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Fingers snapped and two years were thus gone!

Posted by Haris Gulzar on February 2, 2009

Below is the email I sent to my colleagues at CambridgeDocs when I resigned. It is one of my favourite emails because it summarizes my experience at CDocs.


Assalamualaikum everyone,

I hope all of you are doing good. Most of you might know that I’m leaving CambridgeDocs and going for my MBA degree from IBA Karachi. I wanted to share with you all my experiences that I faced during my stay at CambridgeDocs. The email below is supposed to be a lengthy email, hence the best time to go through the entire email is during work hours :).

It was the 13th of July 2006, my first day at CambridgeDocs. I had a small meeting with Irfan, Adeel explained to me about all the modules of xdoc that CambridgeDocs was working on. I was introduced with the employees of CambridgeDocs. The total strength of cdocs was about 13~14 people at that time. I was asked to read the xml and xsl tutorials from w3schools. Later that day we had a tea break (a tea break in cdocs terminology meant KFC, Pizza’s, Shawarma’s etc), and I left the office sharp at 6:00 PM :).

Days passed by, many people left CambridgeDocs, many people joined. I have seen CambridgeDocs grow in front of me. This journey from about 13 people to more than 80 people now, this journey from a Software Engineer to a Senior Software Engineer, this journey from cdocs working only on xdoc modules to working on several projects now, this journey from 1 office at STC (410-A) to 3 offices at one time has passed in a snap of fingers. I have probably had the best time of my life at cdocs. Everyone so caring as a family member, everyone so friendly to help you out whenever you need them, everyone so lively to make you feel you’re not alone. People like Muzi, Sheraz, Adeel, Junaid Iqbal, Mudassar Sultan, Shahbaz, Omair Siddiqui, Usman Khalid, Ahmed Nawaz, Abdullah Jamshed and many many others have been so great friends and colleagues, that I have always felt at home while being at work.

The tea breaks we used to have twice a week at 410-A, the company sponsored lunch and dinners almost every month (yeah I’m teasing you all new comers :P), the First Pay Lunch, the company trips twice a year, team lunch etc are all part of the memories that I’ll be taking along with me. The great MUSHAIRA sessions we used to have in MOP (The OPM team used to be called MOP, for those who don’t know), the Friday movie nights, the big screen Pakistan vs India cricket matches in 627 (STC), late sittings and coming on weekends, the Table Tennis matches at 80A, all this will probably stay with me throughout my life. My special thanks to Muzammil for all the jokes, the ‘JUGATS’ and his witty comments, and for being such a great friend, to Sheraz and Adeel for being just like my elder brothers, to Shahbaz, Omair, Wajid and Ali Adnan for sharing all the poetry with me, and finally bringing in Usman Khalid towards poetry as well :P. This sure is an achievement. My thanks to AJ for the free cozy rides back home (AJ: can we extend this service for a couple of days more :P), To Usman Ali for sharing such lovely songs with me (no kidding, he surely has a very vast collection of EXCELLENT songs :P), to Alvi for being such a nice friend, for Ahmed Nawaz for being so lively and cheerful that you forget all your sorrows when you’re in his company, to Junaid Iqbal for all the walks we used to have when we needed some time away from work, and to Salman Iqbal for being a great Table Tennis Partner :). I’d also like to thank Farhan Qureshi and Usman Qutab (both being X-Employees of cdocs) who’ve played a very important role in my professional growth. I might have missed many names in the list above, but all of you have been so great and so valuable to me, that mentioning each and every name is a bit difficult.

My very special thanks to Shaukat Sb, Iftikhar (STC), Faraz, Ali, Adil, and Shahid Sb, because without their help and care, my stay here wouldn’t have been this lovely for sure. I really salute them from the core of my heart for whatever they all have done for me. I’d really miss Shaukat Sb’s “Sha Shee Shew, main houn na”, and Faraz whispering in my ears “Aaj aapki favourite biryani paki hai”, and Ali coming in and saying “ye raha aapka special wala paani” :P.

My very very special thanks to Irfan as well, for giving me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful family, and to allow me to make as many mistakes as I did, so that I learn from them.

I myself have tried to be as friendly as possible, but please accept my apologies if I knowingly or unknowingly hurt anyone.

I’d love to stay in contact with you all. You can find my contact information below. I wish you all have an excellent future ahead, and that you all have a great stay at CambridgeDocs. I wish and hope that CambridgeDocs grows even faster than what I have experienced in the past two years. May Allah shower his blessings on you all, and may Allah keep you all safe. I’d request you all to please remember me in your prayers. Do take very good care of yourselves.



Haris Gulzar


Mobile: 0333-4887672


GTALK and Email:


2 Responses to “Fingers snapped and two years were thus gone!”

  1. Intricate said

    Nice.. this does summarize your experience, and I see you’ve had a very good one.
    Hope you have better experiences in the future. 🙂

  2. @Intricate: Insha-Allah & Thank you for your comment. It felt really nice to see someone reading one of my earliest posts :-).

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