren’t too uncommon either. The “aalo walay parathay” and “kulfa” in the basketball court was a special get together menu. We used to bring in all this stuff inside university and used to get together in CoNE lab or in girls café, and in case we got caught during a round of the faculty advisor of CoNE lab, we had to invite (bribe) that teacher as well. Stuff from International bakery like Chicken bread, a 2 pound fresh cream cake, and Pizza’s were normal on birthdays.

Arguing from teachers about marks was almost an everyday routine, may it be a quiz, an assignment, a mid-term exam, or a project. And not only did we used to do it during class, but as soon as we saw a teacher who had been teaching us in that semester, the first thing that came into our minds was “Sir, wo mainay aap se marks ki baat kerni thi”. Friends would rarely compare the marks they received on a quiz or an assignment, but the marks they got increased later. It usually went like “Oye! Teray kitnay marks barhay?”, and the other person would answer “yaar sir barha hi nahi rahay number, buhat bola hai magar wo sun hi nahi rahay”, and the first person used to announce victoriously, “meray 2 number barh gaye”.

The last year at FAST-NU was no doubt the best of all years. People chose their project PC’s as far as they could from the lab entrance and the lab attendant room so as to be able to play games. All the Age of Empires and Counter Strike matches we used to have, and not to forget the MOHAA challenges, and the lab attendant coming over to us, asking us to shut the game down, and we asked the attendant one last chance to continue playing. People would suddenly find someone standing behind them with a fire extinguisher in their hand and before the culprit could be figured out, the zszszszszsz sound of the fire extinguisher used to make everyone laugh at their maximum volume. The black day, the white day, the batch dinner, the job fair, the batch picture and obviously the most memorable “02” sign we made, will stay with us forever.

All those one day trips in each semester, the singing and dancing in buses, the bar be queue, the SOFTEC events each year, its preparations and success, the spring fun fair festivals, dedicating songs to batch mates, the surprise engagement functions on those spring festivals, the welcome and the farewell parties, all the shughal in boys common room, having aftaar together with friends, occupying the discussion rooms and sometimes getting the juniors out of the discussion rooms only because we were seniors, who can ever forget these memorable moments. These will stay with us throughout our lives. Did we only spend our four years in gaining lifelong friendships, in learning what it meant to have a friend, in knowing that we’re incomplete without these friends? NO, this cannot be termed as only spending our fours year at FAST, we definitely lived our lives in these four years.


4 Responses to “Four Years Spent or Life Lived!”

  1. aliadnan said

    aalaa . this post shouldnt have been so short .. you can write pages and pages on it 🙂 .. but in any case very nostalgic

  2. True! And believe me, it was difficult to summarize the time we have had at FAST-NU. Unforgettable…

  3. Intricate said

    Kya yaad dila diya bhiee… Those really were the days!!!!!
    Amazingly, you celebrated black day, white day like we did. We celebrated all such color days, and also commented that we are celebrating color days like we are in Montessori, but never did this stop any of us. The photo sessions which went all day long in these days. We also went ahead with “School Day”, where everyone was supposed to dress up like school children, and “Cheap Day” where, of course, everyone was supposed to dress up cheap. (I have a post of all that in my blog too, like you, I wanted to remember everything, wanted to capture that feeling, to keep it save.) And on cheap day… okay I have started writing a blog post in a comment.. so I’ll stop here..
    Real nice post (Y)

  4. @Intricate: You’re most welcome to comment as big as you want :-). I just dont have words to reply to your comment. Those really were the days!!! I miss that time. Thank you for your comment

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